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What has become a trivial piece of furniture now was in ancient times considered a sign of wealth and prosperity.  They say that small things in life take you places, similarly, it’s the small things that make your home feel like home. The things that would make your Vanlife easier include the most random things that you might forget about while making the best out of your Vanlife. 

One essential thing that would make you comfortable and happy on the road is a rug. Yes, it might seem Lilliputian when you read the word rug here, but having it means you can sit and stretch outside when you want to and wherever you want to. It is having a small and a beautiful patio right outside your door. 

A rug wouldn’t only expand your living space to the outdoors but also will make sure that you van remains clean from the inside by reducing the dirt plague that you will often be a victim of, because you know that outdoor ambience and dirt go hand in hand. 

Camping and traveling can be quite fun, but dirt can prove to be quite an inconvenience. 

Bearing this in mind, creating the best Vanlife experience with the best mat to choose from is a must and right below is a list of the rugs that you can buy at ease. The dirt, as you are aware of can never completely go away, but these rugs will definitely lessen its presence in your life.

1.    Reversible Mat Outdoor Patio RV Camping Mat 9 feet x 12 feet 

Mats produced by ‘Reversible Mats’, a very popular brand that is common among a lot of vanlifers, are undoubtedly high-quality ones.

Made out of a breathable material called polypropylene, this beautiful beige colored mat weighs only 1.28 ounces and thus is very easy to carry and store. The polypropylene material makes these mats very durable by making them resistant to moisture, lessening the risk of mildew. So, if you are a forgetful person and you happen to leave this rug outside during the rain, you won’t have to worry about it at all. Not only this, but this beautifully created rug comes with UV protection too, so there is no chance of sun damage either. So you do not have to basically worry about anything at all if you plan to keep the rug outside. 

It also comes with a carry bag so you don’t have to worry about carrying it to far-off camping places. It comes with interchangeable color designs, giving you a lot of variety to choose is also available in different sizes that you can pick according to your need – 6’ x 9’, 9’ x 12’, and 9’ x 18’.

You can choose this mat not only to expand your outdoor space but it’s perfect for picnics and even just resting outside on a wonderful sunny day. Walk on it with bare feet, sit on it and have a nice outdoor dinner, even your dog can sunbath out there!

This versatile mat is very inexpensive, looking at all the features it offers.Even to clean the mat, you definitely do not have to spend a lot of time, energy or money. Just a broom and water will do all the wonders of cleaning. 

The only downside that has been noted among vanlifers is that the material is prone to ripping but that too only after a few years of very rough use. Other than that, this is a great option in the market. 

2.    Camco Green Reversible Awning Leisure Mat     

Camco’s reversible outdoor mats are available in a large variety of colors, designs, styles, and sizes. 

This beautifully crafted earthy green color mat is made out of high-quality moisture and mold resistant material. And it is super easy to clean too. Its reversible woven design helps the snow and rain automatically drain through the mat. So, if you plan to take a trip to terrains with a lot of snow or rainfall, this mat is your go-to option. 

The Camco green reversible awning leisure mat also comes with a UV stabilized material with which you do not have to worry about leaving your mat in the sun for too long. 

The Camco leisure mat will surely be your companion for a stress-free trip. It can be cleaned in no time with just soap and water. A very lightweight mat, weighing 4 pounds, you can fold it with ease and store it whenever you have to. It proves to be a great fit for all your Vanlife adventures and experiences that could include any outdoor event and on top of that, you can use it inside your RV as a decorative mat too. So, it not only spruces up the look of your patio, it makes the interior of your van look amazing too.

For the purpose of storage all, you need to do is simply fold it compactly.

Another over the top feature that you get if you chose to buy this mat is that it comes with rust-resistant grommets and ground stakes. It reduces your stress with the corner loops. You can put the stakes inside these corner loops and that will prevent the mat from blowing away with the wind, very beneficial while you’re traveling to windy places. 

And for this, you do not have to pay even an extra penny. Camco has made all your necessities fit into one affordable product. 

There have been a few complaints about its susceptibility to tearing, but if used with care, anything and everything has the capability to survive the longer duration of time.

3.    Stylish Camping RV Home Mat 

Stylish Camping is a company that offers a variety of fashionable mats and folding chairs and as their motto says it all ‘Make Your Camping Experience Stand Out’, this mat could be the one you take home. 

