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If you’re a keen camper, then you might have heard of “yurts”. Yurt camping is a special form of camping where you stay in outdoor structures, rather than basic tents, and can enjoy a wide range of luxurious bonuses.

It’s part of the “glamping” trend that’s grown popular in the last ten years, where people take basic camping and make it much more glamorous.

As you can guess, yurt camping is for people who would like the outdoor camping experience – but don’t want the sleeping bags, the small tents, and the muck. For many, that’s the beauty of camping, because it’s a chance to really be with nature. Yurt camping, on the other hand, is like a halfway between regular living and tent camping.

But how does a yurt work, and what do you do when yurt camping?

Well, we’ve got the answers for you! In our handy guide below, we’ll tell you all you need to know about yurt camping, with details on the kinds of things that a camper will typically do at their yurt site. On top of that, we’ll recommend some great yurt camping places in the United States. Read on!

What Is A Yurt?

We’ve already explained that yurt camping is a fancier form of camping, where you can enjoy high-end accommodations and activities. It’s a far cry from the type of camping that most of us know, where you assemble tents and sleep in sleeping bags, while making your meals at campfires and draw up a fly net.

While that’s exciting to some, there are other people who would rather enjoy living outdoors in luxury.

This is where a “yurt” comes in. If you’ve never seen one before, a yurt is a bit like a small circus tent or a gazebo. It’s made with a circular wooden frame, with the tent canvas going all around it and up to the top, creating a shape like a cone.

As you can guess, they are typically much bigger and much sturdier than most regular tents that you would assemble for a normal camping trip. Of course, that’s another benefit – you shouldn’t have to assemble a yurt! This is just another luxury that makes this glamorous camping experience so popular.

On top of that, the walls of the yurt will normally have an insulating felt put into them. The result of this is that you’ll be a lot warmer in the tent than you normally might, which is helpful in windy or cold weather.

What’s Inside A Yurt?

Now that we’ve looked at what a yurt looks like on the outside, what do you get inside?


When you sleep in a regular tent, you’ll typically do so in a sleeping bag on a roll mat. This isn’t the case with yurts, which are all about luxury at all times.

Instead, you get to sleep in a real bed – just like you would at home! What size, though, depends on the type of yurt.

Smaller yurts are made for couples to stay in, so there will usually be a single bed for two people, perhaps a Queen size. However, you can get much bigger yurts for groups of people, and some of these could fit between 4 and 6 beds.

Couches And Futons

There should also be some seating in the yurt, for you to recline and relax in. This will be something like a couch or two, with there being more in the bigger multiple-people yurts. Similarly, there might also be a futon, which can be unrolled to act as another bed.


Most yurts should also have their own bathrooms. This makes the camping experience even more just like being in a house, allowing you to enjoy proper facilities whenever you need to. Inside the bathrooms, you can expect the obvious (toilet and sink), but you might also find shaver points.

In some cases, a yurt will even have a steam cabin for you to enjoy, along with a foot massager to really take the load off.

Closets, Tables, And More

Besides those essentials, you can also expect closets to store your clothing in. This way, your camping clothing won’t get bunched together and begin to smell, like it might when you go on a normal camping trip.

Similarly, there will be a table for you to enjoy meals at, as a well as a series of lamps to illuminate the place and make it cozy.

What Activities Can You Do When Yurt Camping?

Zip Wire

When you go yurt camping, there will sometimes be activities set up in the area for you to enjoy. These are especially great if you’ve gone yurt camping with your family and young children, but you can enjoy them with your friends or partner as well.

Zip Wire

Some yurt campsites will have a zip wire, where you can enjoy rushing from one end of the line to the other. Try not to get dizzy!


The yurt campsite might also have a playground in it, which may have a see-saw for you to go on with somebody, or a swingset for you to enjoy. Similarly, there might be a sand pit for the children to play in.

Assault Course

This is unlikely to be at too many yurt campsites, but it’s been known to be at some! You can race your friends and family at an assault course, running and crawling through the various ramps and hoops.

In some places, it might even be a woodland assault course, where you could get to take advantage of the tall trees – clambering around on safe, raised platforms.

Recommended Yurt Camps

  • Treebones Resort – Big Sur, California
    A coastal getaway with gorgeous views and luxury yurts.
  • Frost Mountain Yurts – Brownfield, Maine
    For forest lovers, you’ll love this woodland treat..
  • Sun Valley Yurts – Boulder, Colorado
    If you go when it’s snowing, this site is simply magical.

Final Thoughts

Yurt camping offers the outdoors-iness of camping with the luxury of the home!

Discover How To Use The Power of Authority Marketing To Make You Money While You Adventure!

No Experience, Existing Product Or Technical Skills Are Required


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