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For those who don’t know what a class B RV is, it’s the smallest type of RV that you can buy. Another name for it’s a camper van. These specific RVs are best for 1 person but can also fit 2, anymore and you will feel a little claustrophobic. These are very easy to maneuver and you won’t need the biggest rig.

These RVs are smaller than other types of RVs and because of that many manufactures have fitted them with pop up roofs to create more space. The roofs will rise upwards which will give you a lot more space to move around. They will also provide more space for sleeping.

This can be a very nice addition to smaller vans. It will provide you with a specific area to sleep in and will also give you a lovely view. Many of the pop up roofs will have a screen window to do this.

If you are unsure on what is the best option for you, luckily you have come to the best place possible, we’ve done the leg work for you and provided you with 5 awesome options.

Winnebago Solis

Winnebago Solis

This particular class B RV is one of the bigger sizes that still fits into a class B. It has a pop up roof which gives you even more room. The Solis uses a Ram Promaster, it’s built on a high roof.

When it is installed you will be provided with a great second area to sleep in which can be used for both adults and children.

The Solis gives you a very spacey living arrangement without even using the pop up roof, so if you don’t want to put it up, you don’t have to. But in terms of sleeping it will be very handy. If you choose to use the roof that pops up it will generate a bigger living area for you.

It also has windows that are vented to increase air circulation. It’s both comfortable and roomy.

It contains any amenity that you can expect from a class B RV. as well as a lovely living area it also provides a dining area which again is quite spacious. Living space is completely open and will provide you with enough room to move items instead of just solely using it as an RV.

The pass through is the length of the whole van. Then when it comes to the back beds, they fold down. The Solis also has a wet bath and a portable toilet.

The Solis is also an incredible choice for people with children who like to travel. It provides four belts for when you are travelling so you can remain safe and like mentioned above with the pop up roof there is plenty of space for you and your family to feel free.

An RV as good as this is expensive but with all of the space that it provides as well as the amenities the price is justified. Like mentioned above this is one of the best choices you can make when it comes to having enough space to travel with your family.

Pleasure Way Tofino

Pleasure Way Tofino

This is the perfect RV for all four seasons. It is designed in a stealthy way. It is a high quality RV and lets you keep your profile extremely low. It uses a Ram Promaster frame which has the pop up roof built on. It has what is considered a low roof.

There are many benefits of a low roof. One of them is that it won’t look like an RV until the roof is raised. This means that at first sight it won’t even look like a motorhome but more of a very fancy van. Once the roof goes up there will be no mistaking it for an RV.

It is quite small as it is 17.9 feet long but will impress you with how much weight that it can carry. It can carry 2000 lbs of human and occupancy weight. Which means you will never feel like you have to leave something behind as it won’t struggle. This is surprising considering it is quite a small RV.

The actual interior of the RV is still quite roomy. Even if you haven’t popped the roof just yet. You will have lots of space to move freely and still have the ability to eat, cook and just relax in general. You won’t find this RV as being claustrophobic.

However, when you have popped the roof you will be provided with lots of headroom.

The headroom that is provided will place you in the area of the RV known as the kitchen which is incredibly important because cooking a meal where you have to remain bent over for the entire time while preparing the food can cause a serious irritation and probably some back pain too.

This will also make washing dishes and cleaning a much easier process in general.

The roof is also incredibly easy to open, once the latches are released that hold it in place it will pretty much open itself. The top of the RV will also provide a very large sleeping area that will be able to be used by plenty of people.

It has ventilation on either side and is perfect for children. The roof is an incredibly durable material called Sunbrella. This material will be able to withstand any weather condition. It’s what is used for furniture that is outside. It also won’t fade due to UV rays.

It’s a minimalist RV that has swivel seats at the front of it which can provide you with more space and will make the RV have more space in general. The back sofa can pull out into a bed which again provides you with lots of room for sleeping.

