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Whether you’re an avid camper or a beginner going on your first camping trip, a good tent is the most important tool at your disposal.

Pop-up tents are popular for how easy they are to set up and how portable they are when collapsed. This means that they are a perfect option for practically anyone interested in venturing into the great outdoors.

But how do you pick the tent that’s right for you? With so many options out there, it can be hard to separate the best from the rest.

But don’t worry – that’s where we come in! In this guide, we’ve done all the hard work for you and gathered 8 of the best pop-up tents on the market.

Here, we’ll take you through what makes these tents great as well as some things that could be better.

We’ve also included a handy buyer’s guide to help pick the right tent for you, as well as an FAQ section to answer any questions you might have.

So let’s stop wasting time and jump right in!

The 8 Best Pop-Up Tents

Coleman 2-Person Skydome

Coleman 2-Person Skydome

Starting off our list strong, we have this great 2-person pop-up tent from Coleman. The Skydome is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a convenient and easy-to-set-up tent for one or two people.

With its pre-assembled pole system, the Skydome can be set up in only 10 seconds! It’s also incredibly lightweight and portable, weighing just 6.4 lbs and stored in a convenient carry bag.

Despite how small it is when stored, you get a surprising amount of space inside the tent. This is because of its design, with near-vertical walls providing maximum headroom.

It also features an extra-wide door, perfect for fitting air mattresses, camping gear, or even just yourself inside.

Round it all out with handy mesh storage pockets and an included sealable footprint, and the Coleman 2-Person Skydome has everything you could need in one small package!


  • Its pre-assembled poles let you set up the tent in a matter of seconds
  • There’s a surprising amount of room due to its near-vertical walls
  • Its low weight and small storage size makes it incredibly portable


  • You don’t get any windows or multiple doors
  • The floor material isn’t the most durable

Get it on Amazon here, or buy it directly from Coleman here.

Coleman Skydome Camping Tent | 2 Person, Blue
  • QUICK PITCH: Sets up in under 5 minutes thanks to pre-attached poles
  • MORE HEADROOM: 20% more headroom than traditional Coleman dome tents thanks to nearly vertical walls
  • WEATHER PROTECTION: WeatherTec system's tub-like floor, patented welded corners, and inverted seams help keep water out; strong frame withstands up to 35 mph winds
  • WIDER DOOR: Makes it easier to move air beds, sleeping bags, and other gear in and out of the tenMY INTERIOR & EXTRA STORAGE: 7 x 5 ft. with 4 ft. center height; fits 1 queen-size air bed; mesh storage pockets and a gear loft keep small items organized
  • ROOMY INTERIOR & EXTRA STORAGE: 7 x 5 ft. with 4 ft. center height; fits 1 queen-size air bed; mesh storage pockets and a gear loft keep small items organized

Ayamaya 6-Person Pop-Up Tent

Ayamaya 6-Person Pop-Up Tent

If you’re looking for a pop-up tent that’s quick to set up but can hold a large group, then the Ayamaya 6-Person Pop-Up Tent has got you covered.

Capable of holding 4-6 people with room to spare, this spacious tent can fit the whole family or a group of your friends.

The tent is split into two vestibules (or internal sections), which are divided down the middle with a zippered dividing wall. This means you can separate the tent into two rooms; alternatively, you can split it into a bedroom and a storage area.

It’s not the tallest tent, standing at only around 4 feet tall, but there’s still ample room to sit on a camping chair or on the floor. For the most comfortable sleeping experience, you’re better off sticking with 4 people in total.

Despite that, this tent is still one of the best options for a large group on a camping trip. Its great ventilation and mesh windows keep the interior cool and minimize condensation, while the tent’s sturdy materials are wind-resistant and waterproof.


  • With a capacity of 6 people you can fit the whole family inside
  • The sturdy materials have a high waterproof and wind-resistance rating
  • Mesh windows and vents keep the inside cool and fresh


  • Despite its large capacity, there’s only one entrance
  • It’s most comfortable with only 4 people inside

Get it on Amazon here, or buy it directly from Ayamaya here.

