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Another day, another blog! Today I uploaded a few pieces of content again, the first of which is the final part to the core build page Plumbing! The guide for plumbing is a bit less detailed though in hindsight I’ll probably end up changing that, it’s the one piece however I thought is so much more specific to the individual job I wanted to really cover each individual job by themselves.

Starting with a basic lesson on flow principles and hydraulics, I remember writing this thinking I made the other guides a bit to complex so I toned it down but upon further thoughts, it now stands out as a bit lack-luster compared to the other pieces I’ll be sure to give it a big facelift soon enough! Waterworks similarly to that of electricity however it’s much simpler to work with projects then electrical.

I created a list of the basic pieces of plumbing work I’d like to cover and wrote a basic description of each one, all of these while using the same principles of water flow will require completely different setups. Come to think of it though every section is like this hehe, I’m now feeling each section will need a “Lesson” page and a “Projects” page…

Also uploaded, edited and plugged in was another 5000w. affiliate focused piece this time on portable fridges, a major addition to any van nonetheless there will be quite a few of these posts in the future which will be a significant portion of the content that will be written in the coming weeks. These will not only produce revenue eventually but will help with natural SEO by bringing in visitors searching for some items who will then notice how built up the site is!

Next up more content uploading and more pieces, stay tuned!


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