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Welcome to Justvanlife!

Where this blog will go I honestly couldn’t say, I became fascinated with vanlife the same way everyone else did by seeing those amazing Instagram mountain shots with beautifully done up vans. As things progressed I slowly became enthralled with the very idea of escaping my 9-5 and as I dug into the research I realized how much simpler the actual process of beginning a life living in a van might be than I thought.

Sure there are difficulties unique to living in a van but after weighing those versus the stresses of living a normal 9-5 I’ve decided it’s at the very least worth a shot! As opposed to just building a van for myself I decided to document the entire process through this blog. As a writer, I figured the same knowledge I’m looking up and learning could benefit not only me but thousands of others in the same shoes as me.

As a result, Justvanlife was born, join me on my journey towards vanlife and hopefully, I am able to help some of you along in your journey as well.

-Cassius Fragomeni

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