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During recent years, Yeti have been growing in popularity. With more and more boaters, fishermen and beach goers turning to using Yeti coolers.

There is no denying that Yeti coolers can offer you a wide range of benefits, and Yeti are always expanding their ranges all the time. 

The only real downside to Yeti is their price. In this article, we will be finding out why Yeti is so expensive and how you could save some money. 


One of the top reasons as to why Yeti is such an expensive brand is because it has been marketed to be a luxury brand and their items are luxury.

Therefore, the company has tried to make their products stylish, premium and high quality.

As a result, by trying to create products that encapsulate all of these things, Yeti believes that their customers wouldn’t have an issue with paying the higher prices as they are buying from a premium brand. 

Yeti coolers are known to be expensive. Sometimes their coolers can be almost triple the price of some other brands. However, due to the top quality material they use, customers like to pay the price for quality.

Yeti coolers are known for being one of the best coolers you can purchase, as they really do keep your things cold. 

Where Can You Buy Them?

It’s not always easy to get your hands on a Yeti, as you can’t purchase them from any store. Yeti have been selective with the stores that they allow to sell their products.

In addition to that, from day one, Yeti have been clear that they didn’t want to make cheap products that could be sold everywhere.

They wanted their products to be sold in smaller shops and on Amazon, instead of places like Costco or Walmart. 

The thinking behind this is that Yeti doesn’t want to look like a cheap brand that you can access anywhere. Therefore, if you want a Yeti product, you will have to go out and look for it.

As well, Yeti keeps a close eye on the pricing of all of their products. This is because Yeti will keep an eye on all retailers on how you price their products.

If a retailer tries to sell Yeti products too low, they could lose their ability to sell their products at all.

Style And Features

A lot of the products that Yeti offers have a lot of benefits and features. This will depend on the type of product you are buying.

However, Yeti are loved for their products’ durability. Alongside that, you always have plenty of color options when it comes to their coolers. 

However, Yeti takes a lot of thought into the colors that they offer. Typically, the colors that they choose are outdoor colors or coastal colors. Also, the finish that Yeti gives to their products, adds to the overall price.

For example, a lot of drinkware or tumblers will begin to chip or rust over time, but the finish that Yeti applies makes their drinkware much more long-lasting. 

Yeti also offers a lot of accessories with your purchase. Which means one you purchase one Yeti cooler, you don’t really need to buy another one as they are so durable. 

Are Yeti Worth The Price?

There Is no denying that Yeti is expensive, so you may be wondering if they are worth the price. Well, if you are the type of person who likes to spend a lot of time outside, whether at the beach or in the wood.

Then, a Yeti product would be worth the price, as the product would get a lot of use. 

However, if you don’t really spend that much time outside at the beach, then your Yeti cooler may get forgotten.

In this scenario, the Yeti product wouldn’t be worth the money, as you wouldn’t get enough out of the product, Instead consider a cheaper model or brand.

The last thing you want to do is spend all this money, and then not get enough use of your Yeti product and wonder why you spent so much money on it. 

Unfortunately, the price for Yeti products normally stays pretty high. The only time you will really see a discount is when Yeti offers free shipping.

Other than that, it is near impossible to purchase a Yeti product that has a discount. Even when stores have a sale, normally Yeti products will be excluded from that sale. 

If you are thinking about buying a Yeti product, you need to consider how much use it will have and whether you could purchase a cheaper model if the answer is that you won’t use it that frequently.

For someone who believes they will use it all year long, then the price of these products are definitely worth it, as you will have a durable and reliable product that you depend upon constantly to not let you down and keep your things cool 


There are quite a few reasons that make Yeti so expensive. This is down to how they market and brand themselves. They want to use high quality materials and offer you a premium product at a premium price.

In addition to that, you can’t purchase a Yeti product from anywhere, they are only in selected stores, and even then Yeti watches at how much their coolers are being sold for. 

Overall, this is a quality brand, who make reliable and durable products. We hope this article has been insightful and given you a better understanding as to why Yeti products are so expensive.

If you are thinking about buying from Yet, consider how much you will use their product, as this will determine whether the price is worth it or not.

Discover How To Use The Power of Authority Marketing To Make You Money While You Adventure!

No Experience, Existing Product Or Technical Skills Are Required


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