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Camping has come a long way over the years – more and more people are deciding to ditch their old tents and take the comforts of home on the road in their RV.

However, unless you’re living in your van full-time, it’ll spend most of the time living on your driveway until you have the opportunity to take time away. Even the best motorhomes need protection from the elements.

A good RV cover is important to keep your RV looking its best and to keep it in good working condition.

Unless you have a huge garage to protect your RV, the only way to avoid damage from harsh weather and dust is to get a cover that will do it all for you.

Here are five of the best RV covers that are available now on Amazon.

ADCO Designer Series Aqua Shed Travel Trailer Cover

ADCO Designer Series Aqua Shed Travel Trailer Cover

Made to protect your RV in moderate climates with high moisture, this cover designed by ADCO features a triple-layer aqua shed top panel and triple-layer polypropylene sides.

It comes in nine sizes and can accommodate all types of RVs, including those with extra features, such as extra tall walls and ladders.

The aqua shed feature means that water will bead on contact, providing maximum protection against humidity and rainfall. Its built-in air vents allow this moisture to escape, preventing mildew and rust.

This cover is made to fit snugly around your RV, with cinching technology and front and rear buckles. This feature prevents billowing and loss of the cover in harsh weather.


  • Triple-layer aqua shed material – the thick material provides extra protection from the elements, while its hydrophobic aqua shed technology protects from humid and wet weather, reducing mold and rust.
  • Accommodates all types of RV – the cover comes in multiple sizes and fits any type of RV, tailoring to the shape of your van and accommodating any extra features.
  • Snug fit – front and back buckling and cinching technology keep the cover secure on your RV, preventing damage from billowing and loss of the cover completely.


  • Best suited to moderate climates with high moisture – this cover works best in humidity and rainfall, so you should consider the conditions of where you live before deciding if this is the right cover for you.
ADCO 52245 Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed Travel Trailer RV Cover - 28'7 Inch - 31'6 Inch, Gray
  • Length 28 feet 7 inches, 31 feet 6 inches (381 inches x 104 inches x 102 inches) and this cover Accommodates for: All types of front ends, Air conditioners, extra tall and regular height walls, slide outs and ladders
  • Protect your travel trailer with ADCO’s designer series SFS aqua shed RV cover
  • Designed for moderate climates with high moisture
  • Features triple layer SFS aqua shed top panel and triple layer designer polypropylene sides with a contemporary aesthetic unique to ADCO
  • Significantly reduces premature aging of RV and helps maintain resale value

Classic Accessories PermaPRO Travel Trailer Cover

Classic Accessories PermaPRO Travel Trailer Cover

The Classic Accessories cover features ripstop technology called PermaPRO.

This material is strong and lightweight with tension strength to minimize the chance of tearing, while also protecting against sun damage, water damage, and dirt.

It is also a quick-drying material that’s combined with built-in air vents to reduce mildew caused by moisture.

This cover also has adjustable tension panels and elasticized corners to create a custom fit around your RV.

This is combined with an integrated strap system and weighted toss bag to keep you safe by eliminating the need to crawl under your RV to secure the cover.

As an extra safety feature, the cover’s zipper access has extra-long pulls, reducing the need for a ladder. This zipper access also means you can enter your RV when it’s covered if need be.


  • PermaPRO fabric with air vents – the ripstop material reduces the chance of tearing and protects against the elements, while also allowing airflow through the cover to evaporate moisture.
  • Custom-fit – this cover is elasticated on the corners and has adjustable tension panels so the cover can fit nicely around your RV.
  • Integrated strap system and weighted toss bag – this system reduces the need to get under your RV, making you safer when installing the cover.
  • Zipper access – you will still be able to access your RV even when it’s covered with built-in zipper access, while the extra-long zipper pulls keeps you off the ladder and safely on the ground.