AYAMAYA Pop Up Tent 6 Person Easy Pop Up Tents for Camping with Vestibule, Double Layer Waterproof Instant Setup Popup Tent Big Family Camping Tents Beach Pop-up Tent Space for 2/3/4/5/6 People Man
  • [ Roomy Enough for 4-6 Person with Vestibule ] – This pop up tent has spacious interior:12.5 x 8.5 feet floor; Sleeps 5-6 adults in sleeping bags or 4-5 people with lots of luggage. Center Height: 53.5". Unique vestibule design offers separate room for lots of camping gears, shoes or your large dog. Electrical Cord Access Port, enable you to run a power cord from outside power source into the devices of your tent. Storage pockets and lantern hook keep items neat and organized.
  • [ Unique Double Layer – Prevent Condensation ] – This camping tents special designed with double layer, the inner layer and outer layer connected by hooks, which can effectively prevent condensation. There is a gap between the inner and outer layer, become a ground vents which can offer additional ventilation to keep you cool on the warm spring and summer evening.
  • [ Easy Setup with Smaller Package ] – This quick setup tent with pre-assembled poles sets up in seconds. Simply open the bag and let go, making the pitching process easy and enjoyable. No need to fumble with tent poles, or bother with complicated instructions. Tent comes in a portable smaller carrying bag. Size only 88*88*3cm/ 34.6*34.6*1.2 inch, easy to carry.
  • [ 2 Doors + Hooded Vents + 4 Windows - More Ventilation ] – This pop-up tent with 2 large FRONT door and REAR hooded vents, 4 zipper design mesh windows on the left and right sides. Windows & doors with double panels, allows either side to be completely open. Closed with just the mesh material, allows hot air to escape while keeping small items out. Or sealed with the nylon door for total privacy. Both with double-side zipper, enable to zipper in the tent without getting out the tent.
  • [ PU3000 Fabric and Heat Sealed Seams – More Waterproof ] – This waterproof tents made of 4000MM waterproof PU-Coated oxford groundsheet, 3000MM waterproof PU-Coated polyester fabric roof. Heats sealed seams in the connection area prevent from leaking water, integrated vented rainfly keep you dry. The front door is designed to be rolled up and down which is better than the side open style.

Quechua 2 Seconds XL

Quechua 2 Seconds XL

The name is no joke – this surprisingly roomy tent can be pitched in just a couple of seconds. All you have to do is peg the corners in place and pull on the drawstrings and voila – you’re ready to go! Not only that, but taking it down again is just as simple.

The Quechua 2 Seconds XL might be on the pricier side for a pop-up tent, but you definitely get your money’s worth. Along with its incredibly-simple setup, this tent boasts a whole load of other great features.

The interior is kitted out with a blackout layer to block out the sunlight, plenty of airflow, and a handy lantern hook.

The outside is the same level of quality, with sturdy construction that is completely waterproof and capable of withstanding 50km/h winds.

The interior might not be the biggest for a tent with ‘XL’ in the name, but you can still easily fit a twin or single mattress inside with room to spare.


  • Simply pull the drawstrings to set the tent up in an instant
  • The sturdy materials are highly durable, waterproof and wind-resistant
  • Collapses with the push of a button for easy and compact storage


  • It’s on the pricier side of things for a pop-up tent
  • There isn’t a massive amount of space on the inside

Get it on Amazon here.

Quechua 2 Seconds XL Fresh & Black, Waterproof Camping Tent, 2 Person
  • Easy assembly/dismantling : Free-standing structure. 2-second pitching. Guided folding system
  • Capacity : 57.1" x 82.7" bedroom. Maximum useful height: 41.3". 1 storage area.
  • Easy to transport : Size of the bag: Ø 29.1" x 3.5" / 38.7 L. Weight: 9.5 lbs.
  • Heat resistant : Flysheet, mechanical ventilations and Fresh & Black fabric to sleep well.
  • Blackout : Patented Fresh & Black outer fabric: 99% darkness even in broad daylight.

Regatta Malawi 2

Regatta Malawi 2

The Regatta Malawi 2 is one of the most convenient and reasonably-priced pop-up tents on the market in terms of quality and design.

Its lightweight materials and compact design make it easy to store and carry, made with fiberglass poles that spring up when the tent is removed from its bag for quick and easy construction.

But just because the tent is light doesn’t mean that it doesn’t offer great protection.

The built-in footprint protects the bottom of your tent from damage while also offering a waterproof rating of 3000 mm, while the mesh ventilation ports on the inside of the tent help keep the interior cool and fresh.

