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Are you after a new battery for your campervan but aren’t sure where to start? Maybe you have been searching for a new battery but aren’t sure where to turn next?

Perhaps your beloved battery has finally given up, and you have realized it’s been discontinued and that the battery market has dramatically changed since you last looked? Whatever your reason might be, you aren’t alone!

Many of us attempt to find a new battery for our campervan and come up stuck. We find ourselves searching through hundreds of batteries, unsure where to turn or which one really is the best.

Suddenly our hopes of being able to drive wherever the mood takes us and enjoy the freedom of the open road are dashed. 

We are now plagued with worry. How will we charge our phones? How will we keep our refrigerator running and enjoy cold drinks and snacks when we want them? How can we be sure that our RV starter will always work – and what do we do when it fails? 

All of these worries can be avoided by buying the best campervan battery, and we are here to help! Today we have the ultimate guide to the best campervan batteries to help you make the best choice possible! 

Not only do we have some of the best batteries on the market, but a detailed buyers guide that will help you navigate these murky waters and find the best campervan battery for your needs. Prepare to meet your new campervan battery and become an expert at shopping for them today! 

Let’s dive in…

For anyone planning to spend time on the open road, a campervan battery is one of the most important purchases you will make on your vehicle! If you don’t have a durable electrical system, you won’t be able to heat your campervan, use the lights, or even flush the toilet!

And while you can use shore power hookups to power your appliances at certain stops, if you are on the road for extended periods, this isn’t going to be helpful! Instead, you will want a campervan battery that can meet your needs. 

Ideally, you want a campervan battery that allows you to use solar power to generate and store disposable energy even when you aren’t connected to land power. This is essential for those traveling off-grid, and luckily for you, we have some fine batteries that will meet your needs! 

There are lots of battery types to choose from, with each one coming with its own set of advantages and disadvantages that you will need to wade through. Whether you are after an AGM deep cycle battery or finally treating yourself to a Lithium battery, there are factors you need to consider before reaching for your credit card. 

And what if you don’t know what a Lithium battery is or weren’t even aware there were different types? Well, that’s where we come in! We did all the hard work for you, so all you have to do today is read this article and decide on your new battery!

We will walk you through the different types and tell you what to look for, so you can enjoy an excellent battery and endless hours on the road! 

So without further ado, let’s get into it and meet your new campervan battery!

The Best Battery For Campervans 

Below is a list of the best batteries for campervans on the market. To make our choices, we considered the price, efficiency, safety rating, and lifespan of the battery, among other factors, to ensure it was one of the best! So let’s take a look at them now!

Battle Born Lifepo4 Deep Cycle Battery

Battle Born Batteries LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery - 100Ah 12v Lithium Battery w/Built-In BMS - 3000-5000 Deep Cycle Rechargeable Battery - RV/Camper, Marine, Overland/Van, and Off Grid Applications

Kicking off our list today is this 12V deep cycle battery from Battle Born! It’s also one of the most eco-friendly batteries on the list and is made from 100% safe, non-toxic and renewable energy! Due to this, it can charge faster and even lasts longer than other competing batteries! 

The lithium battery features an unlimited mounting capability, allowing you to discharge your battery repeatedly without needing to worry about its lifespan! It also requires far less maintenance than other lead batteries, making it the ideal choice for those with limited time on their hands!

And while it might be an expensive initial cost to lay down, the little maintenance required makes it a cost-effective purchase! 

Battle Born’s battery also comes with their BMS (Battery Management System) built-in! The system regulates the amount of power taken out of the battery and acts as a shut-off system to protect the cells and yourself from unsafe operating conditions!

It goes one step further and protects your battery from common causes such as failure such as ground faults, or temperature volatility! For those concerned with safety, it’s an excellent feature and one that sets it apart from other campervan batteries on the market. 

It’s the ideal battery for those worried about adding more weight, too, as it’s incredibly lightweight! Weighing in at 31lbs, the battery is lighter than average and ensures that you will always be able to carry this battery! It’s also half the size of other lead-acid batteries, making it a fantastic option for those with limited space. 

You get an impressive capacity of 100 amp-hours and a recharge cycle of 3,000 to 5,000! That’s impressive for any battery, especially one of this small size!

You won’t need to worry about this battery ever letting you down, and thanks to the 10-year warranty, you can relax and use the battery with complete peace of mind! Be sure to read the warranty information to be aware of what is covered or not! 

