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Wyoming is a beautiful state which is home to some amazing national parks, forests, and wildlife. In the state, you will see beautiful mountain ranges and deep canyons. It is a beautiful place to explore, and what better way to explore it than setting up camp?!

Wyoming is home to Yellowstone, which was the first National Park in the US. It is also home to the Grand Teton National Park.

If you’re hoping to explore the natural beauty of this state through camping, you’ve come to the right place! This article will explore the top campgrounds in the area, ranging from designated campgrounds with plenty of amenities, to remote sites located directly among nature!

Best Places To Camp In Wyoming

1. Medicine Bow-Routt National Forests, Brooklyn Lake Campground

This area is an amazing place to set up camp. It is located in the national forests which run across the state from Colorado to Southeast Wyoming. This site is located around 3 hours from Denver, and it is a perfect place to explore Browns Peak and Brooklyn Lake.

This site has great facilities including toilets, picnic tables, and fire rings. If you enjoy hiking, canoeing, or fishing, then it is perfect for you! On the campground, 19 sites have a lake view. The sites are suitable for both RV camping and tent camping.

The lake is very calm, and no motorized boats are permitted. This makes it the perfect destination for paddle boarding, canoeing, or rowing.

From this site, there are plenty of hikes for you to enjoy. This campground doesn’t take reservations, instead, they work on a first-come, first-served basis. The site is seasonal, as it is not open during the snowy winter months.

There is a fantastic array of wildlife surrounding this campground where, if you’re lucky, you can spot bears, coyotes, and moose!

2. Bridger-Teton National Forest, Big Sandy Campground

This campground is fairly small, located in the Bridger-Teton National Forest. It is open during the summer months.

This site is located at the gateway of some of the most popular hiking trails in the area. It is very popular among photographers as the area offers such beautiful, rugged, scenery.

If you’re into hiking, backpacking, photography, and rock climbing, this campground is perfect for you.

In the area, you will find the highest peak in Wyoming, at 13,804 feet. The Gannett Peaks, which is the highest peak, is part of the largest mountain range in Wyoming.

As you will be hiking at an altitude if you camp in this area, you will need to make sure that you stay hydrated and allow your body time to adjust.

This campsite doesn’t offer a trash service, so you will need to make sure that you have a garbage plan before you head to this campground. This is essential in an area with such an abundance of wildlife.

3. Grand Teton National Park, Gros Ventre Campground

Best Camping In Wyoming

This campground is perfect for National Park access. If you are looking to spend some time exploring the Grand Teton National Park, this will provide you with a very good base.

This site has shower and toilet facilities available for use, and it is also a great place to stay if you’re interested in doing some fishing on your trip. It is a spacious campground, with over 300 sites available.

As it is a large site, the campground offers a lot of peace and quiet outside of peak times.

The campground is very scenic, and you will get great views from most pitches. Catch glimpses of the Tetons and the Gros Ventre river from the site.

The area is home to lots of great wildlife, so you should look out for some moose or elk wandering through the campground!

4. Grand Teton National Park, Colter Bay Campground

This is a great site that provides access to the National Park. It is a great base for exploring the area, and it is also a short walk from Jackson Lake.

You will wake up amongst the pine trees if you choose this fantastic campground, and you will be near Colter Bay Village for the all important amenities.

If you’re hoping to stay in this campground, you will be required to make reservations. The fees are slightly more expensive than some others on the list.

5. Yellowstone National Park, Norris Campground

This is a great campground that is located near Yellowstone National Park. From this site, you will be able to enjoy plenty of hikes in the local area. There are 111 camping spots on the campground all of which have stunning views. They are nestled among the lodgepole pines and they are located along streams.

This area is surrounded by wildlife, so it is important to carry bear spray with you and use a bear-proof locker.

Located just one mile from the campground is the Norris Geyser Basin. This walk will take you through the thermal pools and geysers in the area. These hot springs are beautiful and well worth a visit! Ensure that you take your camera with you so that you can capture some of the amazing things you will see on your trip.

This campsite is fairly simple, and it doesn’t offer any showers. It does have flushing toilets, fire pits, and picnic tables.

6. Shoshone National Forest, Rex Hale Campground

Best Camping In Wyoming

You must visit the beautiful landscape of the Shoshone National Forest, and there is nowhere better to stay than the Rex Hale Campground! It is a perfect place to explore the country of Wyoming and seek some solitude.

In the Rex Hale Campground, they offer a dispersed camping option. This will allow you to get away from the crowds, while still enjoying the nature of the area.

There are some places where you can camp that provide you with nearby facilities, however, these will be outside of Yellowstone National Park. If you have shower and toilet facilities in your RV, then you are better off finding your camping spot within the National Park.

If you do not, then you might want to camp outside of the National Park so that you can use the facilities on-site.

7. Buffalo Bill State Park, North Shore Bay Campground

This is a great place to camp in Wyoming, especially if you are a fan of outdoor activities. You can take part in fishing, windsurfing, and scenic drives while using this campground as a base.

This campground is located 40 miles away from Yellowstone, in Buffalo Bill State Park. The North Shore Bay Campground allows both reservations and walk-ins.

It is located on the reservoir, which is well known for windsurfing. It is known as one of the top locations for windsurfing in the US.

From this site, you can enjoy some beautiful scenic drives that take you through the North Absaroka Mountains. This site welcomes campervans and RVs.

8. Bighorn National Forest, Circle Park Campground

This is a great campground that offers toilets, showers, and lots of other amenities. It is a great base for you to explore the fantastic Bighorn National Forest.

It is a small campground, which has fantastic views of the amazing snow-capped mountain peaks. It is a fairly quiet campground that will bring you lots of peace, allowing you some time to unwind and enjoy nature.

You will enjoy private sites at this location, making it a very peaceful place to enjoy the nature that Wyoming has to offer.

9. Keyhole State Park, Pronghorn Campground

This is another fantastic place to visit in Wyoming. It works as a great base for boating, fishing, swimming, and hiking.

This State Park is located on the Western edge of the Black Hills, and it features a 14,000-acre reservoir that is perfect for enjoying some watersports.

You will find this campground located among the pine trees, and you are likely to catch sight of some fantastic wildlife. You’ll want to make sure that you have your camera with you so that you can capture the antelope or deer that you will see wandering in the area!

In this area, you will be able to enjoy America’s first National Monument. This is known as the Devil’s Tower, and it is a fantastic volcanic formation. It is only 20 minutes away from this camping ground, so you must give it a visit if you stay at this site!

Final Thoughts

Wyoming is a beautiful state, and it is home to some fantastic landscapes and amazing wildlife. In this state, many different fantastic campgrounds are worth a visit.

You can enjoy some camping near some very famous scenic areas, such as Yellowstone. Or, you can visit some of Wyoming’s lesser-known beautiful spots!

When you visit some of these beautiful places, you should take your camera with you! Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or not, it doesn’t matter. You’re bound to get some amazing snaps while camping in Wyoming!

Discover How To Use The Power of Authority Marketing To Make You Money While You Adventure!

No Experience, Existing Product Or Technical Skills Are Required


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