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If you love camping, then California is an excellent place to visit. This State is home to lots of beautiful camping locations, including National Parks, State Parks, and lots more.

Up and down the State there are lots of different places to explore and be at one with nature. Mammoth Lakes is one of them.

Located in Northern California, Mammoth Lakes is an excellent place to visit if you are already traveling North to visit Yosemite.

Located just outside Yosemite, there is so much to see in Mammoth Lakes, and it is a great place to set up base for any hiking holidays you may have planned.

Nestled among the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Mammoth Lakes is an idyllic location with views that stretch for miles. But where is best to stay during your trip? That’s exactly what we’re looking at in this guide. Read on to find out more!

1. Twin Lakes Campground

The first campsite that we would recommend in Mammoth Lakes is Twin Lakes Campground. Twin Lakes Campground is located on Reds Meadow Road and it is nestled in woodland. The perfect place for a camping holiday.

No matter whether you plan on camping in a tent, or traveling with your RV, you will be catered for at Twin Lakes Campground.

This campsite is very large, and during the summer months, it fills up pretty quickly. But this gives it an excellent vibe and makes it the perfect place to vacation with the whole family.

Twin Lakes Campground is a fairly advanced campsite. It comes with a ton of amenities and facilities, including toilets, showers, and lots more.

With beautiful hiking trails available to access from the campsite itself, there is no doubt this is one of the best campsites in Mammoth Lakes!

2. Lake Mary Campground

Another excellent campsite to check out if you are planning a trip to Mammoth Lakes is Lake Mary Campground. This campground is located right next to the lake, and it is a lot smaller than the previous campsite we looked at.

We love this because it gives it a really intimate feel.

Lake Mary Campground is perfect for anyone who wants peace and quiet during their trip. The small size of this campground means that it is never overrun by people, giving you the perfect opportunity to escape into nature.

With tent and RV spaces available, this really is a great place to go.

It is worth noting that the facilities at this campground are a little more sparse, for example, there aren’t any showers. But it is still an excellent campsite to visit.

Especially if you are just looking for somewhere to stay for a few days.

3. Sherwin Creek Campground

Alternatively, you should check out Sherwin Creek Campground. Sherwin Creek Campground is located on Sherwin Creek Road, and it is a campsite that is surrounded by woodland.

If you ever went to camp as a child, then this campground will fill you with nostalgia.

Sherwin Creek Campground is an excellent campsite that offers both tent and RV camping. It has showers, toilets, and a range of other facilities, and is as immersed in nature as you could ever want to be during a camping trip.

With lots of beautiful hikes and areas to explore surrounding the campsite, there is no question as to why so many people visit this campsite every single year. So you should definitely check it out!

4. Old Shady Campground

The next campsite that we would recommend checking out is Old Shady Campground. This is one of the best campsites in Mammoth Lakes, and for many people, it is the campsite that they will visit every time they go to this location.

Old Shady Campground is so popular because it is a very large campsite. This large campsite has more than enough capacity to accommodate a lot of tents and RVs, and it does so without having to compromise on the amount of space each camper gets.

At this campsite, your space will be entirely yours, and that is what makes it so great.

Old Shady Campground really is a great place to go if you want to have your own space while you camp, while still visiting an affordable campsite. So, if you’re uncertain about where to stay, we would recommend here!

5. New Shady Campground

In contrast to Old Shady Campground, another campsite that we would definitely suggest you check out is New Shady Campground. New Shady Campground is more or less an extension of Old Shady Campground, so if you loved that one, you’ll love this one.

New Shady Campground was created to extend Old Shady Campground. As we have said, at Old Shady Campground, you get a lot of space for your tent or RV, and the same principle applies at New Shady Campground too.

That is why both campsites exist.

If you want a simple place nestled among nature to spend your trip, then New Shady campground is a great place to visit. So you should definitely check it out!

6. Lake George Campground

Alternatively, you should check out Lake George Campground. Lake George Campground is a beautiful campsite nestled in nature, perfect for the whole family.

This campsite is a great place to visit if you are more interested in the nature of the area than the facilities that the campsite has on offer. With tons of breathtaking views and magnificent hikes surrounding this campsite, there is a reason why this campsite is so popular.

When you visit, you will easily understand why this is such a popular campsite.

So, if you want to set up camp with beautiful views, but don’t want to compromise on the essential facilities (such as toilets and showers), this campsite really is perfect!

7. Pine City

Pine City

Another outstanding campsite to consider for your trip is Pine City. Pine City is one of the best campsites in Mammoth Lakes to visit if your top priority is being among nature.

The amenities at this campsite aren’t flashy, but they have all the basics that you could need. It isn’t built for families looking for a camping vacation, instead, it is designed for those who camp to be among nature.

It is designed for people who feel happiest when they are on the road or sleeping beneath the stars.

So if that sounds like you, this is the campsite that you should visit during your trip to Mammoth Lakes!

8. Mammoth Campground

Aptly named after the area in which it is located, Mammoth Campground is a great location for anyone who wants the full experience of camping in Mammoth Lakes.

Mammoth Campground is located on Main Street, and from your camping spot you will have access to majestic views across the lakes. This campsite is perfect no matter whether you plan on camping in a tent, pitching up in your RV, or renting a cabin.

You can do all the above at this magnificent campsite. With on-site amenities, including showers, toilets, and lots more, this campsite really is great!

Mammoth Campground is the perfect place to stay if it is your first time camping in Mammoth Lakes. Once you see the view of the lake, you will have your breath taken away.

There really isn’t a view like it, and when you stay at this campsite, you’ll get to wake up to that view every day during your trip!

9. Coldwater Campground

Another wonderful campsite to check out in Mammoth Lakes is Coldwater Campground. This campsite is perfect if you want to be surrounded by nature and people during your trip.

Coldwater Campground is one of the most social campsites in Mammoth Lakes. It is the place where people who want a sense of community visit, and it is perfect if you are traveling solo and want to meet new people.

Likewise, it is a great place to go if you are traveling with your family and want your kids to meet other children.

Just like the other campsites we have looked at, Coldwater Campground offers stunning views across the area, which is why you should check it out!

10. Upper Soda Springs Campground

Finally, we would recommend checking out Upper Soda Springs Campground. This campsite is located right on the water, so it really is a great place to admire the beauty of the area.

Upper Soda Springs Campground is surrounded by nature, and you really will feel that during your stay. There are lots of animals that you will encounter around your campground, and lots of trees, plants, and nature too.

It is perfect for any city people who want to explore the beauty of the countryside.

So, if you’re really stuck for choice when it comes to choosing somewhere to camp in Mammoth Lakes, you should check out Upper Soda Springs Campground.


In short, there are lots of incredible campsites nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains surrounding the town of Mammoth Lakes.

No matter whether you are visiting Mammoth Lakes to explore the immediate vicinity, or to travel further afield and see Yosemite, these campsites are a great location to set up camp.

Discover How To Use The Power of Authority Marketing To Make You Money While You Adventure!

No Experience, Existing Product Or Technical Skills Are Required


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