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Dometic has always been known for its high quality fans. They are reliable, durable, and offer great value for money. In this post, we will take a look at their new range of fans, the MaxxFan series.

These products are typically are very well priced and come with a 3-year warranty. The only downside was that they didn't seem to be available in the UK. That's changed recently though, so if you wanted to get your hands on them in the UK, you should be able to!

This is a review of the Dometic MaxxFan series. There are a couple of different fans in this series, so if you want to learn about them, stick around! Let's get into the reviews.


The Reviews

Below, we are going to be taking a look at the Fantastic Vent Fan, the 2250, 3350 and the 7350. On top of that, we'll be comparing the Fantastic Fan and the Maxxfan, and much more. So, if you're interested in finding out a little more about these great products, let's get into it.

Overview of the Fantastic Vent Fan 

It's important to know the basics of the products we're going to be taking a look at. When it comes to the Dometic Fantastic Fans, all models have the following features:

  • A white base
  • A high profile base
  • 12v / DC power
  • A 10-blade fan (12 inches)
  • Dome supported by one crank arm
  • To turn on the fan, the dome must be open at least 3 inches
  • They fit a standard 14 inch x 14 inch roof vent opening

Pros of the Fantastic Vent Fan

It's always nice to hear the good news first - or is it? Either way, you're getting the good news first. 

When it comes to the Fantastic Vent Fan, every model except for one is able to operate as a ceiling fan (which blows) and a vent fan (which sucks). These fans are able to move a lot of air, so they're pretty efficient in what they do.

On top of that, since these fans have translucent domes, they can also double as a subdued skylight. 

If you're worried about installing - don't! All the reviews on these products have said that the whole installation process is super easy. You will be able to install these fans easily and without issue.

Cons of the Fantastic Vent Fan

There's always some bad news, huh? Well, it's no different for these fans. The biggest problem with these fans is how noisy they are.

This noise is especially a problem when the fans are working on a higher speed. 

On top of that, there's only one arm lift that will support the dome, which means that it isn't as stable as other fans. This is especially the case in windy conditions and high speeds.

Using these fans while it's raining also isn't a good idea, and leaving the dome open while it rains could result in a soggy interior and a fried motor.

The Fan Features

Before we get into the in-depth reviews, let's take a quick look at each of these fan's features. 

Fantastic Fan 1200 Features

  • Fan Speeds - 3
  • Reversible Air Flow - no
  • Thermostat - no
  • Rain Sensor - no
  • Automatic Dome Lift - no
  • Remote - no

Fantastic Fan 1250 Features

  • Fan Speeds - 3
  • Reversible Air Flow - yes
  • Thermostat - no
  • Rain Sensor - no
  • Automatic Dome Lift - no
  • Remote - no

Fantastic Fan 2250 Features

  • Fan Speeds - 3
  • Reversible Air Flow - yes
  • Thermostat - yes
  • Rain Sensor - no
  • Automatic Dome Lift - no
  • Remote - no

Fantastic Fan 3350 Features

  • Fan Speeds - 3
  • Reversible Air Flow - yes
  • Thermostat - yes
  • Rain Sensor - yes
  • Automatic Dome Lift - yes
  • Remote - no

Fantastic Fan 7350 Features

  • Fan Speeds - 14
  • Reversible Air Flow - yes
  • Thermostat - yes
  • Rain Sensor - yes
  • Automatic Dome Lift - yes
  • Remote - yes

The Reviews 

Fantastic Fan 1200 Review

Fantastic Fan 1200

The Fantastic Fan 1200 is possibly the least fantastic of the line, but it still serves a purpose. This product is the most basic version, only having the bare bones. It can only be used as a vent (which sucks), rather than a ceiling fan (which blows).

This fan, although basic, does what you need it to, as long as it doesn't include being a ceiling fan.

It can be tightly sealed when lowered using a manual lift. Like most of the other fans in this line, it has three speeds to choose from. Usually, three speeds is all you need, so this seems ample for the typical person's needs.

