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When it comes to owning an RV, there is nothing more frustrating than coming back to the van after a day out and recognizing the signs that a mouse or a similar pest has made its way inside.

Whether this is your RV being littered with mouse droppings, or food being chewed through. While living in or staying in an RV is a great idea most of this time and has its benefits, dealing with creatures like this is one of the drawbacks.

This is why one of the best things you can do to make living in your camper as stress free as possible it to go through the process of mouse proofing your camper to make it as difficult as possible for mice to get into your camper.

These creatures can cause quite a bit of damage, so knowing how to keep them out is critical. Considering that mice can even chew through important wiring, you can understand why keeping them out is so important.

So, if you want to know the best methods for keeping mice out of a camper, keep reading!

How To Mice Get In Your RV?

Before knowing the ways to stop letting mice in, it is important to know how they are getting in.

The reason mice are so attracted to RVs and campers is because they are warmer than the outdoors and have a good supply of food which they can smell. Since they are good at climbing, they can fit through tiny holes as small as a dime.

Mice are able to climb in through a wheel or a hitch, or even get through the rig to get to these. Having infestations like this are especially common if you have been boondocking since this puts you close to wild lands.

If the infestation is bad enough the mice may even start breeding inside the van.

Best Ways To Mouse-Proof Your Camper?

There are a few different methods to stop mice from being able to get into your camper or RV, and while just doing one will not be enough to stop mice, doing all of them will usually not be practical.

Because of this, try and do as many of these steps as possible!

Use Spray Foam On Entry Points

One of the best methods of keeping mice out of campers is by using a spray foam, especially if it is one which is made specifically for stopping pests.

The best way to use this foam is to look out for any potential entry points, especially if they are along the underneath or the sides of your RV and then use the foam to cover these spots. This is easy, but you will need to be thorough.

Use Mesh On Your Vents

There are some spots on your camper where using a spray foam will not be viable since they are used for ventilation or something similar.

In cases like this the best thing to do is to use a strong mesh which can not be chewed through. While you want the mesh to be strong enough not to be chewed through, you also want it to allow enough airflow and not get clogged too easily.

Keep Food In Mouse Safe Containers

If you cover up anything which could be attracting the mice into the van, they are much less likely to try. This means keeping all your food in airtight containers and not leaving any dirty plates out for too long unclean.

If you have pet food you also want to make sure this is stored safely when it is not in use.

Keep Your Rig Clean

This step is not too difficult, but ensuring that there are no crumbs or similar food waste around your camper will also help stop the mice from entering. Make sure to clean regularly, so the conditions are not getting too bad.

Park Your RV On Concrete

If you are parking on a grassy area, you are making it easier for the mice to be able to get up into your can, so you can avoid this by parking on concrete and avoiding grass touching your van. If it is not on their preferred ground this will deter them

How To Keep Mice Out Of A Camper (1)

Use Natural Repellents

Using peppermint will help repel mice, so soaking cotton balls in it will help with this, however keep in mind this is not food for cats it you have them staying in your van

Use Mouse Repellent Spray

You can buy specific mouse repellents like an undercarriage lubricant which is quite heavy duty and will make it very difficult for mice to be able to make their way in.

Plug In Pest Repeller

Finally, you can use an electric pest repeller which will give off an ultrasonic sound which will stop them from wanting to get in.

These have varying levels of effectivity, and like peppermint can affect other animals as well, so make sure to research them properly!

How To Get Rid Of Mice If They Are Already In?

If you are already in the situation where mice have made their way into your camper, what are the methods you can do to get rid of them? 

A lot of people like having a cat about, and while this is of course quite a high maintenance method of stopping mice, it is a popular method for a reason.

You can also use traps, whether you are using a live trap and putting them far away from your van once they are in, or whether you are using a kill trap.

You can also use extra repellents but these will only be so effective. We also recommend against using poison since these can have negative effects on the ecosystem and can be dangerous to other animals.


Hopefully this advice will be able to help you stop getting mice in your camper and you will not have to worry about any more infestations!

Discover How To Use The Power of Authority Marketing To Make You Money While You Adventure!

No Experience, Existing Product Or Technical Skills Are Required


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