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To many people, an RV will become your second home, this is especially true if you have plenty of longer trips in your RV, or use them to help with off-grid living.

But, if you want your time in your RV to be as practical and dun as possible, you will need all the right tools as well as accessories to make your trip as simple and efficient as possible.

One of the accessories which will be important to having a good trip with your RV is having a proper water hose. These devices are often very versatile and are relied upon for a lot of different tasks being done inside the RV.

For example, you may need them for both cleaning and showering as well as any other tasks which require water.

Choosing the right water hose for you can be quite overwhelming especially because of all the choices which are available. Because of this we have put this list together to make it simple to choose which water hose will be best for what you need it for.

While we include a buyer’s guide after the list of products to make it easy to choose which product is best for you, some factors which you should keep in mind when shopping for a RV water hose are; the durability since you are travelling with this you do not want it to break; the length since you do not want it to be impractically short or too long, and the diameter to ensure that you will have the right water pressure.

But, if you want more detail on these factors, or anything else you might want to consider, make sure to check out the buyer’s guide.

So, if you are looking for a water hose for your RV, but want to know which are the best for you, keep reading!

The Best RV Water Hose

Camco RV Water Hose

Camco TastePURE Drinking Water Hose for RV, 50 feet, White (22793)

RV Water Hose Overview

When it comes to choosing a product you will be relying on so heavily, you will always want to go with a brand which is well trusted to get the job done, and this is the case for Camco.

The popularity of this hose is one of the main reasons we have ranked it so highly since so many people use it and rely on it and do not report any issues with it.

The Camco is a normal ⅝ inch hose which measures at 50 feet at the standard length. This is a good size for versatile use and will be able to do a lot of what you need it to do.

One of the most common uses for this hose is for channeling drinking water, and this is completely safe to do since the hose is made from a PVC material which is completely BPA free.

On top of this the hose is designed to have UV stabilization as well as proper kink resistance, so this is a very trustworthy option.

The hose has a very sturdy construction so you will not have to worry about it breaking prematurely, in spite of this, it does not weigh too much only being 5.3 pounds making it easy to travel with.

RV Water Hose Features

  • 50 feet long
  • Standard ⅝ inch diameter
  • Is one of the more long hoses on the list making it easy to work with
  • Versatile uses

RV Water Hose Advantages

  • Only weighs 5.3 pounds
  • One of the most popular options on the market for this specific role
  • Is UV stabilized so you do not have to worry about unsafe drinking water

RV Water Hose Disadvantages

  • Could be more durable

Camco TastePURE Drinking Water Hose for RV, 50 feet, White (22793)
  • Multi-Purpose Portable Water Hose: Great for camping, RVs, gardening, washing, watering, and more
  • Safe for Drinking Water: RV fresh water hose is made of BPA- and phthalate-free PVC and won't give your water that 'garden hose taste'
  • Ideal for RVs: 50-foot RV drinking water hose supplies drinking water directly to your motorhome; the hose has a 5/8 inch inner diameter
  • Long-Lasting Freshwater Hose: Durable drinking water hose is reinforced for maximum kink resistance and UV stabilized for lasting performance
  • Quality Products: Camco makes quality products for RVing, boating, camping, towing, tailgating, and grilling that help take your passion for the outdoors to the next level

Aqua Joe RV Water Hose

Aqua Joe AJFJH25-58-PRO FiberJacket Non-Expanding Kink-Free Garden, RV, Marine and Camper Hose, Ultra-Lightweight, Drinking Water Safe, ft, 25-Foot x 5/8-Inch

RV Water Hose Overview

If you want to know what other hoses are great and popular for using in an RV, another popular choice is the Aqua Joe hose which is from a brand popular for their water accessories, especially those for use in an RV. 

While this hose is used most commonly in RVs unlike a lot of the other options we are mentioning, it is also suitable for gardening, and on top of this, it also is make from drinking water safe materials.