Fantastic Fan 1250 Review

Fantastic Fan 1250 Review

The model number tells you everything you really need to know about this fan. If you need to know everything about this fan, you can just re-read the above review for the 1200.

The only thing that warranted a (slightly) different model number for this fan is the fact that it can be used as a vent as well as a ceiling fan. Something that is sorely lacking in the 1200 model. 

All you need to do to switch modes is flip the rocker switch. After you do that, you can enjoy a ceiling fan. Beyond this feature, this fan is exactly the same as the 1200 model. Nothing else to report. 

Fantastic Fan 2250 Review

Atwood Fan-Tastic Vent 802251 2250 Series Vent, Blue

There's nothing exceptional about this fan, either. That's if you're not counting the fact that it has a thermostat. A thermostat doesn't sound like a big thing, but it is. Having a thermostat means that you can maintain temperatures in your RV or van - something that the prior two models lack.

To do this, you just need to select your fan speed, then set your preferred temperatures on the temperature control knob. 

The thermostat will do all the hard work after that. This thing will monitor the ambient temperature, and will cycle the vent on or off when needed to maintain your chosen temperature.

It might not sound amazing - but it's a game changer when you need to sleep comfortably, or even leave your pets inside. There's nothing worse than stressing over temperatures, or getting a bad night's sleep because it's too hot.

Besides the thermostat, the 2250 fan has the same features as the 1250 model. It has three speeds and can be used as a ceiling fan and vent. This model is pretty handy for all your needs, but the upcoming models are even more impressive. 

Fantastic Fan 3350 Review

Fan-Tastic Vent RV Roof Vent with Thermostat, Model 3350, White, Manual and Automatic Speed 12 Volt RV Vent Fan, Smoke Dome RV Vent Cover

If you thought the 2250 was good, you're going to love this one. The Fantastic Fan 3350 adds two shiny new features onto its prior model. The first feature is the handy automatic dome switch to open or close it.

You can still use the manual option, if you want to, though! Having an automatic switch is just useful if you don't feel like actually doing anything, and we all feel like that sometimes. 

The second addition is the rain sensor. You might be wondering how the other models didn't have rain sensors, but we can't have everything, right? This handy rain sensor will lead to the dome automatically closing when moisture is sensed.

When this happens, the fan will be turned off, too. This means that your shiny new fan motor, as well as the interior of your RV, will atomically be protected from the elements. 

Sounds great, right?

Well, maybe not.

The thing is, when the moisture is gone, the dome will not automatically re-open. As a result, the camper fan will not automatically re-start, either. As many van lovers will know, this can be a real pain.

If you have to leave an animal in the van while you're running errands, and it starts to rain, the vents will close. Even if it only rains for a few minutes, then goes back to sweltering heat. Your animal will be stuck in a hot van, because the fan will not restart on its own.

See the problem?

Of course, you can always turn the rain sensor off (at least that's an option), but at what cost? If you turn the sensor off, and it rains, you could end up with a fried fan and a soaked van interior. Your dog would be fine, but your fan would not. 

You could also use the manual dome lift knob in order to open the dome once the vent fan is secured by the sensor. Doing this will override the rain sensor. When you do this, the sensor won't reactivate until everything has dried out.

Fantastic Fan 7350 Review

Fan-Tastic Vent 807359 Pop 'N Lock Screen Upgrade Kit - 7350

Okay, here's where these fans really get interesting. The 7350 model will blow you away if you're a fan of the fan! Instead of having three speed options, this model hits you with a whopping 14! Of course, not everyone needs 14 speeds for their fans, but it's nice to have, right?

Since there are 14 speeds to choose from, you'll be glad to know that the motor of the vent fan is more efficient than ever. At its lowest speed, all it needs is 0.2 amps, and a measly 1.9 amps for its highest! This makes the 7350 model an amazing option for anyone who is concerned about power.

Want to know another great feature? This model has a wireless remote that you can have fun with. This remote makes the model the perfect option for anyone who loves their sofa or bed. You can have all the controls sitting right at your fingertips, and all you'll have to do is lift a finger. 