You can also connect this battery to other Battle Born batteries to give you plenty of energy to power your refrigerator, hairdryer, toilet, or whatever you need when on the road! 

And while it can be expensive for some people, it’s one of the most affordable lithium batteries on the market. If you have the budget, we strongly recommend opting for this battery. 


  • Eco-friendly battery – fantastic for those searching for a greener option
  • 10-year warranty – offers peace of mind when using it 
  • Built-in battery management system – identifies failures and keeps you safe 
  • Can be linked to other batteries – offering you more power should you need it 


  • Expensive option
Battle Born Batteries LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery - 100Ah 12v Lithium Battery w/Built-In BMS - 3000-5000 Deep Cycle Rechargeable Battery - RV/Camper, Marine, Overland/Van, and Off Grid Applications
  • BUILT-IN BMS: BMS stands for "Battery Management System" - the brain of our deep cycle lithium batteries. Our BMS protects your battery from most common causes of battery failure, such as temperature volatility or ground faults. The BMS regulates the amount of power taken out of the battery and acts as a shut-off system to protect the li-ion cells (and you) from unsafe operating conditions.
  • LITHIUM ION TECHNOLOGY: Unlike Lead Acid batteries, Battle Born's deep cycle lithium ion batteries have unlimited mounting capability, exceptional longevity, and are more cost effective. When factoring time and cost into your purchase, our lithium ion battery banks come out ahead every time. Plus, Li-Ion batteries can be safer than Lead Acid batteries, which have no protection against ground faults.
  • GREEN ENERGY BATTERIES: Made from 100% safe, nontoxic, renewable energy, Battle Born Batteries last for more cycles and can be charged and discharged repeatedly (and charge faster than any other battery). We make our renewable, sustainable green energy batteries because they’re simply better than anything else out there, including other green batteries.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND VERSATILE: At a sleek 31 lbs, our 100Ah 12v battery weighs in at only 1/3 the weight of lead acid batteries! With no acid in the battery, you're able to safely mount in any position. This makes li-ion batteries perfect for marine, RV, campers, golf cart, off-road and off-grid applications!
  • Please note, orders of six or more batteries will ship via freight and will require you to be able to accept a pallet shipment.

Optima OPT 8016-103 D34M Blue top 

Optima OPT8016-103 Batteries D34M BlueTop Starting and Deep Cycle Marine Battery

Up next, we have this fantastic battery from Optima! Their D34M is an excellent choice for van lovers or outdoor fanatics!

This deep cycle battery is incredibly versatile and can be used as a startup battery and a deep cycling backup power source! The versatility sets it apart from others on the list, making it a fine choice for those after a battery with options! 

It’s not too expensive either, making it a wonderful choice for those on a budget; save yourself some money and use the battery to crank your engine or power your refrigerator and air conditioner while on the road! 

What’s great about these batteries is that they can be installed in practically any position, setting them apart from other lead-acid batteries! They also feature a spill proof case that stays secure while you move, so you never need to worry about spillages ruining your journeys or causing damage to your campervan! 

Optima has also used rugged and durable materials to help them withstand up to 15 times more vibrations than other rechargeable cycle batteries; you won’t need to worry if you hit a pothole or give the battery a little knock while you move now. 

And if this model doesn’t quite tickle your fancy, then there are other models you can choose from! They are color-coded, with each colored top serving a different purpose. Be sure to check these out and their power offering to help you find the right battery for your needs. 

Weighing 43.5lbs, the battery is considered an average weight and shouldn’t be an issue for most campervans to carry it! Offering a 55 amp-hours capacity, you should be able to run your AC or several appliances with ease when traveling off-road.

Remember to check how much capacity you need before adding this bad boy to your cart! 

While you get many fantastic features from this battery, there is a downside to mention. The lifespan of this battery isn’t the best.

Some customers noted that the battery barely lasted a year before needing to be replaced. While few customers reported the issue, it’s worth mentioning that you don’t want to keep spending money on batteries. 

If you notice that the battery starts to fail quickly or doesn’t charge as it should, be sure to contact customer service! We are seeing customers receive free replacements for faulty batteries, so it’s worth contacting for further support if needed! 

For those that want a deep cycle battery with multiple uses and a fairly small price tag, give Optima’s battery a whirl today! 


