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There are many types of vans on our roads today. From small vans to medium vans and even large models, these vehicles are a common sight.

With so many sizes available, there is a van to suit everyone’s needs. Whether that be a construction worker or for a family to get from A to Z.

In today’s article, we will be taking a look at conversion vans and what they are.

Read on to find out if they are what you need in your life!

What Is A Conversion Van?

Conversion vans are usually used as family vans or cargo vans. They are typically American brands such as Ford Econoline, Chevy Express, and Dodge Ram Van. These vans are often decked out with a TV, lights, captain’s chairs, and a foldable backseat that transforms into a bed.

High tops make them more comfortable than other vans.

History Of Conversion Vans

Mitsubishi L300 New Zealand conversion vans came into fashion during the 1960s. Early conversions were considered camping vans, some having pop tops or fixed fiberglass bubble tops.

They sported a gas stove, place to sleep, table, carpet, lights etc. later in the 1970s, often with murals painted around the sides, portal, and they sported shaped windows.

Types Of Conversion Vans

There are a variety of types of conversion vans besides the common passenger van.

Travel Van

On one back bench and four captains chairs, a travel van can hold up to seven passengers. The back bench usually electronically forms into a bed. DC conversion units with antennae were the first televisions. VCRs and later DVD players were installed in the 1980s, substantially increasing the utility of these televisions.

Finally, the flat screen display did away with the necessity for specific cabins to house the television. Stereos and other electronic devices became commonplace. The floor of most convertibles is lowered, giving for ample headroom.

Some have a raised roof to provide adequate clearance through the doorways. High-end stereo systems and other electronic devices became widely available.

Disabled Vans

Wheelchair buses have an elevated roof and lowered floors enabling a person in a wheelchair to access the vehicle. Wheelchair lifts are needed to make sure people in wheelchairs can get into vans. Platform lifts are used to raise passengers up to the same level as normal seats.

Lowering the floor lowers the whole vehicle. This is usually done when lowering the price of the van.


Class B motorhomes, often known as conversion vans, van campers, or simply campervans, are the smallest motorized and fully enclosed camping vehicles. This type of vehicle is ideal for traveling salespeople and families.

A class C motorhome is a large van with a cutaway in the back. This type of vehicle has a lot of extra room inside.

Shuttle Van

A shuttle van is a type of commercial van used for transporting passengers. It is used for taxi service, school bus services, airport shuttles, limo services, and other transportation purposes. Commercial vans are normally used by businesses to transport goods.

They are designed to be more efficient than a regular passenger car.

Reasons To Love Conversion Vans

Conversion vans are cheaper than most other vans. Older models are very affordable. Newer vans like the Ford Transit or Dodge Promaster are too pricey for many people.

Lower Mileage Vehicles In Good Conditions Are Easier To Find

Conversion vans are nice cars that are usually bought as a second car. Cargo vans are tough trucks that are generally bought by people who need to haul stuff around. Many buy vans rather than having a car as they look for a vehicle that could handle the long distance trips.

These vans fit this bill perfectly! It has lots of room inside, and it feels spacious even though it’s a compact size. The extra headroom makes the interior feel really comfortable. When you’re sitting in the back seat, there’s enough room to stretch out your legs comfortably.

Storage Options

Conversion vans are awesome because they’re very versatile. You can store things in the back, and you can put stuff in the top. With a high topper, you get lots of extra space. That makes it easy to make your van as big as you want it to be.

What is a Conversion Van (1)

And if you need more space, you can always add on another level. Conversion vans come with a factory-built interior, but they aren’t necessarily move-in ready. These vans usually include basic vehicle insulation, curtains for the windows, and a folding bench seat that converts into a bed.

Some vans also come with a cooler or other storage options.

Awesome Base For Custom Conversions

A conversion van is a great place to start when customizing a van. You’ll be able to customize the interior as much as you’d like. You can add any number of windows or walls to make the inside even more private.

What Is A Class B Motorhome?

Class B motorhomes are smaller than regular RVs and are built from the bottom up. They usually include a kitchen, a bedroom, and a bathroom or lavatory.

Should You Buy A Conversion Van Or A Class B Motorhome?

Vehicles come in different types. You should choose the type of vehicle that meets your needs. A van is better than a pickup truck if you’re planning on hauling things around. A Class B motorhome is more suitable for traveling over long distances.

Class B RV is a great option if you want to travel with your family. You can enjoy the comforts of home while on vacation. Class B RVs are available in many sizes and styles.

Final Thoughts

If you have ever considered buying a conversion van or converting your own van, then this article should have given enough information to chase this dream. No matter what you want to get out of a conversion van, there are lots of changes that can be made to suit your needs.

Discover How To Use The Power of Authority Marketing To Make You Money While You Adventure!

No Experience, Existing Product Or Technical Skills Are Required


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