  • Doesn’t cover your RV completely – while it fits well around your RV, this cover does not cover your wheels or trailer hitch, so bear that in mind when considering this product.
Classic Accessories Over Drive PermaPRO Travel Trailer Cover, Fits 18' - 20' RVs, Camper RV Cover, Customizable Fit, Water-Resistant, All Season Protection for Motorhome, Grey
  • Travel Trailer Cover: Fits travel trailers 18' - 20' long, 118" high from ground to roof
  • Camper Cover includes lifetime warranty
  • PermaPRO ripstop fabric defends your RV from water, dirt, and sun damage. Air vents combine with quick-drying PermaPRO fabric to reduce wind stress and inside moisture.
  • Adjustable tension panels and elasticized hem corners provide a custom-like fit while the zippered panels allow access to the RV doors and storage compartments on all four sides
  • Long zipper pulls reduce the need for a ladder. Integrated straps and toss bag system make installation simple and quick. The zippered storage bag can be unzipped and expanded for easy packing

Camco ULTRAGuard RV Cover

Camco ULTRAGuard RV Cover

Camco has created the ULTRAGuard RV cover with three layers of spunbound polypropylene and microporous breathable film; this makes for an extra-durable cover that protects against all the elements.

It also comes in sixteen sizes and four different styles so you can choose a cover for your RV type.

The material is also breathable and reduces moisture, along with its covered air vents. These vents stop moisture from getting trapped and causing mold and mildew, while also protecting your RV during high winds.

Keeping these vents covered reduces billowing and prevents accidental damage to your RV.

This cover also features cinching straps and an underbelly strap system fit to the specifications of your RV and to keep your cover fastened over your RV, as well as a self-adjusting, hold-down system that guarantees to keep your cover in place.


  • Heavy-duty fabric – this cover is triple-layered with durable, breathable material to keep your RV protected and ventilated.
  • Covered air vents – covered vents protect your RV from strong winds and reduce billowing, while also allowing moisture to escape to prevent mildew and dampness.
  • Cinching straps and hold-down system – this system guarantees that your RV cover will stay in place and tightly fastened.


  • One style doesn’t fit all – you need to choose the right style of cover depending on the type of RV you own as it doesn’t have a one style custom fit feature.
Camco ULTRAGuard RV Cover | Fits Pop-Up Campers 14 to 16-feet | Extremely Durable Design that Protects Against the Elements | (45764)
  • Shields Your RV From The Elements: The top is made of three-layers of spunbond polypropylene and microporous breathable film; The sides are made of two, extra-durable layers of spunbond polypropylene
  • Compatibility: Fits 14- to 16-feet-long pop-up campers; Cover dimensions are 198-inches (L) x 46-inches (W) x 87-inches (H)
  • Zipper Entry Doors: Provide easy access during covered storage
  • Covered Air Vents: Help stop trapped moisture and billowing in high winds; They also keep the unit cooler
  • Near Custom Fit: Front and rear cinching straps reduce loose fabric; underbelly strap system provides a fastened fit

KING BIRD Travel Trailer RV Cover

KING BIRD Travel Trailer RV Cover

This RV cover, made by KING BIRD, offers extra wind protection for your motorhome. It has a unique design with middle tension panels on the sides and wind-proof straps that prevent wind damage more than its competitors.

The KING BIRD cover also features extra-thick, four-layered material on top and three-layered material on the sides of the cover.

This provides maximum protection against weather damage, such as UV light, rain, and snow, and also against wear and tear, prolonging the life of your RV.

Another innovative feature of this RV cover is its rollable zipper door on both sides, which allows access to your camper and engine while still keeping your RV covered.

They zip back into place easily into the cover’s elasticized hem, creating a great fit around your van.

Finally, this cover includes tire covers to keep your wheels just as protected as your RV from the damage it’s vulnerable to.


  • Unique wind-proofing – it has an innovative design that offers extra protection against high winds by adding middle tension panels to the side of the cover.
  • Thick and durable fabric – with four layers on top and three layers on the side, this cover has extra thick material that will protect your RV from the harshest of weather.
  • Rollable zipper doors – these large zipper doors allow you to enter your RV easily while still protecting it.
  • Tire covers – this cover comes with tire covers so you can protect your RV fully.