This cute looking mat which perfectly suits the mood of most of the vanlifers is one product that cannot be ignored at all. 

Not only is this RV home mat stylish, but at the same time, it is comfortable too.  The mat is made out of polypropylene and is very durable in nature. It’s a very smooth mat which weighs 6.65 pounds only. 

Whether you plan to go to a picnic with your family or you decide to spend a romantic day with your loved one on the beach, this RV home mat supports your conveniences at all times. Besides beaches and picnics, this Stylish Camping RV home mat is perfect for camping trips too. It’s so easy to clean that you do not have to worry about putting it around the glowing campfire and on the dirty ground. 

Furthermore, the mat being reversible you can flip it around according to different plans and moods and use it as a patio mat too. You can also use it inside to ass more color to your van, and thus your Vanlife.

The manufacturer of this mat made very sure to keep this product within the environmental conscience. This mat is very durable and breathable in essence if used outdoors on a grass surface, it keeps the grass from dying underneath. 

The mat also comes with corner loops which ensure that your mat will not be blown away during the windy days.  It might look a little expensive as compared to the other’s you might see on the list, but it is definitely worth it. 

Undoubtedly your summer trips in RV will be made stylish and comfortable with this mat. All you have to do is add in that essential bag, and carry a towel- and you’re ready for your perfect swim at the beach. 

This top-notch product isn’t going to let you down. 

4.    Camco Large Reversible Striped Awning Leisure Mat

Another product by Camco which is very popular and might prove to be of great use among all you vanlifers are this large striped reversible mat. This multi-purpose outdoor mat can fulfill your requirements starting from inside your van to the outdoors, keeping all the dirt away. 

The 6 feet x 9 feet mat weighs only 4.1 pounds and is too made from mildew resistant and breathable material.

Whether you are going on an extended camping trip or to a beach or even a trip in the mountains with rain and snow, the Camco Large Reversible Outdoor Patio Mat will excel in all the different areas.

This RV accessory if kept outside helps not only to keep the feet clean but also gives protection from the hard ground. The breathable material will prevent the grass from being suffocated too. 

The mat is also UV protected, thus there is no way that there will be any damage to it from the sun. this way it becomes a worthwhile option for vanlifers. It also has multiple size options to choose from.

As compared to the price pf other large outdoor mats, this one is great. Your kids can just sit down on it and play and take off their shoes before going in. It’s also great for throwing out on the lawn or beach. 

If you plan to camp in a very dusty place, you do not have to worry that now the cleaning of the mat is going to consume lots of time. The loose dirt and debris can be just hosed off and dried in the sun. undoubtedly it will remain in the same shape. You could literally just hose it off and drape it over your pick-up bed and it’ll be easily cleaned and look like a new one the next day. 

The Camco large reversible mat is very easy to store too. For storage, all you got to do is simply fold the mat, and it is done. The compact size makes it all possible.  

Adding to the features, the one feature that makes It your best choice is the corner loops that you can easily put ground stakes inside.

The only downside is that this mat does not always come with a carrying bag and thus if you do not have a lot of space in storage, this might be an issue. 

But all in all, this could be your best buy for sure.

5.    Reversible Mats RV Patio Mat   

The first thing that you need to know before going into the details about this mat is- the company Reversible Mats has amazingly great customer service. Now you would think who really cares about customer services with products like mats, but if need be, their customer care department would be able to give you lots and lots of options to work with. If you get any issues with the mat, they will very willingly take care of it all for you. 

This great big rug comes with a beautiful print that is available in six different charming and delightful colors that you could match with your Van according to your needs. This mat is also available in a few different sizes to choose from: 9 feet x 12 feet, 9’ x 12’, 9’ x 18’ and 9 feet x 18 feet. 

Another Reversible Mat product on the list, this RV patio mat continues to further the prestigious reputation of the company and is definitely a high-quality mat with a lot of features that you are going to love. 

Just like the first one we talked about, this mat is very lightweight and weighs 12.55 pounds. This reversible outdoor mat is designed for a number of uses ranging from home use to using it in parks or beaches. You can put it on any surface without worrying at all- works very well even over coarse gravel. 

This very well-built rug is made of polypropylene which makes is a lot durable in any kind of environment. Even if you have a dog with long nails who is on the rug every day, you do not have to worry about snagging and cutting. Even the ends have the fabric sewn over them to prevent fraying. 