  • Durable materials used – protects from knocks for enhanced durability. 
  • Spillproof – prevents any hazardous materials from escaping
  • Versatile use – can be used as a startup and deep cycling battery
  • Reasonably priced – suitable for most budgets 


  • Lifespan is lower than average. 
Optima OPT8016-103 Batteries D34M BlueTop Starting and Deep Cycle Marine Battery
  • 12-Volt, 750 Cold Cranking Amps, Size: 10 inches x 6 7/8 inches x 7 13/16 inches tall, Weight: 43.5 pounds, Dual SAE & 5/16 inches Stainless Steel Stud Posts. 55 Ah C20 capacity
  • Optimal starting power even in bad weather
  • Mountable in virtually any position. Works well as a boat battery or RV battery
  • Fifteen times more resistant to vibration for durability
  • Reserve capacity of 120 minutes for constant performance

Ampere Time 12V Lithium-Ion Deep Cycle battery 

Ampere Time 12V 200Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Battery With 2560Wh Energy Max. 1280W Load Power Built-in 100A BMS,10 Years Lifetime 4000+ Cycles, Perfect for RV Solar Energy Storage Marine Trolling motor

For those searching for a lithium battery without the hefty price tag, call off your search now! The Ampere Time battery is the answer to all your prayers. The deep cycle lithium battery comes in at a reasonable price and provides you with all the power and stress-free use you could ever want! 

Ampere Time uses cells with a higher energy density to offer you a more stable performance and greater power compared to other batteries on the market. They also use the highest level of safety testing to ensure that it is safe for you to use at all times!

It even comes with its built-in BMS to protect the battery from overcharge, overcurrent, short circuit, over-discharge and comes with an excellent self-discharge rate. You can use it with peace of mind and know that you and your battery are safe! 

As there’s no acid in the battery, you don’t need to worry about any spillages! You can also mount it in any position safely, and it can be used with solar power too, making it versatile and perfect for most users. 

The battery is also waterproof and can be used indoors or outdoors, so you can take it with you on outdoor adventures if you wish! It is on the heavier side, too, weighing over 46lbs, so if you take it outdoors, be mindful of this when carrying the battery.

This weight, though, still makes it lighter than other lead-acid batteries on the market! You should find it easy to install and mount in your campervan. It will also provide you with plenty of off-road use and power should you be far away from power sources! 

Offering 100 amp-hours, the battery comes with a whopping ten-year lifetime guarantee and can provide over 4,000 cycles! That’s ten times more than competing lead-acid batteries!

The ten-year service life allows you to use the battery worry-free and know that should something go wrong; you will be covered! 

If longevity and durability are something you crave, then grab Ampere Time’s battery today! 


  • Reasonably priced – reasonable price for a lithium battery makes it a fantastic option for those on a budget.
  • Ten-year service life – allows you to use it worry-free
  • Built-in protection system – keeps you and your battery safe
  • Lightweight – ensures you can fit it into your campervan with ease 


  • On the heavier side 
Ampere Time 12V 200Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Battery With 2560Wh Energy Max. 1280W Load Power Built-in 100A BMS,10 Years Lifetime 4000+ Cycles, Perfect for RV Solar Energy Storage Marine Trolling motor
  • 【Automotive Grade Lithium Battery】 Ampere Time 12V 200Ah lithium batteries have exceptional quality since they are manufactured by Automotive Grade LiFePO4 Cells with higher energy density, more stable performance & greater power. Highest-level safety based on UL Testing Certificate for the cell inside the battery.This makes Ampere Time lithium batteries perfect for solar home, RV, campers,motor homes,off grid office and off grid bunk house.
  • 【10 Years lifetime】Ampere Time LiFePO4 battery provides 4000+ cycles, which is more than 10 times to Lead Acid with 200~500 cycles. Ampere Time LiFePO4 battery has a 10-year service life, three times longer than the Lead Acid’s 3-year lifetime.
  • 【1/3* Lightweight】 Ampere Time LiFePO4 Battery weighs only 45.85 lbs for one module, only 1/3* the weight of lead acid batteries, which makes it an easy choice for RVs, Marine and Off-Grid Applications when mounting or mobility is in the consideration.
  • 【95%* Efficiency】 Ampere Time LiFePO4 battery’s flat discharge curve holds above 12.8V for up to 95%* of its capacity usage, providing astronomical boosts in run-time compared to only 50% in Lead Acid. This product is your best choice for outdoor camping power and indoor easy installation.
  • 【100% Protection】 Ampere Time LiFePO4 battery has built-in BMS (Battery Management System) to protect it from overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, and short circuit with excellent self-discharge rate. Built-in high-temp cut off prevents charging over 167 °F (75 °C). Without memory effect, no matter what state the battery is, it can be used as soon as it is charged. Ampere Time LiFePO4 battery is IP65 level waterproof, which set you free from worrying to install indoors or outdoors.