  • It’s a two-person job – due to its large size and thick fabric, you’ll need more than one person to secure this cover properly over your RV.
KING BIRD Extra-Thick 4 Layers Travel Trailer RV Cover Anti-UV Top Panel, Durable Camper Cover, Fits 33'-35' Motorhome -Breathable, Water-Proof, Rip-Stop with 2Pcs Extra Straps & 4 Tire Covers
  • ✅【WIND PROOF】–The change of position of the middle tension panels on the side effectively increases the stress area and provide 2pcs extra straps to tie the body of your RV. we lead the windproof design of tension panel & windproof straps, and we believe that our innovative spirit and professionalism for rv covers cannot be imitated
  • ✅【EXTRA-THICK FABRIC】 Extra-Thick 4-Ply Top Fabric & 3-Ply Side Non-Woven, provide maximum weather and damage protection against harmful UV, rain, snow, dirt, nicks, and scratches.Backed by a KING BIRD 24-month limited warranty, We always provide you with a satisfactory solution, please rest assured to buy!
  • ✅【VENTILATION SYSTEM】 6 Air Vents on both sides, can effectively reduce wind stress, meanwhile, quick dry system protect your love car better. Extra 4pcs Durable Wheel Cover+ Portable Storage Bag.
  • ✅【ACCESSIBILITY DESIGN】 Rollable zippered Door on both sides allow access to the RV doors and engine areas anytime. Easy to view and check internal situation through this window; Yellow Reflective panels also provide maximum safety at night or parking.
  • ✅【SECURE FIT】Fits RV 33'-35', Size: 432"L*105"W*108"H; Please measure before purchase, measurement should include the bumper, ladder or spare tire, but not include the hitch! Reinforced elasticized hem corners and adjustable windproof straps & buckles provide a snug fit, make sure the cover fits your RV.

Seamander RV Cover

Seamander RV Cover

The Seamander RV cover is designed to withstand all climates and moderate wind conditions. It has a durable, four-layered top polypropylene top panel and is made to be aesthetically pleasing as well as high quality.

This fabric reduces the premature ageing of your RV caused by weather damage, dirt, and dampness.

This cover also features air vents that allow moisture to escape, as well as the quick-drying fabric on the sides of the cover, further reducing the risk of mold and mildew growth in your RV.

Finally, this RV cover has multiple zipper panels that allow you to access your camper’s doors, windows, and engine without having to remove the cover.


  • Durable and aesthetically pleasing – the cover has four layers of heavy-duty material, offering great protection while its modern, minimalist design means that it still looks good in your driveway.
  • Air vents and quick-drying fabric – the material dries quickly, giving your RV extra protection against wet weather and humidity, along with the air vents that allow moisture to escape.
  • Easy access panels – zipper panels on this cover give you accessibility to all areas of your RV.


  • Not elasticated – you need to get the sizing of this cover correct, as there’s no elasticity to stretch if it’s too small for your RV.
Seamander RV Cover Travel Trailer Extra Thick 4-ply Top Panel (Beige(A), Fits 30'-33' Trailers)
  • 4-ply Top keeps out rain and snow. Thick, 4-ply top and single-ply sides protect against rain, snow, dirt, nicks and scratches for all-season protection.
  • An integrated air vent system combined with quick drying sides reduce wind stress and vent inside moisture
  • Integrated rope attachment system and a provided toss bag helps reduce crawling under the RV
  • Zippered panels allow access to the RV doors and engine areas
  • This unique cover will stand up to moderate winds and features a 2 year warranty

Buyer’s Guide

When looking for the best RV cover for you, there are a few things to consider before you make your purchase.

Your goal is to get the best protection possible for your RV, taking into account the weather and the length of time you’ll be leaving your RV unused. Here are the main things to take into consideration before you buy.


There are several different materials that RV covers are made from to protect your motorhome from the weather you might encounter. You should consider where you’re going to keep your RV when it’s not in use.

Do you live in a state that’s hot and dry? Does it rain a lot? Does it snow?