Keeping it out in the sun isn’t a problem either because this RV patio mat comes with a UV coat to protect it from fading and other sun damage. It’s good for rains too because it is mold and mildew resistant like most of the other mats in the market.  There isn’t any need to worry about the storage either because this mat comes with a carrying and storage bag. To store the mat, you can just clean it with a hose and dry it in the sun, then fold it compactly to fit in the bag. 

Overall this is a remarkable product, pretty much similar to the first product in the review list, but that is because this company definitely makes sure to put the best features in every product of theirs. This mat is specifically better because of its vibrant design.

6.    Ming’s Mark RA7 Classical Reversible Mat.     

This beautiful looking, vintage style mat is another good quality product by Stylish Camping Ming’s Mark Inc.

A very breathable mat made of 100 percent polypropylene, this classical mat is of surprisingly good quality.  This makes it meet the very basic and mandatory requirement of being grass friendly. 

It is available in four different colors that will spice up your Vanlife surroundings at once.  

The first color that it is available in a vibrant blue color that is paired with a subtle beige-a match made in heaven. The second one is green and beige which is a relief to eyes and they really go together at all times. The third available color is something that you can never go wrong with, despite the surrounding. This is the burgundy and beige one. Whether you choose to use it on a picnic, or at a beach, or inside your RV alongside your reading area, there is no stop to your beautiful imagination and turning it to your beautiful Vanlife reality. The last but not the least, the fourth color is brown and beige, and as you know neutrals are the best. 

And all of the mats being reversible you get to choose from 8 different colors, what else do you want.  Ming’s Mark has always made sure to add a carry bag to your purchase of this reversible mat. This shows that just like there competitors in the market, they always remember to make sure that their customer’s experience with the product always turns out to be the best one.  

However, there is one significant issue with this mat, but do not forget that there is no problem that does not come with a solution. this mat tends to blow away if they are kept outside during powerful winds and you might want to buy a new mat every other month because this got blown away.  But, it does come with corner loops for stakes, which will fix the problem. All you need to do is but good quality ground stakes as and when you decide to buy this mat. 

7.    Reversible Mat Outdoor Patio RV Camping Hunter Mat  

All Reversible Mat’s products are made with the best quality breathable material and thus you will never have any issues with its effectiveness.  This outdoorsy looking mat is available in three different sizes mainly, 6 feet x 9 feet, 9 feet x 12 feet and 9 feet x 18 feet. It also available in two different colors that you choose from according to the color of your Van: green/beige and brown/beige.  The print on the mat is something you can’t get your eyes rid of. The print matches all the aspects of how most of your adventures during your Vanlife journey will be.

This reversible outdoor mat is designed for RV extended patio, or for gardens, to create an outdoor space in your Vanlife community, to spend the afternoon at the beach and whatnot. You can go anywhere along with the mat and when you come back you won’t have stress at the back of your mind about spending your time cleaning this mat. You can very easily just sweep it clean with a broom and spray clean water on it. 

Talking about water, this mat has been woven together with polypropylene that dries really quickly and in return also helps to prevent it from mold and mildew and the foul smell that happens to come from a lot of mats that are exposed to moisture for long. It is also coated with UV protection which makes it capable enough to resist sun damage. 

This is one of the most reasonable offers you’ll find to ease up your Vanlife, and moreover, it is very cost-effective and at the same time cost-friendly.

 Even packing this mat up is very easy. You can simply just fold it up, shaking the sand off and put in the bag that it comes along with. You will be pleasantly surprised by the size of the bag if you have been a vanlifers for quite a time now because when you compare it with tent bags, this mat bag can store much more than your mat. 

Once you buy this one and start using it, you’ll buy this again and again in a heartbeat and it is definitely going to be your new favorite. 

8.    Fab Habitat Tangier Recycled Plastic Rug

This amazing elegant looking mat is a complete eco-friendly version that you need to make your Vanlife more peaceful and classic.  Crafted with a conscience, these mats are made out of 100% recycled premium plastic (made from recycled plastic straws and plastic bottles). It is tightly woven so it adds to the mat’s durability. 

So, if you are a person who is environmentally very conscious, you might want to look into all the amazing features it has to offer. 

