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Based in Washington, Port Angeles is a city that borders the Olympic Mountains. As the name suggests, this city is most famously known for its harbor, which was frequently used by explorers and settlers.

Nowadays, it is mostly visited by keen campers who wish to explore the beauty of Port Angeles and its surrounding areas.

Everything about Port Angeles is magical, from the towering forests in Olympic National Park to the city’s charming waterfront boutiques and bookstores.

Fortunately, for campers who want to explore everything that Port Angeles has to offer, there is an array of campsites dotted around the area to provide a safe and beautiful stay.

Here are the best Port Angeles campsites!

1. Olympic Peninsula/Port Angeles KOA Journey

KOA, or Kampgrounds of America, is one of the most popular campsites across the country. Fortunately, there is a KOA in Port Angeles that offers an RV site, lodge accommodations, and a tent site, based just off Route 101.

The Olympic Peninsula/Port Angeles KOA campsite offers an array of amenities to make your stay at the site as comfortable and as convenient as possible. This includes a 50 max amp, Wi-Fi, a pool, a pavilion, bike rental and propane at an extra cost, an RV dump station, laundry facilities, convenience store, children’s playground, and more.

The best thing about this campsite is the comradery that comes with sharing the site with fellow campers. KOA encourages campers to get to know one another, whether it’s through bonding over the children’s playground or partaking in one of the camp’s activities.

The camp will hold recreational activities during holidays and celebratory days to create a sense of community.

The location of this campsite is ideal for those who want to explore Port Angeles. It is situated within traveling distance of the Olympic National Park, and only a short walk away from Olympic Game Park – great for looking at bison, bears, deer, and more. Plus, the camp is situated right next to the coastline, which is ideal for water activities.

2. Heart O’ The Hills Campsite

Based on the edge of the Olympic National Park, the Heart O’ The Hills Campsite is ideal for families that want to live amongst nature.

This campsite is open throughout the year and operates on a first-come, first-served basis. While this means you might get unlucky depending on how full the campsite is during peak season, there are plenty of other campsites nearby to stay at instead.

This is an affordable campsite that is located just outside of Port Angeles, providing a beautiful blend of natural scenery and city life. Heart O’ The Hills encourages campers to explore old forestry and whatever elusive creatures lurk in the nearby Lake Dawn. You might even spot an Olympic torrent salamander, which is exclusive to the area.

With 102 sites available for tents or RVs, this is a great campsite for families and small groups alike. Sites typically have spaces for 21 feet or shorter, or sometimes 35 feet, for RVS, though there isn’t a dump station available.

As with any campsite, it’s important to look out for when the campsite might be closed due to bad weather. Thanks to its location at the edge of a dense forest, this campsite is, unfortunately, prone to flooding.

3. Elwha RV Park

If you’re solely looking for a campsite suitable for an RV, check out the Elwha RV Park. This campsite is perfectly located just minutes away from the Olympic National Park, and only six miles from the quaint yet buzzing city of Port Angeles. This is ideal for breaking up the camping vacation with some well-deserved shopping.

As well as being close to Port Angeles, the Elwha RV park is close to an array of lakes, waterfalls, stunning trails, and a rainforest, providing the ideal outdoor getaway for a family.

While it is primarily an RV campsite, the park also offers cabins for those who want more of a glamping experience. There is also a tent site for those who want to really become one with nature.

This campsite offers a range of useful amenities, including Wi-Fi, showers and restrooms, gated 24-hour security, electric bike rentals, laundry and pet sitting services, a convenience store, picnic tables, and fire rings. Plus, the quiet wood setting and eco-friendly landscaping makes this the ideal outdoorsy getaway.

This campsite is open all year round, meaning the rates will vary depending on the season. The price will also vary depending on what site you stay in, whether it’s a tent site or a full hookup site.

4. Salt Creek Campground

If you want to explore the coast of Washington, check out the Salt Creek Campground. This campground is situated 25 minutes from Port Angeles by car, and sits right on the waterfront to look out at the sea separating Washington from Canada. Not everyone wants their campsite to be surrounded by dense forests, after all.

The campground is only a 5-minute walk from the Salt Creek recreation area, which is ideal for families that want activities right on their doorstep. The recreation area offers an array of activities including hiking trails, a volleyball and softball court, kid’s play equipment, picnic shelters, surfing, kayaking, and even scuba diving.

Port Angeles is known for its abundance of wildlife. The further out you go from the city, you’re more likely to encounter bears, deer, elk, mountain goats, and an abundance of birds. However, the sea life is particularly fun to explore, with its myriad of tide pools and even the option to go whale watching.

The Salt Creek campsite is booked by reservation only and features both standard and utility sites.

5. Boulder Creek Campground

For those looking for a trail-based camping experience, check out the Boulder Creek Campground. Located on the Boulder Creek trail in the Olympic National Park, this campground is great for families and campers that love to explore winding trails in dense forestry.

This is considered a kid-friendly campground due to the low difficulty level of the trail itself. The trail is about 2.5 miles long, featuring the beautiful montane forest featuring small streams and hot springs.

Of course, as with any trail in a national park, there is always the risk of encountering local wildlife, which needs to be kept in mind when preparing for the camping trip.

As for the campsite itself, this campground offers sites for tents and RVs alike. It ticks all the boxes you could want from a campground, including pit toilets, a water source from the creek itself (which will need to be boiled before drinking), and even a community bear wire to protect your food.

Sure, this is a fairly bog-standard campground that doesn’t come with fancy extras, but if you’re looking for a simple place to stay while you explore the Olympic National Park, it’ll do the job just fine.

6. High Hopes Farm

High Hopes Farm offers a more unique camping experience than the other campsites on our list. Located just outside of Port Angeles, this is a small working farm that is designed to welcome campers into the simple life – perfect for city-dwellers that need some respite.

The farm itself is backed by a beautiful creek and cedar tree forest, allowing for lots of exploring and trail hiking. Visitors will be surrounded by chickens, ducks, sheep, and geese, and will even have the opportunity to help out with farm chores.

If farming isn’t your thing, there are tons of outdoors activities to try, including hiking, fishing, off-roading, biking, boating, swimming, and more.

This campsite is suitable for RVs, camper vans, cars, pop-up campers, and travel trailers alike. It is a fairly small campsite that encourages campers to create their own sense of community. Pets are allowed, potable water is available, but it is lacking in laundry and shower facilities. Time to scrub off in the stream!

7. Deer Park Mountain View Camping

Located just outside of Port Angeles is the scenic Deer Park Mountain View Camping site. As the name suggests, this campground is situated near the base of Mount Pleasant, allowing for beautiful scenery in a private meadow that looks out towards the Olympic National Park.

This campsite offers sites for RVs and tents, with full RV hookups available. With 17 acres of land, the property covers the meadow itself as well as forested areas and a surrounding trail. There are countless activities on offer, including hiking, biking, swimming, climbing, water activities, and more.

As for the campsite, it covers everything you could need, such as free Wi-Fi, electric hookups, drinking water, firepits, and all the hookups needed for vehicles. The only downside for tent campers is that there is no toilet facility available, so it’s time to become one with nature!


So, there you have it! Port Angeles itself might not have campsites directly in the city, but if you don’t mind commuting 5 to 25 minutes away to a campground just outside the city, there are lots available. Hopefully, this guide has led you to the perfect campsite for your outdoorsy getaway.

Discover How To Use The Power of Authority Marketing To Make You Money While You Adventure!

No Experience, Existing Product Or Technical Skills Are Required


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