Different materials work better for different conditions, so these are questions you need to ask yourself before choosing your cover.


This is a strong, durable material that is water-resistant. This material is great if your RV regularly encounters wet or humid weather.

This fabric is also breathable, so it helps prevent moisture build-up that can cause mold and mildew.


Polyester is the perfect RV material if you’re storing your RV in direct sunlight. It offers UV protection against the hot, midday sun, prolonging the fresh appearance of your RV and keeping everything cool inside it.

Solution-Dyed Acrylic

This is material that is dyed to protect against UV rays, while also being completely waterproof.

Choosing this fabric for your RV cover is optimal if you live in a sunny, but humid place, as it offers all-around protection come rain or shine.


Polyethylene is a heavy-duty material that is perfect for shielding against strong winds and heavy rain.

It is waterproof and very resistant to tears, so if you’re keeping your RV somewhere with unruly weather, consider getting a cover with this material.


You need to consider the size of your camper before buying an RV cover. While there are different types of RVs, they can still vary in size.

You should look for a cover that fits snugly around your RV, but if the dimensions are odd and you’re unsure, then buy the next size up and make sure it can be adjusted, or buy separate cinching straps so the cover wraps nicely around your RV.

To find the right size, measure the length and width of your camper, excluding the bumpers on either side, as covering the bumpers can create a gap that could cause billowing in high winds.


Bear in mind the type of RV you own when looking for a cover. As discussed, your cover needs to fit well around your RV, so it’s important to get a cover that is specific to the style of your RV.

Some covers are made to fit all types, but that’s not always the case.


A pop-up RV is a camper that can expand when in use and fold in when transporting or not in use. The roof lowers, reducing the height and making it more compact for easier towing and storage.

Class C/Travel Trailer

Class C RVs, also known as travel trailers, are small, drivable motorhomes. They are spacious and easy to take on the road and have plenty of room for camping amenities.

Fifth Wheel

A fifth wheel RV is a much bigger version of a pop-up RV. It connects to a truck by hitch and can be towed to your camping destination. It has an overhang that contains the main bed of your RV and comes over the end of a truck when hitched.

Class A

A class A RV is a very large, and often luxurious, motorhome that can be driven. They have plenty of space for supplies and are comfortable to vacation in.


The last thing to consider when buying an RV cover is the extra features that can protect your RV further. These features are significant because they often make for a higher-quality RV cover.


A feature to look out for in an RV cover is adjustability. While there are still high-quality covers that aren’t adjustable, being able to contour your cover to your RV is helpful if the cover isn’t a perfect fit.

Look for cinching straps and elasticated hems to make sure your cover fits comfortably around your RV.


Your RV cover should have good ventilation to avoid the growth of mildew. Air vents integrated into your cover will reduce moisture, and covered air vents will add extra wind protection.


Being able to secure your cover well and safely is essential. There are features that will help you do this, such as strong buckles and weighted throw bags to eliminate the need to crawl under your camper.

Your cover should stay in place regardless of the weather conditions.


From time to time, you’re going to want to access your RV without having to take the entire cover off. It can be a pain, especially with larger RVs, to remove the cover and then put it back on again, just to do a quick check.

Zipper panels are a great feature as it lets you get into your camper, look through the windows of your camper, or check your camper’s engine without having to uncover it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need An RV Cover?

Protecting your RV with a cover has many benefits. It protects the overall look of your camper and shields it from weather damage, such as rain, wind, or UV rays. It also protects your RV from dirt, dust, and mold.

What Should I Look For In An RV Cover?

There are many things to consider when choosing an RV cover. You should think about the material and the elements it shields against. Think about the size of your RV as well as the type of RV you own.

Finally, think about the features that will protect your RV in the best way, such as adjustable elements, zipper panels, securing features, and ventilation systems.

Should I Cover My RV In The Summer?

RVs aren’t just susceptible to rain, wind, and snow. UV rays and heat can damage both the body and interior of your RV. You should use an RV cover to protect your vehicle whenever you’re not using it.

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