Mighty Max 12V 100Ah Battery

ML100-12 - 12 Volt 100 AH, Internal Thread (INT) Terminal, Rechargeable SLA AGM Battery

For those on a budget, you are sure to love this battery from Mighty Max! You can enjoy this 12V sealed lead acid battery at an affordable price in all its maintenance-free glory! The rechargeable battery is completely sealed for your protection, giving you a spill proof guarantee that will protect your battery and campervan in one! 

You can also mount this battery in almost every position in your campervan (apart from upside down), and it can also be used outside if you need a battery that doubles as a source of power for your outdoor adventures! 

This affordable battery is the perfect option for those with limited space and is actually one of the smallest included in our list today. It measures in at 12.12 x 6.61 x 8.30 inches, meaning it will fit in even the smallest of campervans with ease.

You don’t need to worry about redesigning your interior to make room for your new battery! 

And for those with more room that want even more power, this 100 amp-hour battery can be hooked up in parallel to give you more current to power your appliances! Hooking it up this way is easy, but be sure to check out our buyer’s guide if you need more information about how to do this! 

You can also enjoy worry-free use of this battery thanks to its 1-year warranty. Mighty Max covers your battery for one year, which isn’t the longest warranty out there, but it’s better than none! You shouldn’t have to worry too much about this, as Mighty Max is known for its long-lasting and dependable batteries! 

Their batteries also feature a durable design that can withstand shocks and vibrations with ease! You can enjoy durability and peace of mind if you drive on some rocky terrains; you won’t need to worry about your battery taking a few knocks! 

Another drawback to note is that the battery does not come with harnessing or mounting accessories. If you do not already have some, you will need to purchase them additionally, boosting the cost of your battery up.

Thankfully, it is so affordable that even with the additional accessories, it should remain an affordable option for those that need one! 


  • Affordable – suitable for most budgets 
  • Spill proof design – prevents any damage to the battery or campervan
  • Durable design – resists shocks and vibrations while driving 
  • 1-year battery guarantee – provides peace of mind while you drive


  • Warranty isn’t the longest on the market. 
ML100-12 - 12 Volt 100 AH, Internal Thread (INT) Terminal, Rechargeable SLA AGM Battery
  • ML100-12 SLA is a 12V 100AH group 30H Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) rechargeable maintenance free battery - UL Certified
  • Dimensions: 12.09 inches x 6.65 inches x 8.48 inches. Listing is for the Battery and Screws only. No wire harness or mounting accessories included.
  • SLA / AGM spill proof battery has a characteristic of high discharge rate, wide operating temperatures, long service life and deep discharge recover.
  • Rechargeable battery that can be mounted in any position, resists shocks and vibration. Long lasting high performance in high and low temperatures.
  • Backed by a 30 day refund policy and full 1 year warranty.

Odyssey PC680 Battery

ODYSSEY PC680 Battery, red top

That’s right; we have another bargain option for you! Odyssey’s PC680 battery is extremely affordable, making it the ideal choice for those on a tight budget that need a good quality battery! 

It’s the perfect battery for those with limited space too. Thanks to its slim design, the battery can fit into virtually any space with ease. For those that need the stats, it measures in at 7.15 x 3 x 6.65 inches.

Is that not one of the smallest batteries you have ever seen? It’s also incredibly lightweight, weighing just over 15lbs; there is sure to be space for this battery! 

The sealed lead battery can handle extreme temperatures, making it a wonderful choice for those that use their campervans in all climates!

It can also handle double the power of a conventional lead-acid battery in the RV world, making it a fantastic option for those that need an extra boost of power! 

Odyssey’s battery also recharges super quickly; you can expect it to recharge in 4-6 hours fully! That’s no time at all, and you can be on the road again, ready to enjoy your campervan! In fact, it’s the highest recharge efficiency of any sealed lead battery on the market; you won’t get better than this!

And it’s also shock and vibration resistant, meaning you can drive over some uneven surfaces with ease! It also means you won’t need to worry about any hazardous materials leaking if it gets knocked over during transportation.

The sealed nature means there’s no spillage guaranteed, so you won’t need to worry while you drive!