What is worth noting is that this hose is only 25 feet so it is definitely a lot less versatile than some of the other choices, but this also means it is much easier to work with as well as to store.

It also has the standard diameter so it should function perfectly for use in an RV.

As previously mentioned, the hose is made from both lead free and BPA free materials, so you do not have to worry about the drinking water from it being impure.

The hose is also designed to be quite light in spite of having such a durable construction making it a choice you can trust.

RV Water Hose Features

  • 25 feet long
  • Standard diameter
  • Very flexible material to 0 degrees
  • Hose is both tangle and twist free

RV Water Hose Advantages

  • Another one of the more popular water hoses
  • Very light compared to some heavier options
  • Both lead and BPA free

RV Water Hose Disadvantages

  • With its shorter length it is slightly less multifunctional

Aqua Joe AJFJH25-58-PRO FiberJacket Non-Expanding Kink-Free Garden, RV, Marine and Camper Hose, Ultra-Lightweight, Drinking Water Safe, ft, 25-Foot x 5/8-Inch
  • [SAFE]: BPA-free, Lead-free and Phthalate-free
  • [LIGHTWEIGHT]: Up to 50% lighter than conventional hoses
  • [DURABLE]: Rugged, marine grade fiber jacket construction surrounding a 5/8" flexible inner core
  • [FLEXIBLE]: Maintains flexibility down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit; Kink-, twist- and tangle-free for uninterrupted flow
  • [WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED!]: Your new garden hose is backed by the Snow Joe + Sun Joe customer promise. We will warrant new products for two years from the date of purchase. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Contact Snow Joe + Sun Joe Customer Support at 1-866-766-9563 for further assistance

Kohree RV Water Hose

Kohree 25FT RV Water Hose, 5/8'' Premium Drinking Water Hose Leak Free, No Kink and Flexible Garden Hose for RV, Camper, Truck, Car - Blue

RV Water Hose Overview

If you are specifically looking for a shorter hose, since many RV owners want to avoid tripping over a hose which is too long for the intended job, we recommend the Kohree for being a more compact and well designed option.

This option again comes in the standard diameter and is 25 feet long making it great for use where you do not need a super long hose, but as you can imagine, this does limit its versatility slightly.

One thing which might stand out if you are more budget conscious is that this hose will tend to be more expensive than some of the other options, and this is largely due to the premium material which is used to construct the hose which makes it soft so you do not have to worry about kinks, but still remains durable.

Like some of our other choices, the hose is CA65 certified which makes it more than suitable for using for drinking water.

The hose also features an ergonomic grip which is made from aluminum which will ensure that it will be very unlikely that the hose will be able to leak.

This grip being ergonomic also ensures that you will have no trouble with disconnecting and reconnecting the hose wherever you need it. The hose also includes a spigot attachment which can often lead to a better connection in certain situations.

The durability of the hose also makes it possible to deal with more intense temperatures, being able to get down to -20 Celsius and up to 80 degrees Celsius.

RV Water Hose Features

  • 25 feet long
  • Standard diameter
  • Temperature limit from -20 to 80 degrees Celsius
  • Normal specifications as well as an ergonomic grip

RV Water Hose Advantages

  • Very compact making it easy to use for certain jobs
  • Can handle up to 150 PSI pressure
  • The temperature range is wider than other options

