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If you love going camping, you’re not alone! Many of us love to set up some tents and a campfire, and see what it’s like to live outside for a bit alongside nature. With the increasing amount of technology in our lives, and all the stresses of modern life and work, it’s nice to retreat away from our advanced homes and live a more simple life.

However, you’re not going to be able to go camping all year around. Instead, there is a specific period of time that is best for camping, which is known as the “camping season”. During this time, campers will flock to their tents, setting up camp and making the most of the weather.

But when does camping season start? Generally speaking, camping season starts from around April or May time. After that, it continues until around September or October, where it then ends. It doesn’t begin again until the usual point the very next year.

The best period to begin tends to be May, when the weather should just be getting right. When it comes to October time, you might have noticed the weather has already started to turn too cold for camping, and that’s why the season ends there.

However, the question of weather can, of course, vary all over the United States. This means that some people may get to go camping during other months.

You can find out all about this in our handy guide below. In our guide you’ll find out the specifics of the camping season, with more detail on why it starts and ends when it does. On top of that, we’ll also at what we believe is the best time of year to go camping – and the many reasons why. Read on!

When Does Camping Season Start?

As we’ve just covered, the traditional camping season starts around April or May each year. This is the period of time recognized by most campers as the optimum time to start camping, with the previous months being unsuitable.

The camping season then lasts around six months, wrapping up around September or October. Most campsites will start closing around the end of September, but some stay open to October, using up the very last instances of suitable circumstances.

Why Does Camping Season Happen When It Does?

When Does Camping Season Start?

But what makes the circumstances suitable? Why does the traditional camping season only happen during this window of time?

Well, it’s mainly to do with the weather. Once it gets to October, the weather gets much colder in most places in America. Camping in the winter time is unbearable because you’ll feel frequently cold. This is especially a pain when it comes to night time, where all you will have to keep warm is a thin sleeping bag.

On top of that, the ground will be much firmer and harder, which is a nightmare to sit and sleep on. Though you may have a roll matt underneath your sleeping bag, it likely won’t be enough to eliminate the rigidness of the winter ground beneath the tent.

Cold weather will continue into the new year and things will only really start to improve around April or May – which is why the camping season starts up again then. From then on, the weather gets much warmer and sunnier, which is the kind of weather you will want to be camping in.

Thankfully, it generally keeps this way for the next six months. Of course, there are certain off periods, and you can try to avoid these with the help of weather forecasts. However, on the whole, you can expect much more agreeable weather between April and September (or October at a push).

Where Doesn’t Camping Season Apply?

However, weather can differ all over the United States. There are a good amount of places in America that have sunny weather all through the year, with their residents constantly warm. Snow and cold weather? Practically unheard of! Places such as Utah, Texas, Tennessee, and more can enjoy good weather the year ‘round.

This means that the traditional camping season doesn’t apply to them so much, and they can instead go camping whenever they want. In fact, there are campgrounds in places like these that are open throughout the year.

When Is The Best Time To Go Camping?

If you’re not lucky enough to live in one of those places that is blessed with warm weather all year, then you might be wondering what the best time to go camping is during camping season.

Well, we would actually recommend September. We know it’s nearing the end of the camping season, and you might worry that it’s just starting to get cold again, but there are plenty of benefits to a September camping trip! Allow us to explain…

Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold

If you go camping earlier in the season, then it will be hot. You might think that’s a good thing, but you might underestimate just how hot it can get. If you’re stuck outdoors (like you are when camping), you could be stuck in some sweltering temperatures. There’s no way to retreat inside and turn the AC on!

For this reason, September is best. It’s not going to be boiling hot all the time, rather a mix of warmth and gentle breezes. Perfect!

Cozy & Colorful

With the leaves falling off the trees, the orange campground is going to be positively picturesque!

Fewer Crowds

Most campers will go earlier in the season, because they’ll think they want the hottest weather. When you go in September, the campgrounds should be emptier, which means you can have more privacy and space.

Even better, the campsite price rates will be lower!

Avoiding Insects

Hot weather can bring a lot of insects, which really ruins camping. This isn’t the case in September!

Final Thoughts

If you love camping, then the traditional camping season lasts between April and October. We recommend September as the best month to pitch up!




Discover How To Use The Power of Authority Marketing To Make You Money While You Adventure!

No Experience, Existing Product Or Technical Skills Are Required


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