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The largest trailer one can buy. They are called Fifth wheel simply because the front of the trailer extends over the bed of the truck. Ranging from 22-40ft and weighing in at 7000-20 000lbs. One can imagine the possibilities of high-end luxury excursions across the country. Not having to sacrifice comfort and amenities.  The trailer has a U shaped coupling component that attaches to the bed of the truck allowing for easier, manageable control of the trailer. 

Portable castles to satisfy your every adventurous desire

The popularity of this class is due to the fact it offers all the comforts of the pricier Class A motorhomes. Yet, the big difference is because it’s a hitch, once you’ve arrived at your destination simply unhook and drive your truck to town. When not in use this option is underrated.  Sleeping a whooping 4-10 people per average and offering the majority of amenities that a class A has to offer including maneuverability, luxuries, and spacious interior. It’s no doubt why Fifth wheels are a popular choice. 

Immediate advantages of Fifth Wheel motorhomes

  • Provides exceptionally more living space for a trailer
  • 5-wheel hitching components allow for more control on road and easier tow 
  • With dedicated bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens your entertaining options are endless.
  • Lower price point than some Class A motorhomes. 

A few Disadvantages of a Fifth Wheel Motorhome 

  • Will need a heavy-duty towing truck
  • Trucks bed will be in use while your towing
  • Heavier than most RV, tough to find a lightweight model 

 Everyone’s needs are different. Fifth-wheel trailers hit a market segment that’s refined. The consumer has done the research and knows their options. Yes, the price tag can be costly but not as costly as the Class A counterparts.  One must analyze the capabilities of the truck you currently own. Does it have enough towing capacity to haul a fifth wheel? The industry to littered with exceptional manufacturers and long-time merchants who know what the segment needs. We’ll cover a range of fifth wheel trailers in hopes of making your decision that much easier. 

The Cream of the Crop

Crossroads Redwood Fifth Wheel RV

This outrageously luxurious RV can be your home. Coming in at 41ft and 15 000lbs. Redwood is a relatively new outfit but they do the fifth wheel to perfection. The unit is jam-packed with opulent niceties. Are you ready for this? The Redwood has 3 slide outs! Enough space for the whole family, even your in-laws! Ok, maybe not them but you get it.

Let’s jump into the features. First off, the Redwood has 18 different floorplans. Solid maple hardwood cabinets, a skylight in the shower! 39” LED HDTV in the master bedroom, king-sized bed, stainless steel appliances and kitchen island to prep your meals or entertain at the next function. We did say you could live here. The exterior has a laundry list of items. A full 360-degree system to keep you safe and secure, nitrogen-filled tires assure you arrive at your destination on time and safe.

The Redwood is wired! Coming with a satellite prep, tv antenna, fully Wi-fi and Bluetooth compatible, you’ll never miss a day or work or an email from the grandkids. Outdoor HDTV, speakers and powered LED awning make you the host with the most. Accessing the roof is made easy with a durable roof ladder. There you will find upgraded insulation and a 6-sided aluminum frame.

The interior is heated by a 30 000 BTU furnace, chef collection appliance package. An 8cu ft double door refrigerator to keep all the beverages cold.  Not to mention a fireplace. A palace on wheels the Redwood Fifth-wheel series is a must purchase for those looking for lavishness and functionality. 

Keystone Montana 

Weighing in at roughly 13 000lbs and 14ft Montana is a palace on wheels. With over a 100 000 satisfied customers keystone is renowned for craftsmanship, a multitude of desirable floorplans and cutting-edge technology. Keystone is one of those manufacturers that listens to customers’ feedback and integrates the changes into there designs.

All models come with 4G and LTE Wi-Fi prep, Key TV which connects the air cable and satellite feeds with a push of one button and a 6-layer painted fiberglass cap assuring safety and durability on the open road. The one thing you’ll notice about the Montana is it’s luxurious, yes. On the other hand, its range of capabilities would cater to the grizzled outdoors person in all of us. Some key features of the living area include. 6’6” tall slide outs for your basketball players.

