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Unlike other recreational vehicles, RVs offer the most flexible vacation possible. These vehicles allow you to do whatever you wish, go wherever and whenever you want, and stop wherever gives you the desired comfort. RV provides a front-row seat to savor the breathtaking scenery in American national parks. Most of these RVs come equipped with entertainment systems, so you can always enjoy listening to your audiobook and watch your favorite movies. 

Since the new camping season is already knocking on the door, it is high time you gave your RV a modern look. Cleaning your RV wall is as important as cleaning any other part of the RV. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to clean your RV. The post also contains supplies and tools needed to clean the RV and tips on how to clean the RV. 

Tips on how to clean your RV

Having an RV is one of the best gifts in life. Not only will the RV become your home, but it would also be your source of livelihood. Have you ever wondered how you can clean the exterior, interior as well as the walls of your RV? The good news is that you can clean your RV easily and without a third party involvement. Let’s get started with some RV cleaning tips. 

1. Begin with a Hose Down

With different rooms as well as spaces in the RV, cleaning it can be overwhelming sometimes. So, it is advisable to start with a good spray down. The spray down helps to remove grime, dust, and dirt from the RV walls. Also, the beginning helps you reduce the ultimate workload. So, you would have little or no work to do after spraying down the whole RV. More importantly, the spray down helps to reduce the power of any grime that may need extra cleaning later. By hosing the exterior down initially, you will feel less overwhelmed when cleaning every part of the vehicle. 

2 Always Clean from the Top

Always clean from the top to the bottom whenever you are cleaning the walls of your RV. When you clean from the bottom and return to clean the top, you will find out that you will need to clean the bottom again. So, when you clean from the top while you are on a ladder, the mold and dirt will streak down to the bottom so you can finally wrap the cleaning up by cleaning the base. 

3. Break cleaning into section

After cleaning your RV walls, we are sure you would also love to clean the exterior as well as the interior part of the recreational vehicle. So to make the work less overwhelming, you need to cut the jobs into the chuck. You can choose to clean the walls, ceiling, kitchen, bathroom, and the other interior part of the RV at the same time before moving to the exterior. By cleaning it wall by wall, you can ensure that each part of the RV gets a sparkling cleaning. 

4. Eliminates Black Streaks 

Many van lifers, as well as RV owners, see black streaks as the bane to their recreational vehicles. However, the streak is given little or no attention since it lives on the exterior part of the RV. Cleaning products that are built for RVs are the perfect materials to get rid of these streaks. All you need to do is to spray the cleaner on the black streaks then clean the stain with a soft-bristled brush. For black stripes located in hard to reach places, it is essential to get brushes with a broom or mop handle. With the mop handle, you can effortlessly get rid of the black streak. 

5. Search for Repair and Maintenance Opportunities 

Since you would only have to do RV cleaning once in a blue moon, you need to check for maintenance and repair opportunities thoroughly as there are things that might need to be repaired. So, while you clean the walls, look to see if the shower seals and door seeps are leaking out water and the mold age forming as well as creating long-lasting damage to the RV floor. Many van lifers, as well as campers, believe that cleaning is the best way to check for the damages caused to the van or RV. 

6. Get the Perfect Tools

One of the reasons why many campers find it tricky cleaning their campervans or RVs is the use of inappropriate devices. For your RV project cleaning, you need to get the most suitable supplies. Not only will these supplies make it easy for you to clean the walls but also make it fast. The comprehensive tools for cleaning any part of the RV includes a multi-surface everyday cleaner, an all-natural toilet bowl cleaner, as well as disinfecting wipes. Aside from these devices, you can also clean your RV with some home remedies. Lemons work perfectly in removing water stains on bathroom hardware. Likewise, vinegar helps to cleanse the washing machine. 

How to clean the RV walls

Generally, cleaning RV walls is not that much different than brushing any other part of the RV. Nevertheless, there are a few steps and things that make cleaning the RV walls a particular task. 

Before you start cleaning any part of the wall, you need to open all the windows to let the RV breathe. After doing that, you will also need to bring down all the items on the wall as well as all the cabinets from the dinette. By removing these items from the wall and other parts of the campervan, you will be able to clean the walls easily and quickly. Also, taking these materials down will let you take note of when paper plates are inadequate. 

Then, down to cleaning the RV walls. You need to gently rub the brush attached to a vacuum cleaner wand over the wall areas stained with mold. This should be carefully done while you run the brush back and forth over the walls. For campers who are with a ladder, you don’t need a mop handle to clean the top of the wall. Meanwhile, you need to extend the brush end to a vacuum cleaner wand at least 2 feet out from all visible mold. 

The next thing to do is to wipe the entire wall that is covered by a wall. To do this, you need to mix two tablespoons of dish soap with 1 gallon of warm water in a small bucket. Then, you soak a rag in the bucket and wring it out before applying it on the wall. Make sure the soaked cloth touches every part of the wall, especially the area covered with mold. 

After wiping the entire wall with a rag soaked in a dish soap bucket, you need to rinse the wall also with a cloth soaked in clear water. Make sure you don’t use the rag soaked in the dish soap while using the clear water to clean the area. You should wait for a few minutes for the clean water applied on the walls to dry. After waiting and you still find some stain or discoloration on the wall, then you will have to remix two tablespoons of dish soap, but this time with mineral spirits in a dry rag. You then rub every part of the wall with the mixture. After, you rinse the region with clean water and a new cloth. 

When you are done cleaning out the mold on the wall, it is time to wipe the wood on the wall. To do this, you need a dry rag or an applicator alongside with paste car was. After doing this, the surface of the way will appear hazy. Polish the wall with a soft towel once the surface is dry. 

It is important for campers to at least wax the wood wall annually to provide excellent moisture protection. Also, make sure you check for repairs and leaks before removing the mold and dirt from the walls. Since most of the microorganisms cleaned from the RV walls carry harmful diseases, you need to take some safety precautions. For instance, you need to have a dust mask as well as safety glasses on while working on the wall. This is because mold spores can become airborne. Likewise, whenever it rains, make sure you check for leaks in your windows and every other part of the RV. Depending on the area involved, you might have to clean the mold and mildew for about 2 to 4 hours. 

Tools Needed to Clean the RV Wall

There are some essential devices to keep your RV wall clean. These tools can also be used to clean the kitchen, bathroom, ceiling, and other interior pieces as well as exterior areas of the RV. Some of these devices include safety glasses, dust masks, vacuum cleaner, with a brush attachment, dish soap, bucket, rags, mineral spirits, paste car wash and towels. 


Regular cleaning of the RV helps it to perform to your satisfaction. Not only does this cleaning gives the campervan an elegant look, but it also allows you to detect leaks and damages in the RV. The wall is one of the most critical regions to keep clean in an RV. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to do this without any stress. We are sure this post will allow you to clean your RV effortlessly and fast. 


Discover How To Use The Power of Authority Marketing To Make You Money While You Adventure!

No Experience, Existing Product Or Technical Skills Are Required


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