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Close your eyes and imagine. It’s summer, the whole family is together for a warm, laughter filled BBQ.

The sun is setting, a breeze is starting to create a chill. Everyone will have to move inside to avoid getting cold. Or the fun can continue because you have the Solo Stove.

Perfect for camping or keeping the party outdoor, the solo stove allows you to create more lifetime memories. But, you got it, can’t wait to bust it out of the garage and have no idea how it works?

Below you will find the ways in which the solo stove works to keep everyone warm and happy under the firepits ember glow.

What Is A Solo Stove?

Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit

A Solo Stove is a portable fire pit or stove for camping or outdoor entertainment (depending on which type you buy). Compared to a traditional fire pit, which is too large to move, Solo Stove models produce a smoke-free blaze.

With a wide range of products from fire-pits to camp stoves, Solo Stove has you covered for every outdoor activity.

Solo Stove is praised for its adaptable designs and environmentally beneficial benefits, which appeal to explorers, outdoorsmen, camp enthusiasts, and fans of a good old fire.

Propane cylinder disposal is a concern in parks and wilderness regions. You may enjoy propane-free wood-burning fires that are carbon-neutral and use very little fuel with Solo Stove products.

How Does A Solo Stove Work?

Backyard fire pits are fantastic. However, with fire comes smoke, which can cause problems with neighbors in urban areas, not to mention irritate your eyes.

Enter the Bonfire of the Solo Stove. The expensive fire pit almost completely eliminates smoke and provides a hot, controlled fire with few flying sparks. The Solo Stove Bonfire is dubbed “the world’s most unique fire pit” by the makers.

The Solo Stove Bonfire functions thanks to well-designed ventilation. In essence, cool air enters the stove and is directed in one of two directions.

A small amount of air is drawn up and into the flames and fuel. Before flowing into the top of the flames, other air is warmed between the double-wall steel.

It creates “secondary combustion” there, which basically means it burns off any remaining fuel floating in the air. This effectively burns the smoke, resulting in a low level of particles in the air.

Essentially, the solo stove has been engineered to limit the amount of smoke in the air which causes us to eventually stop fighting the burning of the eyes and moving around to avoid the smoke.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solo Stove

With a company goal to create good. Solo Stove aims to create products which “feel good to you”. Each product is designed to create heartfelt memories whilst also being environmentally conscious.

Before going out to purchase Solo Stoves products it’s important to consider the advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages Of Solo Stove

  • Portable Fire-Pit. Regardless of what solo stove product you buy, you can take it anywhere. Camping and worried about burning the ground underneath? Not an issue with Solo Stove. The double-stealed wall protects the ground underneath whilst keeping the air warm whilst flowing up to the top.
  • Light-Weight. Whilst all the solo stove products are rather lightweight for their model, the Ranger is the smallest. Weighing only 15 lbs you will be warm on every adventure.
  • Burns Hot. Due to the engineering of solo stove products the embers burn extremely hot. With two directions of airflow, you’ll be kept warmer for longer. Without the inhalation of excessive smoke burning.

Disadvantages Of Solo Stove

  • Difficult To Clean. When looking to move camp or clean up after the party, make sure to let the solo stove fully cool. If you touch the stove too early you risk harming yourself. Once both the stove itself and the embers inside are fully cooled the pit has to be fully tipped over to empty. This can be dangerous if some of the embers at the very bottom are still hot.
  • Time To Cool. When you’re finished with your fire you have to wait for everything to be fully cool. This can take some time. Making it more difficult to move locations quickly.

Solo Stove Products

Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit

Solo Stoves hosts a range of products perfect for every occasion. Campfire, BQQ, Bonfire, there’s a fire-pit for everyone.


The Bonfire is a top-seller for Solo Stove. Classed as their “medium” sized pit holding 4-6 logs. Weighing only 20lbs you can transport your ‘bonfire’ anywhere!


This Solo Stove Yukon fire pit is the company’s “largest, baddest” product.. This pit weighs 38 pounds and measures 23′′W (top), 16′′H, and 27′′W (base).

It is recommended that no more than 8-10 logs larger than 22 inches long be used in this pit.


The Solo Stove Ranger is the brand’s tiniest fire pit, weighing only 15 pounds and billed as the world’s most portable fire pit!

This small but powerful pit is 13′′ W(top), 12.5′′H, and 15′′ W. (base). Unlike other Solo Stoves, this one can burn chunk wood as well as 4-6 12-inch logs.

Backyards, cottages, and campgrounds are all perfect locations to create memories with this pit.

Those are just a few of the products created and sold by Solo Stove. With a pit made for everyone and every occasion, don’t miss out!


Solo stoves are new, innovative and eco-friendly fire-pits. Whether you’re a true adventurer out in the wild or enjoying the views at the beach, solo stove made sure to cover every base.

Solo Stoves are engineered with 2 directions of airflows. A portion of the cool air flows to the top and into the flames.

The other portion of air is directed down to the double-steeled wall before flowing up to the top of the flames. Any remaining fuel particles in the air are burned off minimizing the amount of smoke entering the air.

No need for playing musical chairs to avoid the smoke or worry about excessive inhalation, solo stove burns wood to keep you, your friends and family warm well into the night.

Discover How To Use The Power of Authority Marketing To Make You Money While You Adventure!

No Experience, Existing Product Or Technical Skills Are Required


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