To be on the safe side, though, we recommend mounting your battery. That way, you don’t need to worry about it getting knocked about or damaged while you drive.

Mounting the battery is easy enough to do, and you can be enjoying your drive in no time! If you aren’t sure how to do this, there are plenty of online tutorials that you can use for some help. 

The battery can handle even the most extreme temperatures, meaning you never need to worry about hot or cold climates, simply jump in your campervan and go!

It can run through 400 cycles at 80% discharge depth, too, making it the perfect battery for the more adventurous travelers out there! 

Odyssey’s battery also comes with a 2-year limited warranty, allowing you to use it with peace of mind! Remember to read through the warranty first to check what you are covered for!

While a two-year warranty is great, it isn’t the longest out there and falls short of the average. It should not be an issue, but this might not be the best battery for you if you enjoy a long warranty period. 


  • Affordable – suitable for most budgets 
  • Slim design – fantastic for compact spaces 
  • Lightweight design – makes it easy to transport 
  • Fast recharge times – allows you to get going again quickly. 


  • The warranty is on the short side. 
ODYSSEY PC680 Battery, red top
  • 170 CCA; Better warranty: Limited 2-year full replacement warranty, not pro rata; Longer service life: With 3-10 years of service life, ODYSSEY batteries save consumers time, money, and aggravation
  • Longer cycle life: 70 percentage longer cycle life compared to conventional deep cycle batteries, up to 400 cycles at 80 percentage depth of discharge- high stable voltage for longer periods of time
  • Faster recharge: The highest recharge efficiency of any sealed lead battery on the market, capable of 100 percentage recharge in 4 - 6 hours; Mounting flexibility: Non-spillable design
  • Vibration resistance- design protects against high impact shock and mechanical vibration; Extreme temperature tolerant
  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

Buyer’s Guide 

Not sure what to look for when searching for your new campervan battery? Have no fear; our handy buyer’s guide can help you there! Choosing a new battery can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t need to be by following our guide and looking at these factors! Let’s get into it!

Is It Compatible? 

Before we go any further, you will need to check if the battery will be compatible with a solar power system. If you don’t currently have one, then it’s one less thing for you to worry about currently!

However, we strongly urge you to install a solar power system in your campervan/RV. They are a fantastic way to access energy (and greener too). 

If you have a system, check that the battery you are looking at is compatible with the system you have in place. This information can usually be found in product descriptions, where a list of compatible sources should be given. If not, you might need to contact the manufacturer directly for more information. 

Battery Types – What Do They Do? 

There are a few different types of batteries on the market, and they all work slightly differently. If you are new to the world of campervan batteries, this can be confusing. But it doesn’t need to be! Below are the different battery types and their purposes to help you understand them better and select the best one for you! 

Starter Battery 

First up is the starter battery, which provides a jolt of power to get your engine’s motor started. Typically, 20% of their energy capacity is used to start your vehicle. It’s an important battery to run your camper, but not necessarily the type of battery you need for providing power to your lights, electronics, or other camping accessories. 

House Battery 

Next, we have the house battery, which is used to power your appliances and campervan accessories. Also known as leisure batteries, these are needed to operate your refrigerator, lighting system, electric toilet, and water pump. You can charge a house battery with an alternator, solar power, or shore power hookup.

In most cases, you will have both a house/leisure battery and a starter battery. It’s the most common configuration we see in campervans and motorhomes. 

Types Of Campervan Batteries 

There are a few different types of campervan batteries to choose from, so let’s look at those now with some handy pros and cons to help narrow your search. 

Flooded Lead-acid Battery 

Flooded lead-acid (FLA) batteries feature lead and liquid sulfuric acid, which creates a chemically charged current. They are a popular choice due to their affordable price and long lifespan. 

They are also the oldest battery technology, adding to their popularity, and are still a common option for campervan and RV owners. However, it’s not all rosy when it comes to these batteries. 

The battery stores liquid sulfuric acid, as we mentioned, and can be dangerous. If it leaks, the battery can cause corrosion or damage to your campervan! You must keep the battery in an upright position at all times to prevent this. 

You will also need to be mindful that it releases oxygen and hydrogen particles when charged. These fumes are toxic if inhaled, meaning you also need proper ventilation installed in your van to prevent any health scares or emergencies while using a flooded lead-acid battery.

