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Short day today, but the content installation is beginning. As I figured content written without context always needs to be edited and tweaked when implemented. Now that I have a clear picture of the website and its direction there are chunks of the content that I wrote that don’t flow as nicely with what I envision. A little editing and that’s all solved, however!

The first piece implemented, I’m starting in the same order that I built the site in so the Vehicle hub will be getting filled out first, this piece was originally just Gas vs. Diesel however seeing as how my knowledge has expanded into the electrical world I decided to add a section for electrical vehicles as well!

The second piece of the day, the long-winded Vehicle Class hub page. Part of me wanted to split this into a few posts and I might in the future, but for now, I like it as one gigantic post I think it provides a nice anchor for future content and will be a great funneling page to bring people into other parts of the website!

This will be the tasks for the next few weeks as I import & edit & implement all of the content I’ve written onto the website as blog posts. It’s always amazing to see the picture start to come together from sketch to work of art!

I’m honestly most excited though for when I get to start interviewing some van lifers and actually get to build my van of course. The idea of having a live-able home within a year makes me more hyped than moving into my new solo apartment this week…

That vision of becoming the largest vanlife website on the internet just keeps getting clearer as the days go by, until next time!

-Cassius Fragomeni

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