Just Van Life

What is VanLife?

Escape living the "9-5"

Lower your cost of living dramatically so you have more money for the things you'd like to do and the places you'd like to visit!

Venture into the unknown

Most of us live our lives shackled to our careers and neighborhoods never testing our limits by exploring this world of ours...

Live off the grid outside

With a bit of sweat and elbow grease you can easily modify a van to last weeks out in the wild enabling you to live with nature!

Ready for your next Chapter?

Choosing to walk away from the road society has paved for you and pursue a life on the road is a big decision, your family will likely question the decision, and your friends might even think you are going through some sort of mental breakdown in life and try to get you "help".

It's a very off-the-beaten-path way of living (or travelling), and you'll probably get called a hippie more than a few times. However, if you've indeed grown tired of the lack of adventure in your life and you're looking for a way to escape the norm; Van Life might just be for you, I suggest you do some thorough reading first!



12 Tips to Reduce Your Waste When Doing Vanlife

Living or spending a lot of time in your van may be the catalyst for great adventure, but it also comes with its fair share of responsibilities. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a part-time traveller, or a full-time nomad, it’s important to align your environmental values with your vanlife vision.  …

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The Ultimate Guide: Is Van Life For You?

When you see more and more people online, particularly Instagram and Youtube who travel the country while living out of their van, it’s understandable to feel a pang of jealousy, mixed with a bit of confusion. How could anyone spend so much time in a van? Is it real? Is …

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What Does Vanlife Mean to You?

Have a quick browse through the hashtag on Instagram, and you’ll soon realise that van life means something different to everyone. Maybe for you, it’s the excitement of waking up with a new view every morning or escaping the rat race and having the freedom to live life as you …

What Does Vanlife Mean to You? READ MORE


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