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If you haven’t settled in any of the campgrounds on offer in the Upper Peninsula, it’s something that you definitely need to add to your bucket list…and then make a reality. It is one of the most wonderful places in the world to visit. 

The stunning area is made up of predominantly forestry – 80% of the area, in fact. So make sure you pack your hiking boots as they will definitely be a necessity as you trek and adventure through the many trails that are on offer.

And on the days that you don’t fancy a high hike, then why not venture into the 1,700 miles of shoreline that the Great Lakes provide? 

If you have a profound understanding of the beauty and splendor of nature, then you won’t find a more perfect place. But the notorious nature isn’t the only offering in the Upper Penisula, as you can also explore and wander through the many lakeside towns that offer a quaint and unique experience. 

There’s no denying that this is one of the best camping spots across the whole of the United States. So, I thought that everyone deserves to know the ultimate places to make their new home during their holiday. Keep reading to find out the unmissable campgrounds to stay at during your camping trip. 

Campgrounds You Need To Stay At In The Upper Penisula 

Straits State Park – St. Ignace 

This park is one of my absolute favorite places in the world. The location couldn’t be any better if you tried. You’ll stay just over the Mackinac Bridge and the view of the said bridge is reason enough to stay there.

The camp offers a viewing platform where you can snap some amazing pictures or videos of the bridge and the many boats that sail on the waters. You’ll have to take a trip during dusk to see the bridge sparkling in light. 

There are tons of places to explore only a stone’s throw away from your home base so you can get up to plenty of adventures. And if you decide to stay close to camp, there is loads on offer to do too.

Sit around the fire sing and sing campfire songs, have a family picnic in the area, trek through the many trails, or go for a dip in the stunning swimming beach close by. 

You can even bring your beloved pets along for the trip, and you’ll have clean and tidy amenities on site, such as showers and toilets and there are plenty of amp full hookups too! 

Bay Furnace State Park – Munising 

Set up home for the next couple of days beside the tranquil Lake Superior when staying at Bay Furnace State Park. And let me tell you now, it’s not hard to see how this lake got its name for it sure is superior. I don’t think I’ve seen such beauty in my life as I did during this stay. 

Watching the sun rise above the water is an absolute must and the view as the sun kisses goodbye to the horizon is equally as spectacular. You can also lace up your hiking boots and go about exploring the many trails on offer if you’re looking for a little adventure.

There are also ample opportunities for fishing and then you can’t forget about your mid-day picnic. It is truly tranquil here. 

Again, you can bring your four-legged friends along with you for this holiday. However, it’s worth noting that you won’t have access to hook-ups at this stunning site. 

Soo Locks Campground – Sault Ste Marie

If you’re planning your Upper Penisula adventure, then the Soo Lock campground should never be overlooked. I adore this campground for its location.

You’re far enough away from civilization to enjoy the peace and tranquility that many camps offer, however you’re also close enough that you can venture into the Soo Locks visitor center too.

This center is great, it offers many delicious places to eat and shopaholics rejoice, for there are plenty of places to spend some money. 

Back at camp, you’ll be super close to the water and can indulge in some ship spotting, watching as they pass through. The site also has Wi-Fi access, a games room, a playground, a picnic area, and a rec hall so there’s plenty to keep the kids entertained too. 

You’ll also have access to amps and water hook-ups, showers, and laundry facilities for those who still want the luxury of home comforts. 

Tahquamenon Falls State Park – Paradise

Ah, Paradise indeed. This aptly named location is a stunning place to stay. And I mean really stunning. You’ll come away from here with a new-found appreciation for the magnificence of nature.

Without a doubt, you’ll have to trek to the Tahquamenon River to witness the wooshing waterfall that cascades around some of the most stunning forests you’ll ever see. 

Back at base, you’ll also have access to playgrounds, picnic areas, and tremendous trails. There are options for amp hook-ups, showers, and restrooms. And you can bring your pets along so they can enjoy exploring too. 

Unlike many other grounds, this campsite is also open during the winter months too. There are some stunning views to see around this time, just ensure you wrap up warm!  

Best Campgrounds In The Upper Peninsula

Twelvemile Beach Campground – Pictured Rocks Area

If you’re looking to go back to basics and enjoy a little solitude away from the hustle and bustle of busy life, then this campground will be absolutely perfect for you. The campsites have forestry that separates them from one another and has a more isolated feel for those who want some peace and quiet. 

There are tons of spectacular sights to spot on the many trails on offer, there are cute picnic areas, plenty of fishing opportunities, and a swimming beach that is sure to blow you away. If you want to feel like the only people that exist for a couple of days then you’ll find real comfort in these quiet camps. 

They have restrooms available but no showers or amp hook-ups which is something to consider before you book. But if that’s what your looking for this is the perfect spot for you and your four-legged friends who are welcome too. 

Union River Big Bear Campground – Porcupine Mountains 

This campsite is a perfect spot for those who enjoy all that nature has to offer. You’ll have an abundance of walking or hiking opportunities considering you are engulfed in over 90 miles of trails.

And if that wasn’t enough, you’re also within walking distance of a beautiful sandy beach and the gorgeous Lake Superior. 

From lakes to streams, to waterfalls, to beachcombing enjoyment, you’ll be spoilt for choice of activities to participate in. The sunrises and sunsets look absolutely spectacular in this area so you definitely won’t want to forget your camera. 

You’ll have access to all your typical camping amenities along with water and power hookups. There is wifi available on sight but it doesn’t always reach all areas of the site. Pets are also welcome, and it’s a perfect family spot. 

Big Knob State Forest Campground – Lake Michigan

If you’re looking for adventure then Big Knob State Forest Campground has you covered. There is so much to do here! Of course, there are ample hiking opportunities that provide the most amazing scenery that you definitely need to check out.

But you can also dabble in dog sledding, hunting, and a variety of paddlesports. I really recommend getting on the water for sunrise or sunset. 

There is tons of wildlife around this area so make sure you bring your binoculars too! There is also access to a beautiful small beach where you can top up your tan in the summer.

This dry campground doesn’t offer hook-ups so you’ll be back to basics for this trip but don’t let that deter you from staying at one of the most stunning spots I’ve ever seen! 

Be Aware Of Black-Fly Season

And now you know the best spots to stay in the UP. But before we depart, I think it’s important to just make you aware of the black-fly season. During the very early summer (early June to mid-July) black flies are out in their forces and it’s something you’ll need to be prepared for – or avoid. 

This isn’t an everyday problem, but when the wind picks up close to Lake Superior you’ll find a lot of these biting flies buzzing around. In fact, the locals are even known for doing the ‘black fly dance.’ Yikes! 

Final Thoughts

Michigan’s Upper Penisula is one of the prettiest places you’ll ever get the pleasure to visit. And as you can see there are so many amazing places that you can choose to stay. Regardless of which spot you pick, you are sure to be blown away by the bewildering beauty of nature.

Leave all the stress of a busy and chaotic life behind for a couple of days and bask in the tranquility that the UP provides!

Discover How To Use The Power of Authority Marketing To Make You Money While You Adventure!

No Experience, Existing Product Or Technical Skills Are Required


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