However, there is still a risk of condensation in cold or humid weather due to limited breathability. This means that it’s better suited to warmer, dryer conditions.


  • At 5.5 lbs, this is one of the lightest options out there
  • The fiberglass poles spring into place for instant assembly
  • Its sewn-in footprint has a waterproof rating of 3000 mm


  • Condensation can build up in cold or humid weather
  • There aren’t any windows or vestibules

Get it on Amazon here, or buy it directly from Regatta here.

Regatta Malawi 2 Person Pop-Up Tent (One Size) (Black/Burgundy)
  • 100% Polyester.
  • Hydrostatic Head: 3000mm Flysheet.
  • Bright Guy Lines, Fibreglass Poles, Insectproof Mesh, Lantern Hanging Points, Multiple Internal Pockets.
  • Design: Day Of The Dead, Logo.
  • Fabric Technology: Hardwearing, Ultra-Lightweight, Waterproof.

North East Harbor 4-Person Instant Pop-Up Tent

North East Harbor 4-Person Instant Pop-Up Tent

If you’re looking for a high-capacity pop-up tent that won’t break the bank, then you’re in luck!

The North East Harbor 4-Person Instant Pop-Up Tent (a bit of a mouthful, we know) boasts a 4-person capacity at an impressively reasonable price.

Easily one of the largest tents on this list, this pop-up is still incredibly easy to set up and can be pitched in less than a minute. All you need to do is slide off the strap and unfold the tent for it to pop up.

The tent itself is made of durable waterproof materials; however, the floor doesn’t protect against wet weather so you’ll need to use a footprint or tarp below the tent.

However, the interior is well-ventilated with 2 windows, two sets of mesh double doors, and hooded vents for continuous airflow.


  • The large capacity can easily hold 4 people comfortably
  • Vents and windows provide a continuous cooling airflow
  • All 4 doors and 2 windows have roll-down curtains for added privacy


  • Not as waterproof as other options and requires a tent footprint in wet weather
  • The interior can’t be separated into multiple vestibules

Get it on Amazon here.

North East Harbor 4-Person Instant Pop-up Tent Easy Setup Water Resistant Double Layered Fabric, Portable Tent with Carry Bag, Green, 9.2'L x 6.9'W x 3.9'H
  • Instant Pop-Up Tent Takes Just Seconds to Setup. Simply Slide the Strap Off. The Tent will Pop Open once Unfolded.
  • Unique Vestibule Design Offers Seperate Area for Camping Gear and Shoes, Keeping your Sleeping Area Clean.
  • Two Doors, Two Windows, and Hooded Vents on Four Sides provide Continuous Airflow for Cross Ventilation and Prevents Condensation.
  • Rainproof with Total Privacy: Each Door and Window have Roll-Up Curtains to Maximize Privacy and to Prevent Water from Entering Your Tent.
  • Double Layer Design has Improved Water Resistance and can Stand Up to Inclement Weather and Elements better than a Single Layer Tent.

CORE Instant Cabin

CORE Instant Cabin

Do you want a premium pop-up tent that’s just as stylish as it is comfortable? Then look no further than the CORE Instant Cabin/Dome.

This range of pop-up tents from CORE comes in a range of sizes, from 4 all the way up to 10 people.

All of these models can be assembled quickly and easily, with the CORE Instant Dome (which holds 4) taking 30 seconds and the Cabin (which holds 6-10) only taking a minute.

While this tent comes with a hefty price tag that can put it out of most people’s budget, the CORE Instant Cabin more than makes up for this with its great features and amazing quality.

Its spacious interior can fit a large group comfortably, with extra height so people can easily stand inside.

The materials and construction are top-notch too; the mesh ceiling and adjustable ground vent helps to keep fresh air circulating, while the exterior is sturdy and secure.

The tents are also built with H2O Technology, which protects you from even the heaviest of rains.


  • Comes in a range of sizes depending on how many people you need to fit
  • Sets up in less than a minute
  • H2O Technology keeps the inside dry, in even the roughest weather


  • It’s far heavier and less portable than other pop-up tents
  • The high price tag can put it out of most people’s budget

Get it on Amazon here, or buy it directly from CORE here.

CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent with Wall Organizer (Gray)
  • INSTANT SETUP: The tent body with pre-attached poles that lock into place creates a setup time as short as 60 seconds.
  • WEATHER PROTECTION: H20 Block Technology combines water-repellent fabrics with a fully taped rainfly and sealed seams to resist rain.
  • ADJUSTABLE VENTILATION: Lower air intake vents draw in cool air from the ground while the mesh ceiling allows hot air to escape.
  • INTERIOR ORGANIZATION: Keep small items off the floor with the large wall organizer and gear loft with lantern hook.
  • WHAT’S IN THE BAG: Includes tent with pre-attached poles, rainfly with attached guylines, wall organizer, gear loft, tent stakes, and carry bag.

Wnnideo Instant Family Tent

Wnnideo Instant Family Tent

Another great roomy option, the Wnnideo Instant Family Tent definitely lives up to its name. Designed to fit up to 5 people with extra room for storage, this large tent is also remarkably lightweight.

At just under 10 lbs it isn’t the lightest option out there, but this seems like a lot less when you factor in its 5-foot center height and 10-foot length!

The Wnnideo Instant Family Tent uses a pre-assembled pole system and seamed floors for an easy 10-second set up that’s just as easy to take down.

Designed to withstand high-winds, the tent’s sturdy frame uses its hexagonal frame and specially-designed poles to stay securely in place.

However, it’s not the best at handling wet weather and you’ll need a tarp or footprint in order to stay dry.

Despite this, there’s still a lot to love here. The inside has plenty of storage pockets to help you organize your gear, and a lantern hook to keep the inside lit up.

On top of that, you also get incredible value, with one of the cheapest tents on this list.


  • The spacious interior can comfortably hold 5 people with room to spare
  • It’s incredibly lightweight for its size, weighing less than 10 lbs
  • Fantastic value means you’ll never find a tent with such a great price anywhere else


  • It isn’t great at handling wet weather and can let heavy rain through
  • The interior is one section without other vestibules

Get it on Amazon here.

Wnnideo Instant Family Tent Automatic Pop Up Tents for Outdoor Sports Camping Hiking Travel Beach (Grey)
  • This lightweight 4-person pop up tent with 2 large D-style door and all sides go all the way to the ground, and it was made out of no transparency material for good privacy so that you do not worry about being seen when you are undressed. This tent is designed with double walls and double doors which not only provide great ventilation but also the double doors could be zippered into walls to avoid breeze blowing through your tent at night.
  • Seamed floor and Pre-assembled poles make this tent a easy 10-second setup integrated freestanding shelter which is best suited for surfaces where it is impossible to use tent stakes (of course, tent stakes are included in thid tent)if you camp on wooden platforms, rock ledges, frozen surfaces, or very loose sand and soil. High sealed seam and dense net windows and doors keeps bugs out even if you frequently camp in areas with vicious insects and scared of creepy crawlers and slithering at night
  • Dome top design perform as well on wind resistance as Pyramid shaped shelter. Hexagon weather Tec system with patented welded floors and inverted seams not only keep you dry but also makes the tent more stable in high winds and make sure a lot of floor space inside the tent at night .
  • With storage pockets to organize your gear, top lamp hanger to hang tent light and lighten up the whole tent. Easy set up and quick set down automatic mechanism makes your backpacking journey easier and more convenient. You could take this tent for camping, hiking, backpacking, family camping, fishing or just playing with kids in your backyard since the tent is very light and easy set up .
  • Wnnideo engineered to be a stronger, more wind-resistant frame by using redesigned poles to anchor tents and increase performance,More Stable in the windy and rainy weather,Our pop-up camping tent offers great protection with water resistant and UV protected material .Our tent can make your camping experience even better. Or you can send this as a gift to your darling and told him/her——we need you(Wnnideo).

Toogh 3 Season Sundome

Toogh 3 Season Sundome

Rounding out our list is the Toogh 3 Season Sundome. This high-quality pop-up is perfect for holding 3-4 people, while still being light and easy to transport.

The hexagonal shape of this tent gives it added resistance against even the heaviest winds, while the sturdy tent poles keep the tent firmly secured to the ground.

Setting up this tent is simple – all you need to do is lift up the top of the tent, and its hydraulic technology will do the rest! The inside is spacious and well-ventilated, and its two doors are on opposite sides for maximum air circulation.