The Fab Habitat tangier recycled plastic rug proves to be a wonderful option for RV for a variety of reasons. The first one definitely being its eco-friendliness because you know you are sitting on a rug that helping mother nature in one way. Another feature that will make you add this rug to your list is that is strong and hardwearing but extremely soft and comfortable at the same time. 

This product is made with a lot of skill, precision, and patience. Next, it is available in 8 different colors. Whatever color van you have, there will definitely be 1  particular rug to suit your Vanlife. The outdoor mat is available in orange and violet, empire yellow and gray, royal blue and chocolate brown, Chittagong- black, coral, Tokyo- burnt orange, carrot and white, and tangier, blue and white. Moreover, some of them are reversible, so now you have more than just a bunch of colors to match your Vanlife. 

Like most of the products in the market, this mat is mold and mildew resistant. It also comes with the UV resistant technology that prevents fading and any kind of sun damage to the mat.

The mat is multi-purpose, thus can be used both indoors and outdoors. If you decide to use them indoors, you do not have to worry about spills either, you can just wipe it clean easily. For outdoor use too, you can clean it with a hose or even just shake the dust off.

The Fab Habitat mats are constructed to withstand all the outdoor elements all year round. A combination of exquisite art and easy functionality, these mats balance utility and beauty and at the same time reduce carbon footprint in the environment. 

If you purchase this mat, you will receive it with a jute carrier bag which also has a shoulder strap included that makes the mat very easy to store and transport for any travel or occasion. 

Also, these rugs are child-labor-free guaranteed. They are certified by Goodweave. 

This mat is that the jute bag that it comes along isn’t included with the 3’ x 5’ size, which shouldn’t be much of an issue when you decide to buy it. 

All in all, this is an amazing option to go for both visually and physically, but it might be a tremendous uptick from the range you might be willing to spend on a mat. But nevertheless, this might prove to be a wonderful option for you. 

9.    Reversible Mats Outdoor Patio/RV Camping Mat- Palm tree 

Well well, we have another Reversible Mat’s product here for you. This is one brand you cannot go wrong with. Their products definitely are worth your admiration.

This mat too has all the features that you must have seen earlier with their other products. It is made out of 100% propylene which makes the mat really durable and is made with a breathable material it does not hurt the grass. 

The Palm tree mat, as you would have understood from the name itself, has a beautifully crafted design on the borders. The design will surely lighten up your mood as an actual palm tree would.

It covers a large surface area for a very low cost and is available in two different sizes: 9’ x 12’ and 9’ x 18’. You can easily spray off the pollen and dust and due to its mold and mildew resistant feature, all the water drains of super easily.  You can literally clean it up with a leaf blower. It comes with the UV protection which not only saves it from sun damage and fading but also is very cool to step on during the hot days, which wouldn’t be the case if you decided to step out of your van barefoot. 

This mat is available in two different colors: brown/beige and black/beige, both colors will perfectly go along with all of your stuff inside or outside the van. It too comes with a carry bag making it easier for travel and storage purposes.  The Reversible Mats Outdoor Patio Camping Mat is very lightweight, weighing 7.6 pounds and its compact size makes it easier for storage.

It has a vibrant design, and all features that you basically require and the price that is available in, wouldn’t really break your budget, which is always the major thing to consider.

The only con that can be thought of while any vanlifers decides to buy this rug is that it has only two options in sizes available. 

10.    BalajeesUSA 9’x 12’ Indoor Outdoor Camping RV Rug 

So if you vanlifers are looking for a smaller sized mat for your RV, the Balajees Indoor/Outdoor RV Picnic Mat Rug is a very versatile option to ponder at. There isn’t anything more you could want out of a small mat that this product couldn’t offer you. 

First of all, the variety of slick designs and colors that it offers is unbeatable. These mats are reversible which means two sides that can be used, hence double fade life. Also, the Balajees mats are made in India. The different available design options are so good, that you would get every possible matching option that you might need for your RV. 

This beautiful traditional looking indoor/outdoor camping RV rug is made with polypropylene (plastic) thin straws and is very durable. 

As a matter of fact, you can use this reversible mat at any place where you could think of putting a rug. From pool deck to camping, picnic, patio, living area inside your RV, this mat can look perfect anywhere. 

This mat might be small in size and very delicate looking but do not get fooled thinking that this isn’t a good quality product. It has proven to withstand all the problems you can think of. 

