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With international holidays just a simple flight away, it’s remarkable just how exciting and memorable a road trip with family and friends can still be! Nothing can quite beat filling a camper van with those you love and hitting the road in seek of adventure, to see what you can discover. However, as wonderful as these trips can be, they can also be prone to massive problems that threaten to derail the whole trip!

Being away from our homes and our everyday necessities serves as a great reminder of just how many things we depend on each day, which we may otherwise take for granted. Every camper van trip inevitably ends up encountering some kind of hiccup, whether it be a forgotten phone charger or a faulty coffee machine.

Luckily, there are so many amazing products available to make your camper van experience a breeze so that you can focus on making wonderful memories with your loved ones.

With so many of these products available, it would be easy to feel spoiled for choice, so we have compiled a list of the 40 best camper van accessories that you need for your next trip. Are you ready? Let’s hit the road!

Camco 41541 Portable Travel Toilet

Camper van toilets can really suck. That’s no secret. And trying to find somewhere private in the woods is difficult and awkward. Luckily, Camco has put together this ingenious portable toilet, complete with a 5.3-gallon refuse tank to facilitate multiple uses before it needs to be emptied.

The toilet features a simple flushing system that features a sliding valve, to lock away any foul smells. The comfortable seat can also be detached from the refuse tank, to make disposal easy and mess-free. The system is also easily portable, thanks to multiple handles.

Yescom Car Side Awning Rooftop Pull Out Tent Shelter

Of course, an important part of any camping trip is stopping off to take in the sun and joyous weather. This simple awning from Yescom attaches easily to any end of your vehicle and can be used to easily create simple but effective shade for everyone.

The awning can stand for long periods, without buckling, and can also be easily installed and uninstalled, through the use of included tools, and an easy retraction system, which allows it to be stored in a small and waterproof bag.

AIKESIWAY Portable Travel Clothesline

Keeping your clothes clean is essential especially on long or particularly dirty trips. This 180cm clothesline made from durable but flexible rubber allows you to easily hang laundry from trees, hooks, or even your own van.

You also won’t have to worry about keeping all of your clips safe either, as each of the twelve clips is included as part of the design, to make storage and transportation as easy as wrapping the clothesline up!

Zatooto Car Camping Nest

Running out of space in your camper van? This helpful net from Zatooto will help you to easily utilize every corner of your van.

You can hang the tent easily from the roof of your car, by hanging it from each roof armrest. The fully zipped pocket can be stuffed with extra cargo, to give you plenty of legroom during your journey.

Hitchsafe HS7000T Key Vault

Worrying about your valuable keys, credit cards, and cash while trekking can really suck away the fun. The key vault features sturdy materials and construction, to keep all of your valuables safe from thieves and the elements.

The vault is easy to install and use without tools or electricity and is unlocked by a simple four-digit code.

BougeRV 12v Portable Refrigerator

This dual-purpose portable fridge freezer can keep refreshing drinks cooled, and frozen treats like ice cream completely frozen.

Available in both 23 and 30-quart sizes, this fridge freezer can achieve extremely low temperatures to provide you easy refreshment during hot summer months. You can easily control the temperature using the built-in interface, with an led temperature display, and button controls.

Lusso Gear Car Organizer

You can easily make use of your seats with this purpose-built organizer, which is complete with multiple pockets to allow you to easily store your stuff. You can easily install the organizer by attaching it to your headrest and draping it over the front or back of your seat.

The device is padded, to provide protection to laptops and tablets, and even comes with a security flap, to hide your valuables from potential thieves outside of your vehicle.

Lusso Gear Trash Can

You won’t have to worry about trash cluttering up and stinking out your van. This leak-proof trash can keeps everything you put into it contained, and ready for full disposal. The Lusso trash can is easy to store anywhere in your van, and even includes extra pockets, to give you more storage options!

KingCamp Bamboo Heavy Duty 176 lbs Folding Table

The KingCamp bamboo foldable table is made to be easily transported and stored, thanks to its efficient folding design, which allows this sturdy table to become remarkably compact.

The frame of the KingCamp table is made up of aluminum, which provides extra stability in case of slightly windy conditions. These legs can be adjusted to any height you need and can be stored easily away along with the environmentally-friendly bamboo tabletop.

Esie Houzie Kitchen Gadgets 5 Piece Set

Preparing your own meals while camping doesn’t need to be like straight out of an episode of Survivor! This set of 5 compact gadgets are bound together on one ring to make storage and access as easy as possible. These gadgets include graters, bottle openers, and peelers, so you can make gourmet food no matter where you end up!

ROADIE- Overnighter SUV Window Tent

Camping in your van doesn’t have to be stuffy and sweaty. With this window tent, you can easily allow the fresh air of nature in while keeping all of the nasty insects away!

Simply attach it to the door of the desired window, by using the built-in elastic frame. If you want, you can even unzip the mesh screen at any point to allow easy access to the views outside your window.

DOKIO 160 Watts 18 Volts Portable Solar Panel Kit

Staying powered on while also being environmentally conscious, and incredibly frugal is made easy using this portable solar panel kit. Simply attach the solar panels to the roof of your vehicle, and allow it to soak in the rays of the summer sun, to provide you with hours of power for phone charging, or fridge cooling.