  • Its hexagonal shape keeps it stable in high winds
  • The interior is roomy and can hold 3-4 people comfortably
  • The hydraulic system sets the tent up for you


  • It’s one of the more expensive pop-up tents out there
  • There are bigger tents out there for the price

Get it on Amazon here.

Toogh 3-4 Person Camping Tent 60 Seconds Set Up Tent Waterproof Pop Up Hexagon Outdoor Sports Tent Camping Sun Shelters, Instant Cabin Tent, Advanced Venting Design, Provide Top Rainfly(2022 Update)
  • ✅【Six Angles Design】More Stable in the Windy and Rainy Weather According to Mathematical Theory,can accommodate at least 2 adults and 2 child
  • ✅【Unique and fantastic design】The tent is Super easy to set up and take down in only 60 seconds,Simply lift up the top of the tent and it will automatic installation. Press the end of the pole at moment which poles have yellow labels, automatically folding tent
  • ✅【Exclusive Patent】 Use high-grade Oxford cloth, fine workmanship.Please select genuine Toogh for purchase
  • ✅【High Quality Waterproof Fabric】Outside tent with a waterproof level of 3000mm is made of 210D oxford fabric + Silicone Coating. The tent floor with a waterproof level of 10000mm is made of 210T
  • ✅【Camping Tents with Dual Doors】Ultralight tent with extremely dense mosquito net, provides better ventilation and protects against mosquito bites. This waterproof tent has 2 doors, offer easy access, The mesh windows allow the breeze to come in and keep the mosquito out

Buyer’s Guide

So now that you’ve seen 8 of the best pop-up tents out there, it’s time to start thinking about which one is best for you.

To help make choosing easier, we’ve made this handy buyer’s guide with some things to consider when picking out your pop-up tent.


Capacity is an important factor when you’re planning out your camping trip.

This doesn’t just mean the maximum number of people that can fit inside – what might just fit 6 people sitting down won’t be as comfortable when you’re trying to sleep!

Height is also important. Most pop-up tents won’t be the tallest, but some can give you much more headroom. For example, the Coleman 2-Person Skydome uses near-vertical walls to increase its height.

Think about how many people you want to fit in the tent as well as what you want to use the tent for.

If you’re going on a short trip on your own, then something small and simple like the Regatta Malawi 2 might be perfect; meanwhile, for a big family camping vacation something like the Core Instant Cabin is a far better option.

Weather Resistance

No one wants to camp if the tent is wet, and good weather resistance goes a long way on a rainy day. Most tents offer some form of wind resistance and waterproofing, but not all tents offer the same protection.

While pop-ups like the Ayamaya 6-Person Pop-Up Tent and the Quechua 2 Seconds XL are built with durable and highly weather-resistant materials, others will need a bit of extra help to stave off the elements.

If your tent doesn’t offer much in the way of waterproofing, you may need to use a tarp or footprint as well.

Easy Pitching

The main attraction of pop-up tents is how quick and easy they are to pitch. All of the tents on this list can be set up in less than a minute, but some of them are far easier to pitch than others.

The CORE Instant Cabin range and the North East Harbor 4-Person can take a little bit longer than other pop-ups, but will still be ready to go in a minute or less. Meanwhile, others can be pitched in a matter of seconds.

Possibly the fastest pop-up to pitch is the Quechua 2 Seconds XL, which lives up to its name with an incredibly fast set-up that only takes 2 seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Pop-Up Tents Better Than Normal Tents?

Pop-up tents have their pros and cons when compared to regular tents. Convenience is the biggest factor, as pop-up tents remove all the hassle of pitching a normal tent, while also generally being lighter and easier to transport.

However, they also tend to be less durable and sturdy than regular tents, offering less protection against harsh weather conditions.

Are Pop-Up Tents Waterproof?

Not all pop-up tents are waterproof, although most of them will offer at least some protection from the elements.

Despite typically being less sturdy than regular tents, there are many pop-up and instant tents out there that provide great waterproofing and wind resistance to rival the best regular tents.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it – 8 of the best pop-up tents on the market! All of these tents are a great option for any camper, and with so much variety there’s something for everyone to love!

So whether you’re an avid camper or an amateur, all you have to do now is pick the right tent for you. Good luck!

Discover How To Use The Power of Authority Marketing To Make You Money While You Adventure!

No Experience, Existing Product Or Technical Skills Are Required


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