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Mr Heater is a very handy portable heater that can be used indoors or outdoors to provide extra warmth. It runs using a propane tank and is ideal for short trips such as camping or fishing.

You can also use it in the house as a way of cutting down on energy costs. How can you use it effectvely? 

Firstly, you should read the instruction manual carefully before using the device.  Before you use the heater it needs to be attached to a cylinder and placed upwards. 

Moreover, make sure that the control knob of the unit is turned off before starting the procedure. Once the unit is installed, make sure that the regulator swivels outwards for easier tank installation.

When putting in the tank make certain that the heater treads align with the tank properly.

Always check if there are gas leaks. You can do this using soap and water at the treaded connections under the cover.

Make sure that the propane tank you are using is large enough to heat your space. It’s important to keep your heater away from flammable materials like curtains, wood, and paper.

Be sure to identify any obstacles in the environment around your heater every time you use it and ensure there is plenty pf space surrounding it. 

Light The Burner 

It’s really simple to light the heater. To get the burner alight first you must click the control knobs and turn it clockwise to the pilot setting then turn it counterclockwise for 20-60 seconds while holding it there.

Once the pilot burner is lit you may let go of the knob and it will return to its fully extended state. 

If the burner does not light after several attempts, try pressing the knob again and turning it clockwise. If the burner still doesn’t light, check your fuel filter and replace it if necessary.

Position And Turn The Knob/Adjustment  

Turn the control knob all the way around and leave it there until the burner becomes orange. Then slowly lower the knob back down to its lowest position.

When you see the burner tile turn orange again, stop lowering the knob. 

To turn the lights on you need to plug them in to an outlet. You will also need to connect the wires together. If you are unsure about what wires go together, refer to your switch box diagram.

Once everything is connected correctly, you should see the light bulb glow. 

Attaching The Propane Tank 

You will need to get your hands on a fuel line that goes directly from the gas supply to the heater.

You can buy a hose that comes pre-assembled with a fuel filter, but if you’re going to be using a different size hose, then you’ll need to purchase both the hose and the fuel filter separately.

If you plan on using a 10 foot heater hose, then you’ll only need the F273704 fuel filter. If you’re planning on using a 12 foot heater hose, then we recommend getting the F273702 fuel filter and the F298802 fuel line.

1 pound propane tanks can run the heater for about an hour. Two pounds can run it for about 2 hours. Twenty pounds can run it for around 50 hours. Usage will determine the length of time your heater will run.


Be careful not to touch the hot surfaces when working near the furnace. Always wear protective gloves while working near the furnace.

The flame should roll out at the top of each tile. If there is any type of buildup in the area around the burner orifice, you will need to clean it. 

Yellow flames indicate that something is blocking the flow of air to the burner.

If you see anything like this, you will need to remove whatever is causing the problem and ensure that the hole is clear before continuing.


It’s imporatnmt to keep up maintenance on the Mr Heater for optimum performance.  You must always keep keep the heat source clean and dry.

Remove any debris that could clog the air intake vents and make sure there are no obstructions in the venting system. Check to ensure that the firebox door is closed and locked.

You should also check that the fuel supply lines are properly connected to the tank and the gas valve is turned off.

Allow the heater to thoroughly cool before doing any maintenance. Unscrew the bottom left and right plastic panels (ref. 4).

Clean inside of the casing using a vacuum cleaner or compressed gas (max 30psi). Be careful when cleaning that you do not damage any parts inside the casing.

Use a vacuum or compressed air to blow out any debris inside the burner. If you need to clean the burner, first check the connection points at the bottom of the burner.

Then clean the burner itself using a folded paper towel. Make sure there are no sharp edges or other obstructions on the burner. When you’re finished reinstall the right side plastic service panels.

In Summary

If you want something super convenient then Mr Heater does the job. It provides warmth without the worry of increasing energy prices. 

In addition, this heater is designed to be super simple to use. You just turn it on, put a propane tank in and press the button. No complicated settings or confusing instructions required.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to enjoy watching the frost disappear from your windows or tent in no time at all. The thermostat will automatically adjust itself according to the temperature.

The safety sensors that trigger when the unit tips over will sometimes activate even with small movements so this is useful to bear in mind. 

It’as also safe and secure and when there is a sudden dip in temperature, this model conserves fuel by shutting down automatically.

Discover How To Use The Power of Authority Marketing To Make You Money While You Adventure!

No Experience, Existing Product Or Technical Skills Are Required


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