RV Water Hose Disadvantages

  • Noticeably more expensive than other hoses this long

Kohree 25FT RV Water Hose, 5/8'' Premium Drinking Water Hose Leak Free, No Kink and Flexible Garden Hose for RV, Camper, Truck, Car - Blue
  • 【Super Long Lifespan Material】- Made of premium material, more durable, lightweight, and flexible. Soft for using or storing, no memory, no bends, no kinks, has longer lifespan for indoor and outdoor usage.
  • 【Fresh and Great Taste Water】- Certified of CA65, tested free of lead and phthalate, perfect for drinking. No smell/ taste of plastic or rubber even used outdoor for a long time. Provides fresher and cleaner water for you and your family during travel!
  • 【Tight and Leak Free】- Upgraded ergonomic grip solid aluminum fitting, well made to prevent water leaking. Easily connects to spigots and attachments, keep tight enough under different water pressure, the fitting won’t get bent out of shape.
  • 【Flexible Under Pressure】- All-weather flexibility, UV stabilized to against color fading or hardening in summer outdoor, flexible and keep shape in cold days, powerful burst strength of 150 PSI, temperature limit: -20℃-80℃.
  • 【Wide Application】- 5/ 8'' water hose, perfect for RV camping, travelling, or hose-hold drinking, tested clean and fresh. Also a good choice for garden hose using, plants watering, car/ RV/ trailer/ truck washing.

SmartFlex RV Water Hose

SmartFlex RV/Marine Water Hose, 5/8 in. x 25 ft., Hybrid, White - HSFRV525

RV Water Hose Overview

As you can tell, some of the more standard hoses will not be able to work for your RV, and in some cases even specific RV water hoses will not work, if this is the case for you, we recommend going with one of our more premium options being the SmartFlex.

Being the more premium choice on this list, you can expect this hose to be full of features to make it useful, and this hose does not disappoint.

The hose is a standard 25 feet as well as having the standard hose diameter. It stands out for being a very light 1.91 pounds which makes it very easy and versatile to work with.

These hoses are very popular in spite of their price because of how renowned they are for being high quality. They are a very reliable long term choice and you will not find yourself having to replace it frequently.

On top of the material for the hose, the cover for it protects the hose and it is constructed from a material which will resist most abrasions, because of this you do not have to worry about the hose getting damaged.

In spite of all this protection, the hose is not too stiff and you will be able to use it at any angle you desire.

RV Water Hose Features

  • 25 feet long with standard diameter
  • The best option when it comes to long term durability
  • Well recognized brand

RV Water Hose Advantages

  • Features a ¾ Ght fitting
  • Very lightweight for such a durable option
  • Perfect for long term use without breaking
  • Can be used in rugged conditions

RV Water Hose Disadvantages

  • Very expensive considering it’s shorter length.

SmartFlex RV/Marine Water Hose, 5/8 in. x 25 ft., Hybrid, White - HSFRV525
  • All-weather flexibility
  • Extremely durable - Abrasion resistant outer cover made of hybrid polymer which is extremely strong and resistant to the elements
  • Kink resistant under pressure - Hybrid polymer coils easily and lays flat with zero memory
  • Tight leak free connections – A large grip lets you use the power of your entire hand to make tight connections easy
  • Durable O-ring - Provides long lasting leak free connections

Valterra RV Water Hose

Valterra AquaFresh High Pressure Drinking Water Hose, Water Hose Hookup for RV - 1/2' x 50', White

RV Water Hose Overview

If you are looking for an RV hose which will be suitable for using in multiple different situations, then going for the Valterra will be a safe choice, and this is made even better by this being a valid budget option.

In spite of being a budget option, this hose has plenty of features which will make you forget that you are working with one of the cheaper options.

For example, this hose is designed specifically to be able to work in a higher water pressure. To make this possible, the hose diameter measures at only half an inch being lower than the standard ⅝ inches which makes it more cramped, but also ensures that you will get a consistent flow of water.

The length of 50 feet makes it very versatile, and all of this length will be able to put up with 160 PSI water pressure making it very impressive for this.

In spite of the diameter not being a standard measurement, the hose features the Hi-Flow fitting which will make it compatible with almost any RV or camper van. There is also a hose gripper which works with the hose to make installing it as simple as possible.

The hose is also made from an NSF listed material meaning that it is also safe to use for drinking water!