Theatre seating with power recliners and heated massage seat warmers. Your eye will be caught by full-perimeter crown molding in the entire interior. In-floor heating ducts keep your feet warm and toasty all winter. A tri-fold hide a bed sofa offers any family the opportunity to sleep up to 6 plus comfortable. The kitchen features are endless and include. 18 cu ft 4 door fridge, a deep 60/40 stainless steel sink, a 9000 BTU oven with auto-ignite and motion sensor lights in the pantry. A cup of tea in the dark anyone? 

If you’re a 4 season type the Montana is equipped with 35 000 BTU furnace and multiple fireplace floorplan layouts. It’s plain to see why Keystone is an industry leader. The Montana is unique in the sense that it offers an insane amount of lavish amenity without losing that fifth wheel outdoors functionality. All this with the bonus of 24/7 worry-free customer service. Keystone also offers a blogging site that you can stay in touch with and use to socialize during your travels. The choice of RV newcomers and veterans no doubt. 

Coachmen Chaparral 

This monster sleeps 11 and has 5 slide outs, 3 bedrooms, and an outdoor kitchen. The ultimate entertaining fifth wheel. By industry pioneers’ Coachmen, the Chaparral will be sure to get a few stunning looks at the campground. Weighing in at 13 000lbs and 41 ft this fifth wheel is a mobile city. The interior is vast and actual sleeping 11 is a possibility without feeling cramped or phobic. Cabinetry runs throughout the van leaving plenty of room for storage.

One gets the impression this fifth wheel was designed for intergalactic space travel with the amount of brilliantly engineered ideas implemented. That being said the decorative decisions made are technologically advanced but it leaves you feeling homely and warm. Some of the stand out features include. Coachmen’s patented turn tec engineering, being the number one rated on the market. Vacuum bonded aluminum frame sidewalls, electronic awning with marine speakers and LED lighting system.

Electronic rear stabilizer jacks for safety and electronic front jacks. The overall size and luxury are on par with any Class A industry leader. That being said, The Montana offers something they don’t. The most bang for your buck for those that will be traveling with multiple people. This Chaparral sets the standard for spacious design and comfortable sectioned off quarters. You may go a whole day not seeing someone inside it’s so spacious. Some of you may actually like that, never mind. 

Coachmen Brookstone

Weighing in at 14 000lbs and 40 ft our next entry packs a large punch in a well-engineered, solid secure frame. The Brookstone much like the entire lineup from Coachmen is something to behold. Certain RVs have a vibe about them. The Brookstone offers 5 floorplans that would excite even the most experienced of RV talent. Sleeping up to 9 people the Brookstone comes complete with all the industry-leading amenities that coachmen are known for.  This 4-season art piece has a 40 000 BTU furnace and for the summer a 15 000 BTU Air conditioner.

The brainpower at coachmen has managed to upgrade to inclining bed instead of a regular bed. Cell phone charging station, ample amounts of storage in the kitchen with a multitude of design options that would impress the most famous chefs. The exterior is generator ready, dual pane frameless windows, a 2nd exterior awning for larger events and accessory receiver option. The Brookstone is built like a tank and boasts 5 ft truss rafters (16 in the middle) A full walk-on 3/8 roof deck for lounging or doing yoga at sunrise. Weather shield tool storage and much more.

The interior options include a king-sized bed for those extra comfy sleeps and a booth dinette for those special morning coffee conversations. Of course, the bedroom is equipped with a full bath and 32” LED HDTV with a fireplace. We know what you’re thinking. You wish to move in now. Hold on, wait, it gets better. The bedroom comes with a stackable washer and dryer.

Oversized under bed storage and satellite and cable tv hook up with removable bracket have you lounging in style and comfort. Have reassurance from 24/7 roadside assistance. The Brookstone RV will give you a luxury experience that feels like you’re in a downtown penthouse while keeping that outdoorsy feel. The entire family will agree this may be the one that’s going to be around awhile. 

We hope you enjoyed our look at Fifth Wheel Trailers, we’ll be publishing individual reviews of many of these extensions in the coming weeks & months so stay tuned! (At some point this page will also be updated to feature a list of said reviews!)


Discover How To Use The Power of Authority Marketing To Make You Money While You Adventure!

No Experience, Existing Product Or Technical Skills Are Required


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