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Another week has passed, I decided to slow the pace of these blog updates down to a weekly piece as I’m not building as much pillar pages as I am simply writing and uploading content. Things are coming together more and more as the library of content continues to grow!

We’ve added this cute latest posts panel to the front page, It’s got an animated underscoring effect for extra visual appeal too! Covered above were several Vehicle class guideposts which will serve as hubs for the reviews of those class vehicles.

These will be connected to the vehicles page soon enough and that will further expand our ability to provide useful content to viewers to keep them coming back day by day.

A mix of Best of’s and a few more vehicle class pieces, though both of them are actually additions that can be towed by a vehicle. A popular choice among some vanlifers allowing them to drop down a home in the forest and still be able to have mobility through the use of driving away.

Of course, some more lengthy listicles to draw in traffic from google searches!

Last up for the week another two pieces, of product review content these will comprise a large percentage of the posts eventually as they are the biggest hits for natural SEO traffic.

Soon the Amazon affiliate plugins will be set up with the site being able to actually generate revenue! After that is all set up we’ll be sure to cover the how’s of what we used, and what’s working and not working so stay tuned!


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