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Today we plugged in our carpentry guide, edited it and got it linked into the build page, the guide covers the basics of carpentry as well as features the general components that will go in every van. I plan to make a more specialized guide regarding specific furniture types going forward but of course, you’ve got to start somewhere!

As with the other build guides, most of the people who will be embarking on a vanlife journey have honestly no experience with construction, while of course there will be master electricians and journeymen carpenters amongst the ranks of van dwellers to start from an absolute basepoint is the idea here so that anyone experienced or not will be able to tackle a van build. As always the experienced people will scroll right past the beginner tips anyways so no harm!

I went with a nice sample build that will encompass a basic van build, allowing for anyone to modify and expand on what they’ve read as a result there isn’t anything in this guide that an absolute beginner won’t be able to follow along with and should they run into trouble the videos that will be added to the page, later on, will be more than sufficient to help them along their journey towards the completion of the wooden frame of their build.

Safety is of the utmost importance at least to me, I know there are loads of barbarians out there who will work on equipment without batting an eyelash when thinking of wearing gloves that of course is not me though and what sort of tutorial doesn’t include safety tips?

The three main parts to this guide are the subfloor, the roof, and the walls. Of which 90% of vans will be modifying I left out beds/cabinets and other builds as of course there will be no pressing need for most people to have a specific build for those as the majority of customizations will be so unique and different it’s a bit hard to tackle that in a generalized guide. Thus the absolute basics were included!

Finishing things off with a nice guide on how to actually complete the job, of course, most people will eventually want some form of video/illustrations which will allow for a much smoother build-a-long process. It’ll be quite the journey from start to finish for a new builder, and as much as I feel confident in my written instructions I know personally there is no way I would even attempt a build like this without seeing it on video first hehe.

The other piece of content I uploaded today and have started working on is an in-depth listicle, 20 of the best grills available for vanlifers on the market, the aim of which is to eventually have them all tied into an amazon affiliate account to produce revenue from clicks. I’ll be publishing probably 1-3 of these a week moving forward while uploading all of the pillar content I’ve written as well.

Things are shaping up bit by bit, and with the build page almost done I’ll be moving on to the rest of the content I have completed so far! Until next time 😀


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