This is an incredibly affordable RV for what it actually offers you. The only issue with it is that it doesn;t have a fan on the roof which can be a deal breaker if you plan on camping in a very hot location. If that’s not important to you then this might be the perfect choice.

Sportsmobile Classic 4×4

Another great Class B Rv is the Sportsmobile Classic 4×4. It’s the perfect off road monster which can be great for people who love to travel off the beaten track.

If that sounds like you then you should definitely look no further than the Sportsmobile classic. It may not have the same amount as living space as some of the others on this list but that is not to say that you will feel claustrophobic in this vehicle.

It has a kitchen, sitting area and a sitting area. As well as this it also uses a solar system which will keep you off grid for a much longer time.

The pop up roof is known as the penthouse top and it will provide you with lots of space, this space can allow someone to fully stand up in it and walk through the van. It can also be used as a bed to provide even more room for sleeping in the Sportsmobile classic.

The roof also has a screened window which is ventilated to create airflow so you won’t find that you are breathing the same recycled air over and over again.

The screened window will also provide the user a great view of wherever they are in the world which can be a very welcomed addition to those who love photography as well as camping in more desolate parts of the world.

With the pop up roof and the ability to off road as gracefully as it does, this is the perfect class B RV for those who love that.

Not just the functionality of the Sportsmobile Classic but also the aesthetics of this vehicle are top class. It looks like something that an action man would drive. This RV will turn heads as you pass by as it really is a beast of a vehicle.

This is also something that can be considered as being a little unique in comparison to the rest of the market due to its off road capabilities.

If you prefer to stick to more man made roads then this might not be the perfect choice for you, but for those who just can’t get enough of the bumpy roads, this is a great choice.

It’s designed to take you away from crowded camping areas and will provide you with a feeling of privacy that is unmatched by any other RV that is on the market.

Privacy can be an important factor when camping because it is easy to feel exposed, but that will be the least of your issues when you are charging across a muddy track that perhaps no man has ever been down before.

All of this is possible thanks to the off roading nature of the Sportsmobile Classic.

Carado Axion Studio

Carado Axion Studio

The Ram Promaster again features for the Carado Axion Studio RV. This is similar length to the Pleasure Way Tofino RV. Both reach a length of 17.9 feet.

This again is a spacious RV so you won’t find that you are claustrophobic which can unfortunately be the case with RVs of a similar size who perhaps haven’t considered space saving.

Space saving is highly important for an RV because you have to factor in the fact that you are also going to be bringing with you some luggage which you may not be able to fit in other RVs.

The upper area is where you will sleep when the roof is popped up. This is very similar to other Rvs that have featured on this list. It will feel like a very comfortable and large area to sleep in. The roof also has screen windows that are ventilated.

This offers great airflow which is incredibly important when considering you will be in a small space. Great airflow will stop you from feeling like you are in a stuffy environment. The windows will also provide the opportunity for a great view depending on where you have parked up for the evening.

This RV will also provide you with the areas that you would want in an RV such as a large living space which can also be used as a sleeping area when you decide that it is time for bed.

A large living space is another important factor when considering a smaller living area could leave you feeling like you are cramped up in a box. But like stated, that won’t be an issue that you will find with this particular RV as it allows for plenty of room for you to move around in.

It also has a very nifty ladder that is made from aluminum. The ladder is used to climb to the bed at the top of the van when it is time for bed. It again will also provide you with a view of wherever you have decided to camp.

This is a great feature for an RV of this size and can make the whole sleeping process just more fun in general. The fact that you need to have a ladder to reach the top sleeping area should indicate that the RV will be very spacious even if you choose to travel with someone rather than on your own.

One unfortunate disadvantage of this RV is that it only has 3 seat belts that are for the front and the passenger seats, so if you are someone who travels with their children this might not be the best choice for you and your family as there will be no safe area for your children to buckle up.

However if you find that you are a lone wolf and likes to travel that way then this won’t be an issue for you. Definitely take this into consideration if you are planning family camping trips though.