And despite their low initial cost, they can be expensive batteries to run in the long term. They need to be topped off monthly, adding to their cost and becoming a drain on your time. You will need to care for these batteries correctly to prevent their battery life and efficiency from deteriorating.

It’s worth weighing up these factors before deciding if this is the right battery for you! 


  • Affordable making them suitable for a range of budgets
  • Come in a range of sizes


  • Must be kept upright at all times
  • Not the most efficient in colder climates
  • Requires a lot of maintenance
  • Potentially hazardous materials that cause damage and pose a health risk 

Gel Batteries 

Next, we have gel cell batteries. They were introduced to the market as an easier option than an FLA battery. They feature the same technology, but the electrolytes are suspended in a gel rather than a liquid. 

Their main advantage is their increased safety compared to FLA batteries. No fumes can escape, so you don’t need to worry about toxic gasses circulating in your van. They are also sealed and contained in a protective case, so you don’t need to worry about your battery leaking if it tips over! 

Gel batteries are also far lower maintenance than FLA batteries, saving you time! They are the perfect choice for those who don’t use their RV or campervan often or don’t have a great deal of time to spend maintaining them. 

There is a downside to these batteries, though. Gel batteries tend to have a lower output compared to FLA batteries. You might find this an issue if you have a lot of appliances to run. They are also more expensive to purchase, so be sure to consider your budget before deciding. 

Gel batteries also don’t have the long lifespan that other campervan batteries do. You can extend the life of your gel battery, though, so it’s not the end of the world! You will want to recharge it properly to extend its battery life.

Be careful to use the specific charger for your battery, though! Using one that isn’t designed for your battery can cause it to burn out quickly! 


  • Little maintenance required 
  • Safer than lead-acid batteries 
  • Can sit for extended periods without use 
  • It doesn’t need a flat surface or to be kept upright.


  • Expensive 
  • Less efficient than flooded lead-acid batteries 

AGM Battery 

AGM deep cycle batteries, or Absorbent Glass Mat batteries, are among the most popular batteries on the market! From RVs and boats to auto manufacturers, these batteries have become a go-to option!

The sealed lead-acid battery works similarly to gel batteries but with the electrolytes suspended in soaked glass fibers. 

This setup ensures that the AGM battery does not leak or spill any hazardous materials if it is knocked over. It also does not need regular maintenance as FLA batteries do. It’s these reasons that make it a popular choice for many campers! 

However, these batteries do have some drawbacks we need to mention. Like the gel batteries we looked at earlier, AGM batteries have a low energy output, making them less efficient over time. They also don’t perform as well in colder climates, which can be a problem if you use your campervan throughout the winter months. 

It’s worth considering all of these factors before deciding if this is the right battery for you or not! 


  • Less maintenance required than other batteries 
  • Small and compact size 
  • Can sit for extended periods without use
  • You don’t need a flat surface to install it 


  • Not efficient in colder climates
  • Produces less energy than FLA batteries 
  • Expensive 

Lithium Battery 

Finally, we have lithium batteries, which are considered the most robust form of campervan battery technology on the market! Lithium batteries tend to last longer, have faster charge times, and require the least amount of maintenance!

It’s these factors that make the battery a popular choice for campervan and RV owners! 

However, these are some of the most expensive batteries on the market. Their higher price point can put many people off buying them, but if you have the budget, lithium batteries are an option we would certainly consider. 

They do require some maintenance but compared to FLA batteries, it’s very minimal! Lithium batteries must always be charged above 20%, meaning you will need to monitor them throughout the year, even when you aren’t using them.

It can be frustrating if you don’t use your campervan regularly, but for those always on the go, keeping an eye on your battery shouldn’t be too much of a task! 

Although some maintenance is required, we think it’s worth it. If you can afford the higher price point, a lithium battery is the best one you can buy in terms of efficiency and performance. 


  • It can be run to empty before needing to recharge 
  • Charges quickly
  • Long life-span 
  • You don’t need a flat surface to install it 


  • Expensive 

Battery Capacity – How Much Do You Need?

Now that we’ve looked at the types of batteries and helped narrow down your choice let’s look at some other factors you need to be aware of! The first is the battery capacity.

To work this out, you will need the size of the battery, which is usually stated in the product description. 

The battery size is measured in amp-hours (Ah) and will tell you the battery’s amount of power on a single charge. To determine if the battery capacity is enough 

for you, work out how many amp-hours you need to power the appliances in your RV. 

For example, one appliance that uses 1 amp of current for 1 hour will use one amp-hour. So to run the appliance for 24 hours, you would use 24 amp-hours of power.