Do you have a Pitbull who just tears away all the mats you buy? You do not have to worry about this one. This is a no-nonsense RV mat. You can save yourself the hassle of going through covering costs of permanent expensive carpets that can be easily messed up by dogs. 

When you look at this mat on your screens, it may look like a jute rug, but it definitely isn’t anywhere near it in terms of quality. It does not soil like jute rugs and is very easy to clean and maintain. You can just hose it with water or even just wipe it down with a wet cloth. 

It is made as a straight roll thus is a non-fold mat and it has been designed in this manner to retain the beauty of its design. The mat being non-foldable might be an issue for some vanlifers because of the storage purposes, but it being smaller you might not practically have to go through this problem. 

You are definitely going to feel very happy making this purchase at a bargain price. 

11.    EZ Travel Mats RV Awning Mat.

Are you a vanlifer who wants to spend money only on a long-lasting mat for your RV? This RV Awning Mat by EZ Travel Mats is very high quality and a long-lasting option. The customer reviews until now have all been explained how shocked they were watching the long life of this mat.

This mat is a crowd pleaser and has insane options of colors and designs to chose from though it is available only in two sizes, 9’ x 12’ and 9’ x 18’. 

It’s made of 100% polypropylene tubing weave and it perfectly suits all outdoor activities. You can at ease use it at the beach, at a picnic, or at a camping site. 

Similar to other standard mats, this one too comes with UV protection and breathability.

It is pretty long and wide enough to extend a bit beyond the awning. Cleaning this mat is as easy as a breeze. All you have to do is hose it down and let it dry. During the dry season, the dirt and debris can be simply swept off. 

The mat offers reversible patterns which give you the choice of changing the look of any space according to your mood and needs. It is also foldable and lightweight, making it easier to store and carry around if need be. It weighs 13.95 pounds and can be easily folded back into the bag that can be provided.

But there is one thing that proves to be a drawback when it comes to buying this product. It is easily one of the top-class products in the market and they mention a carrying bag in the product description but as a separate thing, you have to buy. 

  So, if you’re willing to pay that extra cost on top, buying this product now could save you a lot of money in the future. It is still a worthwhile option to take into consideration. 

12.    Fireside Patio Outdoor Reversible Patio/RV Mat  

This durable mat by Fireside Patio can withstand worst to worst possible inconvenience on earth: rain, sun, snow, wind, human beings, anything!

Made with woven polypropylene it is very low maintenance. It’s also a very affordable option with the amazing features it has to offer to all the vanlifers. None of the ambiances can make this mat’s quality fade away.

The mat comes with corner ties that help reduce the chances of it being blown away with powerful winds. But your purchase will not include the stakes, you will have to get your own. 

This very simple looking mat is an elegant addition outside your van, or your extended patio and also has the ability to serve as an outdoor concert seat or as a picnic blanket.

The Fireside Patio Outdoor Reversible Mat is very easy to fold and pack too, making storage easier. For cleaning too, you will not have to gather up a lot of energy. It can be simply hosed down and you can air it dry, whichever way you feel comfortable. 

Summing it up, this is a wonderful option and definitely is incomparable when it comes to standing against all the odds in nature. 

Until you’re okay buying a storage bag and aren’t really bothered with only available size, this is your go-to mat for sure. 

What to take into consideration while you decide to buy a particular RV mat for your Vanlife experience. 

Buying a mat might sound like the easiest thing to accomplish, but it definitely is not. There are a lot of things you should keep in mind before making a final purchase.

The first thing to make note of is the kind of features you are looking for and then starting to compare the products you come across. This will help you to keep in touch with your requirements easily. The next thing to remember is to keep a check on the storage capabilities, weight, and size of the mat. Always measure beforehand where you want to fit your rug, that’ll help you understand the size options available, and you’ll be able to make a better choice. The third and a very important thing to remember is to know what kind of environment you will be using the mat in. will it be a rainy place, or is it going to be a humid beach, or if you are going to the Pacific Northwest? This will help you find a mat that fits your style and taste. Last but not the least, do not ever forget to check the cleaning routine or process before buying the mat. 

With the right RV patio mat, your RV on the road will feel like home. To be able to have the best Vanlife experience, you have to make every penny you spend count.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this piece on an often overlooked item for vanlife, as always if you have a suggestion that wasn’t on this list feel free to drop it in the comments below!


Discover How To Use The Power of Authority Marketing To Make You Money While You Adventure!

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