Modvans CV1

Modvans CV1

This RV may at first look like it is a Ford transit van, that’s because it is built on the chassis of one. It too features a pop up roof like the rest of the RVs that are on this list.

When the roof is closed you may find that there isn’t loads and loads of space but when the roof is opened you will notice how much space it really does create when it is up. It will make it feel like a completely different RV altogether, and a welcomed surprise for many.

The roof being popped up will create more head room which, as mentioned, is a very welcomed addition for those who are of a taller nature or those who can feel very claustrophobic in spaces that are on the smaller side in general.

If you struggle with claustrophobia then the roof will be a very freeing feeling for you and your friends, or family spending on who you decide to take with you on your camping trips. It will provide more sleeping areas and will open the space in the living area of the van too.

These are all incredibly important factors when considering if it is the right choice for you. Like mentioned when the roof is down you will feel like it is not the most spacious van in the world but once that roof goes up you will be feeling like a completely different person all together.

The bed that is at the top of the RV will provide you with a complete 360 view of the entire surrounding area which can be a very relaxing sight for some people.

As well as providing a very comfortable and spacious sleeping area for those who may struggle to sleep when they feel like they are being trapped in a compact space.

Comfortability is incredibly important with RVs because like mentioned you will spend a lot of time in them especially when you are on the road going on plenty of different adventures.

The interior of the van will provide you with a very modern living area which is also incredibly spacious when the roof is popped up.

One of the best parts of the RV is the spacious living area that it provides as it will allow the user of the van to feel like they are truly able to move around without feeling like they are going to knock something over or bang their head on any area of the RV.

Realistically speaking if you choose to have the roof closed you are going to be looking at a small van and the living space will feel a little bit claustrophobic, although it is great for around 2 people but you will feel tight if you try to add anymore.

Although if you have people in your life that you don’t mind being in cramped spaces with then this might be a good choice for you as it does provide seat belts for up to four people.

What’s So Good About A Pop Top?

Well as you can see from the list above the reason that a pop top is such a good idea is that it will create much more space in an RV than one that doesn’t have a pop up roof.

Space is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to purchasing an RV because like mentioned above you may find that you are either travelling a lot, or travelling for a long period of time so being able to move around freely in the RV is something that is incredibly sought after.

Space can be great for sleeping areas, kitchens and also living areas. It is great if you feel like you struggle with claustrophobia. A pop up roof will often provide another sleeping area that can often hold a view due to the ventilated screen windows that are often featured on pop up roofs.

Not just sleeping though it is important to feel like you can adequately prepare a meal in your kitchen you will also like lots of space provided for that specific area, as well as for when you are relaxing in your living space.

The fact that a pop up roof can offer you so much more space than you initially may think is possible is a really good feature, in many people’s opinion space is the only thing that matters when travelling in an RV, that could be because many RVs do not provide you with much adequate space for moving around or relaxing and nothing is worse than trying to relax but not being able to get comfortable because you don’t feel like you can fully stretch yourself out.

If it is important for you to be able to stand up straight then Pop up roofs are the perfect feature for you.

In Summary

These are just a few of the best class B RVs with a pop up roof that are available on the market today and we think that the space and comfortability that they provide really is unmatched, as well as the additional features such as screen windows that can provide you with a very lovely view to sit back and relax with.

The fact that they are also ventilated is very important as that can also leave you feeling like you are being trapped in a small box. The fact that fresh air is able to circulate is a real big win for pup roofs.

They will also provide you with lots of sleeping space which is again highly sought after in the world of RVs as many can leave you feeling like they have permanently altered your spine for the worse.

Lots of the above listed RVs are also great for travelling as a family or if you are a lover of the off road then maybe the Sportsmobile Classic has stolen your heart, either way they are all great options.

Discover How To Use The Power of Authority Marketing To Make You Money While You Adventure!

No Experience, Existing Product Or Technical Skills Are Required


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