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Going on a camping trip with your friends and family is a great way to reconnect and form some incredible memories together. One of the best things about the US is that there is no shortage of beautiful outdoor spaces where you can pitch a tent or hook up your RV and spend some quality time in the fresh air.

One of the greatest places to have this sort of vacation is in Houston, Texas. There are plenty of campsites and state parks where you can get back to nature and escape the stress and strain of your daily routine.

In this article, we will look at some of the best campsites in and around Houston, Texas for your next camping trip.

1. Lakeview RV Park

If you want to set up camp right in the heart of Houston, Lakeview RV Park is the perfect location for you. Not only is the park a beautiful location to set up your camp for your trip, but it is also conveniently located near all of the amenities and attractions that Houston has to offer.

This is also a great place to stay if you enjoy having some home comforts with you at your campsites. Each RV site offers a full hookup on a designated concrete pad to make sure that your rig is stable.

Beyond your pitch, there are laundry facilities that are available to every guest, there is also a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, pool tables, a gym, fast internet, and EV charging stations.

You will also find a dog washing station to clean your four-legged friend and a stunning lake that is bursting with fish.


  • Beautiful lakeside location
  • Close to the amenities of Houston
  • Plenty of on-site amenities
  • Fishing lake


  • The central location might not be ideal for everyone

2. Galveston Island Bay Side Campground

Another beautiful Houston campsite that is near water is the Galveston Island Bay Side Campground. This site is located right on the water’s edge in the stunning Galveston Island state park.

Not only are the views of the water breathtaking but you are serenaded each night by the gentle lapping of waves on the shore.

Despite the beautiful and seemingly remote location, this campsite is conveniently located only an hour away from Houston’s city center.

Within the main campground, there are a total of 56 pitches available for campers. You can camp in a tent or make use of the RV hookups on this site.

There are also basic amenities that all guests of the park can use. There are restrooms, shower facilities, potable water, as well as water and electricity for RVs. Pets are also allowed on site.

The water and beach provide great opportunities for surfing, paddle boarding, kite surfing, and fishing.


  • Plenty of pitches available for campers
  • Relaxing location with great ambiance
  • Basic campsite amenities available to all guests
  • Pets are allowed on the site


  • Camping right on the water’s edge can be unsettling for some people

3. Lake Houston Wilderness Park

Despite what the name suggests, Lake Houston Wilderness Park is actually set within almost 5000 acres of wilderness.

Although the campsite is located only 30 minutes outside of Houston, it feels like it is miles away from the city. This is the perfect place to come to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

The Wilderness Park campsite features full hookups for RVs as well as areas to pitch tents. There are restrooms, showers, and a dumping site available for all guests.

You can also dabble in some dispersed camping within Wilderness Park which is great for anyone who wants to truly get back to nature. There are opportunities for hiking, bird watching, kayaking, and trail running.

There are also equestrian trails for campers who have horses.


  • A secluded location that feels miles away from city life
  • Basic amenities to make your trip comfortable
  • Spaces for RVs as well as tent camping
  • Plenty of outdoor activities including equestrian trails for horse owners


  • Some have noted that the dumping site is unclean and disorganized

4. The Retreat RV And Camping Resort

Another amazing waterside campsite is The Retreat RV and Camping Resort. This beautiful site is situated on the shores of Lake Houston.

This is the perfect spot to reconnect with nature and recharge your batteries in a peaceful and calm environment. This is a varied campsite that can cater to RVs and tent camping, and there are cottages that can be rented.

The campsite property is lined with beautiful trees that give the location a private and secluded feel despite only being 40 minutes away from Houston’s city center.

The close proximity to the city means that there are plenty of attractions and things to do nearby. Within the resort itself, there are plenty of social spaces, a clubhouse, fitness center, pool, hot tub, mini golf, and a beer garden. There is also a boardwalk on the lake where you can fish and do water sports.


  • Serene campsite setting to relax and unwind
  • Close proximity to Houston attractions
  • Plenty of amenities and activities on-site


  • The on-site activities and amenities can get loud from time to time which may not be relaxing for everyone

5. Village Creek State Park

If you love a campsite that offers you plenty of choices when it comes to the location within the site, Village Creek State Park is the perfect campsite for you.

Within the campsite, there are three separate camping grounds that give guests plenty of opportunities to explore Big Thicket.

If you want plenty of amenities, the Hilltop Campground is the perfect place to make camp. On the other end of the spectrum, the Creekside walk-in campground is a primitive campsite with only basic amenities.

The third option is a campsite dedicated to group camping which may be louder than the others.

This campsite is further out from Houston’s city center which means that the surroundings are all the more beautiful.


  • Multiple campsites to choose from
  • Different types of camping are separated for the best experience
  • Far enough away from the city to truly switch off and relax


  • The majority of activities around the site are nature-based which may be boring for some campers

6. Sheldon Lake RV Resort

If you are immersed in van life, a decent RV park should always be on your radar. The Sheldon Lake RV Resort could be the perfect place for you to stay during your trip to Houston.

This is a beautifully maintained RV park that is located close to the center of Houston. There are plenty of areas within the resort to socialize with your loved ones and other campers.

There are also plenty of amenities around the park including a laundry service, a clubhouse, a gym, BBQs, a games house with TV, and a coffee station among others.

The clubhouse and games house in particular makes this resort a great place to stay for families with children of all ages.


  • Well-maintained RV park with full hookups
  • An impressive range of amenities within the park
  • Plenty of places to socialize with friends and other campers


  • Located very close to the city which may not be ideal for some campers

7. Lake Livingston State Park

If you want to stay further out from the city, Lake Livingston State Park is the perfect location. The park is located almost 2 hours outside of Houston.

There are multiple campsites to choose from in the park. The best thing about the park is that all types of camping are available. Although, it is worth noting that certain campsites are only able to cater to specific types of camping such as RVs.

Lake Livingston State Park features 2.5 miles of stunning lake shoreline which you can explore. Guests can also access the 82,000-acre lake for various water activities.


One of the most popular water activities on the lake is fishing from the multiple piers, the bank, and boat ramps. Campers can also swim and paddleboard on the water.


  • Located far enough from the city to feel like a true escape from everyday life
  • Multiple scenic campsites to choose from
  • A stunning lake on-site for fishing and other water activities


  • The location may be too far away from the city for some campers

Campsite Booking Guide

Think About The Amenities You Want

There are many campsites in Houston that boast stunning views and surroundings. However, no matter how beautiful a campsite’s settings are, it can’t make up for the amenities you want from your camping experience.

For some people, there are very few amenities that they need while camping. If you are content with some running water and some washrooms, a primitive campsite would be fine for your trip.

However, if you like to keep some home comforts when you camp, a site with more amenities or even an RV park would be better. Most campsites will tell you what type of camping they allow and what amenities are available.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of beautiful campsites around Houston that all offer unique camping experiences. Whether you want to camp close to the city to visit attractions or you want to escape the city entirely, there will always be somewhere to make your perfect camping trip.

Discover How To Use The Power of Authority Marketing To Make You Money While You Adventure!

No Experience, Existing Product Or Technical Skills Are Required


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