The system can easily be controlled thanks to packaged-in controls that allow you to remain on top of how much power you have.

THISWORX Car Vacuum Cleaner

You won’t have to wait until you get home to keep on top of your car’s cleanliness with this handy and compact cleaner. Packaged with all necessary features, and powered by a lengthy 16ft cord that can plug directly into your van, this device helps you to keep your van spotless even while you and your family are living in it!

GigaTent Portable Pop Up Pod Dressing/Changing Room

Need a bit of privacy to throw on your hiking gear or your best outdoor outfit? Look no further than the GigaTent Portable pod which allows you to escape easily. With a height of 69 inches, this pod will easily host the average user at standing height, so there’s no need for awkward crouching. You can also collapse the pod for easy storage.

Speller 12v 40 LEDs Van Interior Lights

Keeping your van illuminated during those quiet and dark hours of the night can be important if you want to spend some time reading, or the weather is too harsh for outdoor activity. Simply stick these lights up however and wherever you want them in your van. You can power them by simply hooking them up to your 12-volt power supply to provide you with hours of energy-saving light.

Lushleaf Designs RV State Sticker Travel Map

Keeping a record of your adventure is a great way to keep the little ones engaged throughout your trip, and helps to build a great sense of reward as you travel about the country. This travel map can easily be stuck to the wall of your van, and with each state you visit, you can fill it in with its associated sticker. Watching the map fill up one by one is incredibly rewarding.

Poraxy Car Fans 12V Electric Auto Cooling Fan

Further proving the versatile storage options of the car seat headrest, this fan set can easily attach to any headrest to provide the passenger behind with a constant and refreshing flow of air, which is vital during those hot summer drives. Simply power it via your 12-volt power supply.

Sayogo SUV Air Mattress

If you’ve got the right amount of space in your van, this inflatable mattress is perfect for creating a perfect surface to achieve a night of comfortable and deep sleep. The Sayogo air mattress features a fold across its center, which allows you to adjust the space it takes up, for smaller or larger vehicles.

Kootek Camping Hammock

An absolute staple of the camping experience is the hammock. Hooking up a small body of fabric between two trees is a perfectly simple way to create a relaxing spot outdoors. This kit from Kootek makes that easier, with an easy-to-store parachute that can be securely suspended between two trees. The hammock can be purchased in a massive range of colors so that you can express yourself easily.

Hanmir Collapsible Colander

Straining freshly picked vegetables and fruit is an important step towards eating them, to ensure that all of the nasty dirt and small bacteria are washed away. Luckily, you won’t have to lug around a cumbersome metal colander, when you have this collapsible plastic variant that can be easily stored and placed away for future use.

CARTMAN Bungee Cords Assortment

For all of your various hauling needs, you can’t go wrong with this set of over 40 bungee cords in varying sizes and colors to keep you going. These bungee cords feature plastic-tipped hooks to prevent scratching, and rubber cords that are wrapped in durable and flexible fabric materials.

Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven

If you want to make some seriously tasty meals for a good amount of people, then you definitely need to get yourself one of these glorious outdoor ovens. These ovens feature a two-shelf internal oven that can reach up to 400 degrees and two gas hobs kept under a metal lid, which can be ignited completely without a match. Amazing meals are made easy with this little wonder.

Wpmlady 2000ml Male Urinal

No space to lug around a portable toilet, and can’t find somewhere to relieve yourself privately? This portable urinal is perfect for these situations. Featuring a sturdy high-capacity design, this device is perfect for those sudden moments when you cannot easily find a private place. The urinal features a strong lid that completely seals the bottle, to keep odors and contents kept securely contained.

Fafcitvz Collapsible Dish Drying Rack

Your camper van might have a built-in basin and water dispenser to allow you to clean your dishes, but their dish racks often leave a lot to be desired. This is where this wonderful collapsible drying rack comes into play. The bottom of the rack features a basin that collects excess water that you can then easily dispense outside. And storing this device is easy, thanks to its collapsible design.

Jackery Portable Power Station

If you need a lot of power while on the road, it can be very difficult to find anywhere that can give you the requisite amount. With the Jackery system at hand, you can power multiple electric products easily. The system features a single input port, to charge the system, two USB ports, perfect for phones, and a large ac adapter socket, which is perfect for outdoor ovens or fridges.

Camco 40043 TastePure Water Filter

Do you ever find yourself running out of water while camping or traveling in your van? If so, keep this handy little device close by. The Camco water filter processes all kinds of water to remove small pieces of sediment, bacteria, and bad tastes and odors to create easily drinkable water so that you and your family can stay hydrated no matter where you are.

Gas ONE Propane or Butane Stove

Don’t want to carry around a full outdoor oven to cook hot meals? If you just need a single hob to heat up delicious food, then this small stove from GasOne is perfect for you. Fueled by both butane and propane fuel, this device is great for on-the-go use, allowing you to easily fuel it with whatever you can find at hand.

