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A brand new teardrop camper can come at a huge cost, and while a used model is cheaper, it’s likely that you’ll have to spend money on repairs and renovation.

Thankfully, there is a much more affordable option; building your own teardrop camper!

When you build your own teardrop camper, you can get all of the benefits of bespoke construction and features at a price that most people can afford.

Even though it may require some effort, building a teardrop camper may be easier than you think. With our assistance, you will learn exactly how to complete the task.

What Is A Teardrop Camper?

Teardrop trailers are small, towable RVs. They are easily recognized because of their unusual design, which is spherical on one end and often tapered on the other.

Because of their compact size, these RVs are lightweight and easy to tow. The simplest trailers are essentially mobile bedrooms.

Larger floor plans can include multiple bedrooms, a kitchen and dining area, and a bathroom.

How To Build Your Own Teardrop Camper

Building your teardrop camper will take some planning. Before you dive straight into construction, it’s important to draw up a design or find a premade plan online. 

Doing this will ensure that your camper has everything it needs when it hits the road. It’ll remind you of all the technical requirements, such as wiring, so you don’t miss a single thing.

Planning ahead will also allow you to budget appropriately and buy all the supplies you need in one trip to the hardware store.

Building The Exterior

To start building your teardrop camper, you’ll need to begin with the exterior. Here’s how to start building your camper from the outside in.

  • Buy A Trailer Base

Start by purchasing a foundation for your teardrop camper. This will be the base of your camper, where you’ll build it up from.

Before buying your base, you need to consider what kind of decking you’ll need, the weight of your camper, and the dimensions. After the foundation is assembled, you can move onto the next step and start constructing the sides.

  • Construct Sides

The plywood sidewalls of your camper should then be constructed. These two components will form the teardrop shape of your trailer.

Remember to provide enough space for the entrance, windows, and wiring for your interior and exterior fixtures. The precise shape they take will be determined by your plans for the camper.

  • Frame The Kitchen

Once the sidewalls have been constructed, you can start building your galley kitchen area at the back of the teardrop. 

This area should include:

  • A sink
  • A space for water tanks
  • A few drawers
  • Cabinets to store cookware and ingredients
  • An area for using or storing a propane stove

For now, you only need to focus on the frame of the kitchen. Once the exterior of the teardrop camper is complete, you can add fixtures and finishing touches.

  • Install Wiring

Add any necessary wiring to the walls before you begin walling everything in. 

To prevent drilling or cutting through the wires later, make sure to make a record of where you put them.

  • Add Roof And Outer Shell

The roof installation comes next. You’ll need to build braces between the two walls for this. In addition to providing substantial wood to support the plywood shell, this will secure the entire structure.

Prior to fastening the roof, walls, and roof to the frame, it’s a good idea to insulate your walls and roof where you can.

  • Paint And Finish

Once your camper is substantially constructed, you can customize the exterior by painting or varnishing it.

For a durable, robust, and smooth finish on your teardrop camper, don’t forget to add one or two coats of epoxy.

  • Add Finishing Touches, Doors, And Lights

Finally, add doors, windows, a sink, cabinet doors, lights, and any other finishing touches that you have planned out.

How To Build A Teardrop Camper

Finishing The Interior

Teardrop interiors are relatively easy to build due to their simplicity.

After you’ve fitted any internal lighting fixtures or electrical outlets and painted or varnished the interior to your liking, you can start decorating your new camper. 

Fortunately, because most DIY teardrop campers can only store a mattress and a few supplies, this will be a simple job.

Remember that this article provides a general overview of how to construct a teardrop trailer. You might also choose to include pop-outs, outdoor shower areas, awnings, and other features in your design.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Dimensions Of A Typical Teardrop Camper?

Teardrop campers are often far smaller than a traditional camper; they’re much more compact and lightweight.

These are the estimated typical dimensions of a teardrop camper:

  • 68 inches in height
  • 154 inches in length
  • 80 inches in width
  • 1000 pounds in weight

How Much Does A New Teardrop Camper Cost?

Teardrop campers are among the most economical RVs available due to their compact size. Prices vary, but typically are between $20,000 and $40,000.

Keep in mind that the pricing is heavily influenced by the features and upgrades you choose.

How Much Towing Capacity Does My Vehicle Need For A Teardrop Camper?

This is dependent on how big your teardrop camper is, as larger models can weigh up to 4000 pounds.

When building a teardrop trailer, you need to make sure that the weight matches your vehicle’s towing capacity, which can be found in your car’s manual.

Final Thoughts

Even more enjoyable than the memories you’ll create while camping can be building your own teardrop camper. It’s a cost-effective method to travel and experience the world. 

Additionally, you can quickly recoup the cost of building your trailer by renting it out to other outdoor enthusiasts while you’re not using it.

With this guide, you’ll be able to start your camping adventure in no time.

Discover How To Use The Power of Authority Marketing To Make You Money While You Adventure!

No Experience, Existing Product Or Technical Skills Are Required


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