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The road forward continues, today was a great day for research and review, as well as I completed the Travel page. I dug into the travel pieces I was doing before and realized I wanted to touch them up at some point as they didn’t quite fit the vision I now have for the site. Ultimately I’ve settled on a sort of world travel guide for vanlifers now as opposed to the more random spotlight travel pieces.

I went for an ancient map to give it a real nice aesthetic!

As this is now standardized not much to be said here except that I’ve kept to the formula, as I said yesterday this could all change as time goes forward but definitely at the moment it’s the look I’m vibing with!

Here I decided to hop back onto Canva and build some designs for the three-panel boxes, I want the site to have a friendly and fun vibe with a millennial spin on it. Most of what I see out there for vanlife is either super minimalist or SUPER CEREAL. Not my thing, I like fun and happy so that’s being reflected in the design choice as a result!

What an undertaking I’ve embarked on xD

Despite having never left my continent I’ve decided to write all about traveling the world, this is probably my weakest strength (lol that optimism) when it comes to the brand. I’m versed in electronics and engineering so funny enough teaching people how to travel will be the biggest challenge I’ll face.

Thanks, Wikipedia for the awesome globe pics!

Fun Fact: I had originally put down “explore 7 continents”, only for me to realize partway through that obviously no one was going to be exploring Antarctica in a van anytime soon. 😂

I did a lot of brainstorming on how I was going to handle this portion of the site and still will have to see how it unfolds as I begin to edit the pieces I have and start to dig into the meat, research-wise. It’s definitely going to be a challenge, but using the internet I think it’s more than possible to provide clear concise and effective information on safe locations, pathways and rest stops all over the world!

CTA is now standard 😉

Finishing the page off with a little bit of art, I might add a bit more between the two images later if I can think of another type of section to add to the page but for now I’m pretty satisfied with the flow and it’s given me a whole new direction to take for this travel section. Finishing things off with the CTA I went back and clipped the mountain photo from the other page and added it to this one as well as I felt it added a nice vibe to an otherwise boring CTA!

Tomorrow I’ll be tackling a sort of “community” page, which will be a hub for crossposts with other vanlifers and full of showcases!

-Cassius Fragomeni

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