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With its gorgeous beaches, theme parks, and constant sunshine, it is no surprise that Florida is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. 

The beaches of Florida are some of the best to find in the United States, and so beach camping has become an activity that many people have taken on as a way to spend their vacation time.

With this in mind, we are going to be looking at some of the best beach camping sites to be found in Florida! Let’s get started. 

1. Turtle Beach, Sarasota

This premier beachfront campground can be found on Siesta Key in Sarasota County, and it is unique in that it is one of the few campgrounds in Florida that has direct beach access. 

The campground itself has various tent sites as well as 39 RV spots, but there is also a free open air trolley nearby that will take you to Siesta Village where you can sight see, visit restaurants and check out some recreational rentals. 

If you visit during sea turtle season-between the beginning of May and the end of October-, you will also have the chance to see the green turtle and loggerhead turtle nests on the shores of the beach!

2. Grayton Beach State Park, Santa Rosa Beach

You can soak up the warm gulf breezes if you choose to visit the campsite on Grayton Beach State Park, a beach that often ranks as one of the most pristine and beautiful beaches in the United States. 

The park offers a unique overnight experience thanks to the choice of rustic style accommodation at the campgrounds or one of the well outfitted cabins. 

3. Long Key State Park, Long Key

Long Key is a popular spot for tourists with a range of activities available, from kayaking to bird-watching, picnicking, snorkeling and more. 

The general tranquil atmosphere is emphasized by the incredible hiking trails, which offer the opportunity to see all sorts of animal and natural plant life. 

The campsites in Long Key feature fabulous views of the clear blue waters of the Keys, though rebuilding of the site following Hurricane Irma in 2017 is still in progress and so tent only and hike in campsites are currently all that is available. 

4. Curry Hammock State Park, Marathon

For a more secluded stretch of beach in the Florida Keys, Curry Hammock State Park is the place to go. 

The park can be found in the largest area of undeveloped land to be found within Big Pine Key and Key Largo, offering a habitat for both migrating and local species.

Some of the most popular animals to be found in the area are peregrine falcons, with record numbers of the birds to be spotted around Curry Hammock during the fall. 

Calmer days are perfect for paddlers, whilst windier days create opportunities for kiteboarding. 

5. Anastasia State Park, St. Augustine

At Anastasia State Park, you will find over 1,600 acres of pristine beaches along with ancient sand dunes, tidal marshes and maritime hammocks, making for a great camping experience near the beach. 

There are 139 campsites to be found at the park, all of which are situated very close to the beach.

 As well as this, Anastasia is well known for its array of wildlife, such as eagles, osprey, spoonbills, and wading birds. 

Best Beach Camping In Florida

6. Fort De Soto Park, Tierra Verde

There is plenty of natural beauty to be found at Fort De Soto Park, being the largest park in the Pinellas County Park System thanks to being made up of around 1,136 acres of interconnected islands. 

The keys that make up the park, are home to some beautiful natural plant life as well as mangroves, beach plants, palm hammocks, and wetlands. 

The ecosystem of the park is also extensive, with over 300 species of birds and new species being added every single year. 

The beach at Fort De Soto Park was also named as the top beach in America by TripAdvisor in 2009, and sees around 2.7 million visitors a year. 

7. Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreation Area, Flagler Beach

There are many activities to be had in Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreation Area, from nature walks to beach picnics.

 The park is nearby to the Atlantic Ocean, where there are opportunities for water sports or simply relaxing on the golden sands. 

Some other activities that you can engage in at Flagler Beach include boating, fishing, bird watching and bicycling. 

8. Bahia Honda State Park, Big Pine

Bahia is the place to go for crystal clear waters, sandy beaches, and balmy breezes, being one of the most idyllic places to camp on the Florida Keys. 

The palm tree lined beaches are a beautiful place to camp near, whilst snorkeling gear and kayaks can be rented alongside boat trips to embark on snorkeling excursions. 

9. Dr. Julian G. Bruce St. George Island State Park, St George Island

Close to the Gulf of Mexico, George Island State Park offers miles of beautiful, undeveloped beaches, all of which have plenty of camping opportunities. 

The bay side of the island features nature trails and marshes where you can spot saltwater fish and wading birds. 

The gulf side provides those aforementioned sandy beaches as well as bright blue waters where, if you’re lucky, you might spot a dolphin pod!

10. Cayo Costa State Park, Boca Grande

Another unspoiled Gulf Coast island, Cayo Costa State Park, is a little different from our other choices as it is only accessible via a kayak or a boat. 

Though it may be a little more tricky to get to, it offers a taste of the best that the Florida coast has to offer. 

Opt for a cabin or a campsite for overnight stays, and take the ferry service to easily get between the island and the mainland. 

Be aware that camping is only permitted within designated areas of the campgrounds. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have ten particularly noteworthy beach camping sites to be found across the state of Florida!

No matter what kind of experience you are looking for when it comes to beach camping, you are sure to find the spot that suits you best from our versatile and varied list.

Discover How To Use The Power of Authority Marketing To Make You Money While You Adventure!

No Experience, Existing Product Or Technical Skills Are Required


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