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Welcome back to the progression posts! Last month I moved from Toronto, Ontario -> Calgary, Alberta. I spent a few weeks in a hotel before I finally got into my place where I, unfortunately, didn’t have internet for 10 days 😭. As a result, the past few weeks were spent writing content without the ability to upload it. While you won’t see the content I wrote for a bit of time as I’m proceeding through the hub pages rest assured there will soon be a travel guide for every single state in the USA ready for you guys!

I haven’t quite decided how I want to set up the vehicle pages yet so as a result, I’ve jumped ahead a bit to the build content, this monstrous page we’re about to walk through is the Electrical guide. As a former avionics student, this is one of my absolute specialties and as a result, I essentially condensed a semester of learning into one page.

This, of course, resulted in a monstrous guide on electricity, I truly believe however in the importance of having a strong grasp of electricity before embarking upon a journey of wiring up your van. The worst-case scenarios with electrical failure are extremely catastrophic. If you put your bed together wrong the worst thing that happens is you wake up in the middle of the night having crashed through the supports on your mattress, a headache but recoverable easily.

However, with Electricity, the worst-case scenario is you wake up surrounded by a literal inferno as not only your investment goes up in flames but potentially your body gets cooked like a turkey on thanksgiving day… All jokes aside I really wanted to stress the importance of electrical theory, I’ll probably go back retroactively at some point and write a long-winded post on how to hire an electrician to do all the work for you to avoid the aforementioned events.

While most people won’t use even a 10th of the content on this page as they simply will grab a battery plug some stuff into it and call it a day, nonetheless for the rest of the vanlifers who plan on going all out the guide will undoubtedly be extremely valuable.

I wasn’t kidding about it being extremely detailed hehe.

A bit of a note to self but those animated infographics are absolutely brilliant, I’m going to be looking into not only how they are created but where I could source stock animated gifs for future posts and projects they’re so absolutely cool it’s unbelievable…

Getting close to the end, this part actually took a decent amount of time I wanted to provide a practical way for people to be able to test out their planned circuits without blowing fuses and the equipment they are working with I.E. saving money. I found a great electrical simulation program that I used to use back in college and put together a demo circuit that showed off several principles in electrical theory as a way of helping a beginner understand practically!

Finally an end to the longest post on the website so far, while eventually, I’m sure it will be dethroned in terms of length I don’t think anything else will be quite as educational as this one 🤣.

Next up is insulation!


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