Like everything, though, there are a few downsides. The remote needs batteries, and if you don't have replacements - good luck working the fan. On top of that, there have been a few reviews that claimed that the remote signal doesn't always work with the fan. 

That's not all, though. The temperature increments of the control units only go up by 5 °F. Although this isn't terrible, it isn't great for fine-tuning temperatures. Sometimes we want a strong 17 or 18 degrees, not 15 or 20 - it could get a little annoying. At least there's still a manual knob to lift the dome!

Dometic Fan-Tastic Ultrabreeze Vent Cover

So, you might have noticed that none of the models mentioned above have a rain cover. Additionally, only two of the models have a rain sensor. That means that there's a good chance that you'll need a vent cover.

Having a vent cover will help protect the fan, as well as your van, from the rain. If you're in the market for a cover - the Dometic Ultrabreeze Vent Cover is a pretty solid choice. This product does exactly what it says, and there are even a couple of color choices to pick from! These include:

  • Black
  • White
  • Smoke Gray

Fantastic Fan vs Maxxfan

While we're here, it seems like a good idea to do a quick comparison of Fantastic Fan and Maxxfan. Here, we will take a look at the speed, power draw, general operation, and cost of the two. If you're interested, check out the sections below.

Comparing the Fan Speed

  • Fantastic Fan - all but one model has only three fan speeds, the 7350 model has 14 fan speeds.
  • Maxxfan - three out of the five Maxxfan fans have 10 speeds to choose from. Two of the models have only four speeds, which is still more than the Fantastic Fan options!

When it comes to the speed options, Maxxfan is the clear winner here, Although the 7350 model of Fantastic has 14 speed options, it is limited to only that fan. Three of the Maxxfan products have 10 speeds to pick from. 

The more speed setting you have, the more control you have over the temperature of your van. For this reason, Maxxfan wins in this one to one.

Comparing the Power Draw

  • Fantastic Fan - 1.86 amps per hour is the official number given for this fan's power draw on its lowest setting.
  • Maxxfan - 2.66 amps per hour is needed for these fans while on their highest setting. For their lowest setting, they only need 0.17 amps!

The numbers don't lie. Maxxfan is clearly the more efficient fan of the two. You don't have to think about this one too much. If you want an efficient van fan, the Maxxfan is the winner.

Comparing the General Operation

  • Fantastic Fan - a rain guard is needed in order for these fans to operate while it rains. Some models have rain sensors, which automatically shut the lot whenever it senses rain.
  • Maxxfan - most Maxxfans come with a built-in rain guard. This allows them to function while it's raining.

Needing a rain guard is a pretty minor thing for most people, since you might live somewhere where rain is a rare occurrence. However, it can be a dealbreaker if you live in a rainy and wet area of the world. So, the Fantastic Fan is a great option for dry climates, and the Maxxfan is ideal for wet areas.

Comparing the Cost

  • Fantastic Fan - typically, you can find the most basic 1200 model for somewhere around $150, and the most advanced 7350 model for around $300.
  • Maxxfan - the most basic models can usually be found for around $175, while their top models can be purchased for somewhere between $400-$500.

Fantastic Fan is considerably cheaper than Maxxfan, which is why they are still so popular. They are a budget option that will do their job (most of the time). However, when you take into consideration the need for a rain guard for the Fantastic Fans, the prices actually even out. 

Final Thoughts

If you've been reading our reviews, then you know that we always recommend Maxxfan over the Fantastic Fan. We feel that the Maxxfan is superior in every way, except price.

The Maxxfan is not as cheap as the Fantastic Fan, but it is a better fan overall. 

With that being said, Fantastic Fan is still a solid option if you want to do things on a budget. Bear in mind the energy efficiency, though. Maxxfan is a surefire winner in that area, so you might actually save money in the future!

Discover How To Use The Power of Authority Marketing To Make You Money While You Adventure!

No Experience, Existing Product Or Technical Skills Are Required


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