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Welcome back to another day of justvanlife! Progress on the site build continues, today was much shorter on the creation side, the community page is less intensive than the build etc., I’ve put together a simple spotlight page for other vanlifers and our (future) sponsors & partners. The brand is coming along nicely and the only page left is the products page. Of course, I’m sure a few more will pop out of the woodworks as time goes on but after that is done it’s time to start piecing together all the content I’ve written thus far!

Using the template blocks made this part of the creation that much simpler though looking at that screenshot I can’t help but feel like I’m going to end up changing that photo… Not a huge fan anymore xD.

Sticking to the same format I dived onto Canva and built some nice visuals for the pages’ main themes. I’ll probably end up editing the one on the right that blank spot at the top is bugging me now upon review… Nevertheless, I’m a huge fan of Canva and they will probably end up as one of my first partners/sponsors as I use them for all my visual work. I have photshop & illustrator experience but the sheer simplicity of canva and it’s built-in library of assets make for a powerful tool that really is unmatched except for when you need to like add water ripples into an image or do reallll editing.

I really was at a bit of a loss for tons of topics to add into the community section, I think however this section will grow on it’s own over time as I come up with some more ideas to implement here, but for now these are the two main content sections besides the two featured above. I want to highlight and backlink & work alongside other blogs about vanlife and become a part of the community. With so many people out there working hard on content and sharing their personal experiences I know it’s key to keep people on my site, but I really feel like the return from exposing others and collaborating is worth more!

Last but not least, of course, is our CTA, standardized now (I really dig that mountain pic xD). Another little custom piece built in Canva to add a bit of flavor to the flow as wraps up our page with a nice touch.

It feels as though I’ve done so much and yet I’ve still got such a long way to go, I’ve really just laid the groundwork and foundation for is to become the largest van life website on the internet. I’ve seen the landscape of what’s out there and I know I can build a taller tower, it’s a serious undertaking but having come this far already I’m more than excited to think that I’ll be able to actually take on a project of this size.

Day by day the site continues to grow, until next time!

-Cassius Fragomeni

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