Echonour Car Side Window Sun Shade

When the sun reaches dusk, while beautiful, it can potentially be at its most annoying or harmful to the eyes. Simply attaching the Echonour sunshade to your side windows allows your passengers quick and easy relief from immensely bright sunlight, so that they can enjoy the journey in peace.

These sun shades are also great for creating privacy by blocking the view into your vehicle from outside so that you don’t have to worry about any passersby interrupting you.

DOMETIC Air Conditioners

These wonderful delights of modern engineering allow you to create cool conditions in your van that you might also have at home. This keeps your passengers happy and comfortable and staves away the frustration and irritation that can come from being in a hot car with others for extended periods.

These air conditioners can be installed easily, and provide for hours of cooling to make your trip a pleasant and non-sticky one!

Speedcur Car USB Charger

Able to plug directly into your van’s power supply, this portable phone charger allows up to three devices to charge simultaneously. This helps to prevent arguments over who gets to charge their phone next, as it is able to provide ample power to each device in no time at all so that you don’t have to keep a constant eye on your battery level.

Tri-Lynx 00015 Lync Levelers – 10 Pack

Uneven terrain is a given on any outdoor adventure. However, as exciting as it can be on a hike, it can prove dangerous for vehicles such as camper vans. These simple leveling blocks allow you to create leveling systems to any height you need to keep your vehicle stable and steady overnight so that it does not tip or otherwise roll about dangerously.

The ten individual pieces can be easily stacked to create different level sizes, for those really difficult bits of land. These pieces can then be easily stored in the packaged nylon bag, ready for your next use!

WUROMISE Sanny Lightweight Square Folding Portable Picnic Camping Table

This small table is great for setting up camp in the great outdoors, as a place to present food and games for the whole family. The table is made up of multiple individual slats that allow the table to be rolled up for storage, which creates a narrow profile that makes it effortless to store and transport without taking up excess space.

While in use, the table also features a fabric basket built into the legs, to provide extra storage solutions!

RV Log Book Camping Journal

You can make any camper van trip a memorable one thanks to this small journal, which is complete with pages dedicated to logging the events of your trip, such as lists of pros and cons of specific campsites, or even about people you have met on your travels. This is a wonderful way to create memories in one place, a small volume that you can look back on in years to come and reminisce over.

Classic Accessories PolyPro3 Deluxe Class RV Cover

If you have a camper van that’s on the smaller side, then this cover is perfect for protecting your vehicle against harsh conditions, whether you’re in the middle of a road trip, or it’s parked in your front yard. The cover can be draped across your vehicle and hooked to the bottom to keep it secure and sturdy during even the worst conditions.

You can also separately roll up the sections of the cover that drape over the front doors, to give you easy access to the vehicle even while covered.

RecPro RV Blinds Pleated Shades

If you want to create relief from intense sunlight, but also give your camper van a classy and modern look, then these blinds are absolutely perfect. Featuring a pleated design with a light tan brown color, this blind set is perfect for hiding away from the sun, while also making your van look wonderful both inside and outside!

IPELY Universal Car Vehicle Back Seat Headrest Hanger

When you have a couple of extra bags that you’re not sure how to store, it can be quite difficult to find a suitable place to keep them. The IPELY headrest hanger makes great use of otherwise unused space, by allowing you to hang bags or other items from hooks that are attached directly, and securely to the headrest of the seat in front.

These small hooks are discreet, and won’t create any nuisance obstructions when they aren’t in use, due to their small size.

Explore Land Tire Covers 4 Pack

Having a spare tire attached to your camper van is great for those emergency situations when your tires may become faulty and need a quick replacement. However, just like all of your other tires, your spare tire needs to be protected from the elements, to ensure that it is ready to take over when the need arises.

These sleek white covers can be draped over spare tires to keep them dry and prevent them from degrading in the outside air.

TRUNKCRATEPRO Premium Multi Compartments Trunk Organizer

Keeping your trunk organized is a great way to maximize the available storage space of your vehicle, to allow you to carry all sorts of goods for your adventure. With the help of the TRUNKCRATEPRO organizer, you can easily keep everything you need for your trip organized, in a compartment that it won’t slip around in while your camper is in motion.

The organizer is also fully collapsible, so when you don’t need to use it, you can easily store it away for later.

Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy

Want to spend some time outside of your camper van, but it’s just far too cold? This is a common problem with a very easy solution: the Mr. Heater F232000, which can provide up to 3 hours of maximum heat at up to 9,000 BTU. The system is easy to transport thanks to its sturdy handle, and its durable construction that can survive all manner of bumps and scrapes.

Camco Adjustable Drink Holder

Able to hold a wide range of drinks, from bottles to cans, this device is perfect for those long-haul journeys where on-the-road refreshments are essential. This cup holder can easily be installed on any wall of your camper to allow you to keep your drink upright without taking up any of your hands. The holder itself can adjust to drinks of varying sizes, thanks to its adjustable arms.

The Camco drink holder can be discreetly stored away, by simply closing it, so that it doesn’t prove obstructive when not in use!

Discover How To Use The Power of Authority Marketing To Make You Money While You Adventure!

No Experience, Existing Product Or Technical Skills Are Required


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