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RV Kitchen Setup Guide

Introduction The major difference between van lifers and non-van lifers is that van lifers constantly have to be on the move in their vans. The style of living of van dwellers is almost equivalent to that of the non-van dwellers. The space of the van is one thing that makes …

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10 Vanlife Pullup Bars to stay fit on the road

Introduction Hailey Thelen once said, “It’s not about the van when it comes down to it, it’s more about the lifestyle, traveling, and always being able to do exactly what we want.” Who would have thought that living in a vehicle would be something that sane people would aspire to …

10 Vanlife Pullup Bars to stay fit on the road READ MORE


6 Mistakes to avoid living vanlife

Introduction Without being a van lifer, we make several mistakes that could have been avoided, but sometimes we choose to ignore them which later have dire consequences with our lives. So, making mistakes as a van lifer is no exception, as no one is above mistake, but some mistakes can …

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How to earn an income while living Nomadically

 Introduction Even though living on the road is not as expensive as renting or buying a house, there are still some basic expenses and needs you need to meet up with. For instance, you always need to refill your van with gasoline to sail to as many places as possible. …

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Top 10 products for organizing a van

How to choose the best products for organizing a van Living on the road does not only make you stronger but also provides you with a lot of opportunities in life. However, this fantastic experience can be hampered if you are on the trip with inadequate materials as well as …

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How to start a fire without supplies

4 Ways to make fire without supplies Camping is one of the best ways to get closer to nature. You’re most likely to visit several national or historical parks, forest lands, or wilderness lands. It also makes you realize how little you can live with just a tent, mattress, and …

How to start a fire without supplies READ MORE


Mail and packages while you’re living a vanlife

Introduction Many people believe that living a van life means living a new life on the road with little or no connections with your family and friends. This myth is far away from the truth. Even though getting mail and packages while you are on the road is a bit …

Mail and packages while you’re living a vanlife READ MORE


RV Insurance

Introduction Traveling in your RV opens you to diverse opportunities. There is the freedom to travel to new places, experience spectacular scenery, and roam the highways and byways at your leisure. Either you are a weekend wanderer, full-time van lifer, or enjoying your retirement on the go, it is vital …

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The new wave… Living in a van or traveling full-time looks different for everybody. Vanlife is a movement of people, both young and old, that strips down all the excess right down to the basics. Van lifers want compact, simple travel and living so that they focus on the environment …



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