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Everyone knows that transit vans are one of the largest vehicles around. This means they can serve a variety of purposes, such as helping businesses, larger families, or even camping adventures. But with a larger vehicle comes an even greater challenge to keep it clean.

Not everyone is happy to drive around with a dirty transit van. Most people will take their vehicle to their local car wash so that they can get them cleaned quickly, efficiently, and safely.

But can a transit van actually go through a car wash?

This will entirely depend on the width and height limits of the car wash in question. Most car washes won’t be able to accommodate the size of transit vans that have higher roofs. However, transit vans with lower roofs should be able to fit in a regular car wash just fine. You should also bear in mind that there are more specialized car washes which have been designed to accommodate larger vehicles such as transit vans.

If you’re not entirely sure whether your transit van will fit in your local car wash, there’s always the option of washing it by hand. 

You can also call up your local car wash to see whether your vehicle will fit. If in doubt, it will be better to do this option than risk damaging your vehicle. The car wash owner will be more than happy to help you with your enquiry, especially if it means avoiding damaging their equipment.

If you were to try and cram your larger transit van into the car wash without first checking if it was suitable, you could be liable to pay for any damages that occur.

So what’s the best way to find out whether your transit van will come out freshly cleaned from the car wash? Today we’re going to cover whether your particular transit van is suitable for going through a car wash. We’ll also give you some great alternatives to using a car wash if your vehicle won’t fit through it.

Transit Vans And Car Washes

Chances are that you like having a larger vehicle such as a transit van. The only caveat is that it can be a little trickier to clean than some of the smaller cars on the market. It may often be frustrating seeing those smaller vehicles pass effortlessly through the car wash, and you wish that the process could be as simple for your beloved transit van. But can your transit van pass through a car wash safely?

When it comes to selecting the right car wash for your transit van, there will be a few things you will need to consider first. Every car wash will be unique and have different width and height limits. So before you drive your transit van through the car wash, you will need to know these size limits. You may have written off all car washes as impossible for your transit van. However, the local car wash may very well be able to accommodate it.

But if you find that your transit van is only just about below the width and height limits, it’s not worth the risk.

In fact, some companies may suggest that you don’t use their car wash at all. Some may let you risk it, but won’t be held liable for any dents, scratches, or other types of external damage that could occur in the process. In this case, we would suggest that it’s not worth the risk. Your transit van may very well make it through the car wash unscathed, however, do you really want to risk damaging your beloved vehicle?

Another thing for you to consider is that transit vans with high roofs are unlikely to fit in your local car wash. This is mostly the reason that buyers will opt for low roof transit vans. They find that vehicles with high roofs are impractical because they are too tall to fit into a regular car wash. Your vehicle will run the risk of becoming damaged because they don’t have enough clearance.

Transit vans with low roofs are normally low enough to fit through regular car washes. However, you should bear in mind that each and every vehicle is different. So it will be essential to double check the width and height of your vehicle before you take it to your local car wash. Chances are that you will have much better luck with your low roof transit van.

Specialized Car Washes

If you have already checked with your local car wash and they have suggested against taking your transit van through their machinery, there’s no need to panic. There are still plenty of alternatives to help you get your transit van squeaky clean.

It will be worth searching around to see if there is a local car wash that specialises in larger vehicles such as transit vans. Chances are that if you live in a popular area such as a large city, then there will be plenty of specialised car washes that will be able to handle larger vehicles.

If you really don’t want to clean your transit van by hand, then your best bet will be to look for a specialty car wash that deals with taller vehicles. These types of car washes will be wide and tall enough to deal with a whole range of larger vehicles, including commercial vans and buses. So they should be more than capable of accommodating your transit van!

The only issue to bear in mind is that many areas won’t have these types of car wash easily available for larger vehicle owners. If you live in a smaller town, chances are that you won’t be able to find a specialized car wash for your transit van. This is of course because the company wouldn’t be able to find as much business in these locations as they would in a big city.

So how can you get your transit van clean?

