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We’re back with some more progress, the post we’re highlighting today is all about insulation. As a Canadian, it’s an extremely high priority to have a strong level of insulation in your van home the winter up here can be extremely bitter and cold there will be days where you’ll wake up unable to drive away because of the thick snow that’s accumulated around your car thus winter-proofing the inside is so extremely important it can’t be skipped.

Insulation however annoying as it is, will be a rather quick project after you’ve stripped down your van the insulation is easy to apply and it’s importance can’t be stressed enough. There are plenty of pages out there that simply tell you why insulation is important however as with my electrical guide I wanted to actually teach the audience what insulation even is and how it works physically.

Maybe everyone else’s brains work slightly different and they don’t need to actually understand why something works to be able to work with it but for me personally, I just can’t do things I can’t wrap my head around. That’s why I have a strong desire to teach not only the actual procedures behind the modifications but the principles that will actually make them work functionally, I feel like if everyone actually understood how their toilet worked they’d never need to call the plumber to come to fix it…

In writing this I completely forgot about my planned tool page, which will have to be added to the to-do-list though it feels great to see things finally start to come together bit by bit. Albeit in a different fashion then I had predicted but none the less it’s coming together! The next two days will be Carpentry & plumbing posts that will be edited and blogged that will conclude the four main pillar posts for the build section then, of course, I’ve got so much more content to start uploading while still writing more every week. At this point, I feel like I have enough content for months of posts already and am only adding to the stack!


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