RV Water Hose Features

  • 50 feet long
  • ½ inch diameter
  • Material is NSF listed
  • Can support up to 160 PSI water pressure

RV Water Hose Advantages

  • Very durable construction
  • Very budget friendly
  • Great for working with a high pressure

RV Water Hose Disadvantages

  • The longer length can make it difficult for some to install

Valterra AquaFresh High Pressure Drinking Water Hose, Water Hose Hookup for RV - 1/2" x 50', White
  • RV DRINKING WATER HOSE: 50-foot high-pressure hose is engineered for 160 psi RV hookups
  • VERSATILE: Hi-Flow fittings fit all RVs, campers, trailers, and more
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Hose and attachments are durable for years of quality use
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Included hose gripper makes it easy to install on your RV
  • SAFE CHOICE: NSF-listed materials conform with federal and state laws for drinking water fixtures for your family's safety

Buyer’s Guide

Most RV owners will have a water tank that inside there RV and this will be used for functioning some of the simple amenities included in an RV, for example the washing sink, or parts of the bathroom.

However, to be able to properly maintain a connection running between the water tank and where it is being used, you will need to have a properly functioning water hose.

What you should be looking for in a water hose for an RV is one which is easy and simple to use, versatile, as well as durable.

You will want to ensure that your hose has been constructed using a durable material and that it has all the mounting brackets necessary to be able to fit where it needs to.

However, keeping all of this in mind and knowing what you should prioritize when looking for a water hose for your RV can be difficult, so knowing which factors are a priority can be difficult, this is why we have put together this buyer’s guide so you can assess which factors and variables are most important to you!


The portability of an RV water hose is perhaps one of the most important qualities you should keep in mind since you will need to keep packing and unpacking your hose quite frequently.

You will want to remind mindful of the dimensions of your hose like its; length, diameter, as well as its weight, as these will all affect how well it will fit inside your RV.

This factor depends highly on the amount of space you have to work with in your RV, for example, if you have plenty of space, getting a larger hose will not be an issue, but you will need to be more conscientious if you do not have that much room.

Of course, you will also need to ensure that your hose will be long enough to work for what you need it for, and to reach as far as it can.

Temperature Control

There are some RV water hoses which are designed with enduring both high as well as low temperatures for water, there are even some hoses which have a heater which is built-in to maintain a certain temperature.

These will be listed as a heated RV hose, so if that is something you desire, make sure to look out for it. These heated RV hoses will be almost a necessity if you are travelling somewhere with a colder climate or somewhere which is snowy.

These heated water hoses will let you get the temperature which you desire, and you are able to turn off the heating whenever you want, so worrying about using excessive power is not an issue.


You will not want to have to worry about your basic tools breaking while travelling long distances, so ensuring that you have a properly durable RV water hose is very important.

A water hose like this is not something which is very easy to replace especially when you are on the road, and being without one can stop you from doing simple activities like using water from your tank.

This is why it is always worth considering durability, as getting a product you know will last a long time will save you money in the long run.

This is especially important if you plan to use your hose outdoors since the hose will be likely to get scraped by outdoors debris like rocks which could cause breakages. A durable hose will also be appropriate for use in both warm and cold weather too.

Fitting Options

This is also a necessity since you will need to consider if the RV hose you are buying has the options for the right fittings for what you need to use it for.

If the hose does not have the correct compatibility it will be practically useless, so this is something you will need to check.

Most manufacturers of hoses will ensure that their design will fit most of the standard fitting options, so it is not a common worry, but if you are working with unique fittings, it is something you will need to consider.


Hopefully this guide has given you all the information you need to find the best RV water hose for your needs!

While this seems like a simple tool to buy, and many people make the mistake of just using a standard hose, hopefully you can understand from this guide that getting a specific tool is a necessity.

If you struggled to choose a product from our list, go back through after reading the buyer’s guide and hopefully the correct decision will come a lot easier to you!

Discover How To Use The Power of Authority Marketing To Make You Money While You Adventure!

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