Using An Auto Detailing Company

Perhaps one option that might not have come to mind is to use an auto detailing company. These types of companies specialize in cleaning muddy vehicles. Auto detailing companies tend to work out of a garage. They will have all the specialized equipment and supplies that they need in order to get your van squeaky clean.

The bonus of choosing an auto detailing company is that not only will they be able to get the outside of your van shining, there will also be packages for you to choose from to clean the inside of it, too. So you’ll be able to get the inside and the upholstery sweeped and cleaned, as well as get your windows looking super shiny. They will even wax the exterior of your vehicle so that it is left sparkling.

Another great thing about these companies is that you can easily drop your vehicle off with them, then come back later on to collect it after they have done all the hard work for you. They may even come to your business or home to collect your transit van, then drop it back off right at your door.

Depending on where you live, you may have some auto detailing companies who are able to offer mobile services. They will have a portable setup so as to detail your van, and they will be able to come right to your vehicle.

How To Wash Your Transit Van By Hand

The sad news is that most of the time your vehicle will be too large to fit in car washes. Looked into your local car washes and been turned away because of width and height limitations? Then unfortunately the only option that is left for you is to wash your van by hand.

It may sound like an intimidating task. However, it’s not as tricky as it sounds. It may be a little more time consuming, and require a bit more effort. But this will be the better alternative to forcing your transit van through a car wash that is too small and risking damaging it in the first place.

There are only a couple of things that you will need to hand before you can clean your transit van. These include a pressure washer, soap, a scrub brush, as well as a short ladder or even a stool to help you get to the top of your vehicle.

The pressure washer isn’t necessarily essential for washing your transit van by hand. However, if you do have a pressure washer handy, you should ensure that you’ve got the pressure on a low enough setting so that it won’t damage your paintwork. You can wash your transit van using a regular water hose. However, you may find the task to be more challenging when it comes to getting all the soap off.

Here’s how to wash your transit van by hand the easy way:

Use Soapy Water To Wash Your Transit Van

Make sure that you thoroughly wet your vehicle. Next, take your scrub brush and your soap, then get your van all soapy and foamy. Make sure that you select a scrub brush which is appropriate for vehicles, as you won’t want to damage your paintwork.

Get Scrubbing With Your Scrub Brush

Now that your transit van is sufficiently covered with soap, you can get scrubbing. You can start by removing any grime, dirt, bugs, or any other unsightly blemishes. Make sure that you don’t scrub too harshly over decals or stickers, as they can become damaged or get removed entirely.

Use A Stiff Brush On Your Tires And A Sponge On Your Windows

Have areas that require more detailed work? Then it will be best to opt for a soft sponge or a stiff brush. Sponges are the best pick for windows, and stiff brushes will be able to remove any stubborn dirt from your tires.

Rinse Off Dirt And Soap

Once you’ve achieved the best cleanliness you can by hand, it will be time to rinse off any dirt or soap using your hose or pressure washer. Remember not to use the pressure washer on the highest settings, as you will be running the risk of damaging your paintwork.

It could even remove any stickers you have on your van if used on a higher setting. Make sure to use the lowest settings so that everything can keep looking great. Give the roof a generous rinse.

There are even handy kits that you can purchase to help you wash your van by hand. There is also the option of adding wax to your vehicle once you’ve got it clean from dirt. Make sure to follow the instructions thoroughly if you do this.

As you can see, it’s much easier than you might think to wash your transit van!

In Summary

It can be tricky to find the right car wash for your transit van. The main factors that will come into play are the width and height of your vehicle, and whether your local car wash is able to accommodate it. It will always be best to give your local car wash a call beforehand to ensure that your transit van can fit into their equipment. 

There are plenty of other options available to you if your transit van can’t fit into your local car wash. You can always opt for an auto detailing service, or even wash your van by hand.

Discover How To Use The Power of Authority Marketing To Make You Money While You Adventure!

No Experience, Existing Product Or Technical Skills Are Required


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