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Yesterday was a great day! I spent the day working on the vehicle page structuring and designing how I wanted to display the content as well as writing out my content plan for the section. Vehicle choice is definitely the most important part of van life so I wanted to make sure not only would the page be informative but attractive as well.

First Revision

Interestingly enough when working on a page not directly for a client that I have passion for I’m noticing I’m a lot pickier… Usually, page designs are pretty quick for me and I definitely don’t go through the labor of building out custom infographics and spend a lot less time deliberating over the minor details.

Yet as I am very much attached to this project I ended up spending a lot more time on the design than I thought I would. Like every other artist, I still feel like the page isn’t good enough but after showing it off to some friends they thought it looked fantastic go figure!

I’ve sorted the section into a few main pillars, the first of which is the engine decision followed by the vehicle class general information than specific pages for each type of vehicle information finally finishing things off with a build showcase section. I’ll be writing reviews of all sorts of different vans and as there isn’t an overwhelming amount released every year I’ll probably check most of them out in person as well at some dealerships and review them all!

As for the build showcases I think it would be really neat to try to archive every build I can find on the internet and if possible even conduct an email or phone interview of the vanlifers that own them. The goal being to create a psuedo-museum of the vans around the world, obviously I won’t be able to get them all as plenty of people are off the grid but I’d love to capture as much different interviews as possible.

The motivations of others, the techniques they used during construction, the reasons they abandoned the norm in the first place and of course some pictures and possibly even tours of their homes! This, of course, is a long term project that technically could be never-ending and I probably won’t start on it until the site is much more fleshed out but I believe it’ll be probably the most entertaining part besides building my own van!

I’ve written a slew of content on Vanlife prior to beginning this website and I’ll be taking the day to sort through organize and plan out how the content will actually be uploaded, when it will be uploaded now that I’ve got an actual site to work with it’s a lot easier to piece it together and build an effective content schedule.

This coming week the goal will be to flesh out all of the core pages, once they are built out I’ll have a much better picture of the site as a whole and the direction I’d like to take it.

Until next time!

-Cassius Fragomeni

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