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The final phase of putting your van together is the actual physical build of it all. This is where all the skills you've gained are put to the test and you finally get to see your vision come to life, so let's get to it!

Step ONE Gutting... (1)

Emptying your van of all the unnecessary parts...

The actual process of tearing apart your van is probably the most fun part of the construction process, unlike the parts where you need to measure twice and cut once. Essentially you are just ripping a bunch of junk apart and pulling it out of the vehicle. Our guide will walk you through the tools needed as well as some tips, tricks, & techniques for the actual destruction!

Step Two Insulation

Weather-Proofing time!

Now that you have a background on how insulation works and your van is gutted it's time to actually get to the insulation process! Insulation is a marvel of human creation, and for us van lifers it's even more amazing! With a bit of sweet padded foaming, it allows us to live in the harshest of environments while still being mobile within our vehicular home.


Builds are unique creations

This is the part where everyone's builds will begin to diverge, this section is all about prioritizing and trying to implement all facets of your build in a logical order. We'll walk you through some logical steps and further reinforce some of the lessons you learned in the blueprinting section with the goal being giving you a road map forward to the builds completion.

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Video Tutorials

Build videos & Timelapses from the best Youtubers!

Most of us definitely don't have the skill to simply jump right into construction blindly, I myself have already watched dozens of build videos & time-lapses in an effort to build this site and it's only bolstered my confidence for my actual build. It's for this reason I've collected a slew of the best tutorials and time lapses I could find from youtube. Seeing is believing and often enough you'll use some of the very same techniques you see in these videos on your own vans!

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