If you have multiple appliances drawing from one battery, you will want a battery with a larger amp hour size to power all of your accessories with ease. 

Be mindful that these larger batteries often come with a heftier price tag. Consider your budget as well as the capacity you need when shopping for your new campervan battery. 

Flooded lead-acid batteries will last between four to eight years, with regular maintenance needed to keep it up to speed and functioning as it should!

AGM deep cycle batteries tend to last simultaneously but lose power capacity after roughly seven years of use.

It’s considered a mediocre lifespan, but remember, these batteries need less maintenance than a flooded lead-acid battery, making them a more favorable option for many campervan owners. 

Gel batteries have an even shorter lifespan, with an average of two to four years. Now that can seem short, but it’s worth noting that if you care for them properly and charge them with a gel-specific charger, not only can you prevent burnout, but you can see them last for 15 years!

If you are prepared to put the maintenance in, your battery will thank you!

For a durable battery though with a long lifespan, opt for a lithium battery. They have an impressive lifespan of between seven years and twenty years!

You will pay more for the battery, but you won’t need to worry about replacing it every few years. You could even save money in the long run, buying one battery in the same space others are buying 3! 

It’s worth noting that these lifespans are just averages. How you care for and maintain your battery will dictate how long it lasts and how well it functions during this time! 

Lifespan – How Long Will It Last?

When it comes to searching for your new campervan battery, you want one that will stand the test of time and wherever the road takes you, which means you need to consider its lifespan. Depending on the battery type, there will be different lifespans.

It’s important to check these and make sure you select the battery that best suits your needs to avoid forking out a new battery every few years. 

How Big And Heavy?

Another factor to consider is the size and weight of the battery. Generally, a 12 volt 100Ah battery will weigh roughly 44lbs (20kg).

In some cases, RV owners might want a double bank battery system, which adds twice as much weight to your van build. For those with big payloads, this might not seem like much of a worry to you. 

However, for those with smaller campervans, the battery can be one of your heavier items. Be sure to check the maximum weight your campervan can handle before purchasing a heavy battery that will be difficult to cart around. 

It’s also worth checking the space you have to ensure that you have enough room for the battery! Leisure batteries can be heavy, but they tend to be compact, especially compared to other appliances in your van.

Most campervan owners find it fairly easy to fit one or two batteries inside their camper, especially if they have lots of space! 

We recommend mounting your battery, too, even if it has a spill proof guarantee. Mounting your battery can free up some space and also means you can drive with peace of mind!

You won’t need to worry about your battery falling or getting knocked and dented while you drive. 

12 Volt vs. 6 Volt – Which Is Best?

A question that comes up time and time again when searching for your new RV battery is whether a six or 12-volt battery is the right choice.

Usually, RV and campervans will come with a 12-volt battery as default. These batteries tend to be cheaper and easier to find than 6V batteries. 

But that doesn’t mean we should rule out 6V batteries! These batteries have a larger amperage when connected in a series and can be recharged more frequently too! 6V batteries tend to last longer, too, due to their thicker plates and more space per cell.

They also feature a deeper discharge compared to the average 12V house battery you see in campervans. 

It’s worth looking for 6V batteries if you have the budget for one and want to benefit from these added features. If they are a little out of your budget, then stick with the standard 12V battery. 

Series Or Parallel – Which Connection Is Best?

You can combine RV batteries to create a larger power source by joining them in a series or parallel connection. But which one is the right choice to make? Well, it depends on what you want from the connection!

If you want to keep the same amperage but add extra voltage to your battery bank, connect your batteries in a series.

If you have two 6V batteries with 10-amp hours each, connect the negative terminals to positive terminals with jumper cables to create a battery bank with 12V of power and a ten amp-hour capacity. 

However, if you want to increase your current but keep the same voltage, you can use a parallel connection. This involves connecting the two positive terminals to the two negative terminals.

If you did this with two 6V batteries with ten amp-hour, you would boost the amperage to 20 amp-hours. However, you will still only have the same power storage of 6V. 

Consider what connection would be best for your setup if you want multiple batteries and use the one that will benefit your campervan the most! 

Final thoughts 

And just like that, we have come to the end of our guide today! As you can see, there are some fantastic campervan batteries on the market that are sure to keep you powered when you need them most! Remember to use our handy buyer’s guide when searching for your new battery and find the one that suits your needs best.

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