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Best way to insulate windows for summer

During the van renovating process, heat and insulation is a consideration that comes up countless times! We need a van that we can keep cool but also warm and well insulated to ensure all the heat we want stays within the van.

It’s a common problem, so don’t trip yourselves up worrying about it! Windows, in particular, is an area of concern for many van owners.

We want to ensure that ample airflow is entering the van for a sweet sniff of fresh air, but we also need insulated windows. Yes, even in summer.

So how do you do this? Well, you stick with just van life and allow us to show you the ropes! We have the best way to insulate windows for summer and share that with you today; just keep reading to find out more!

Why should I insulate my windows?

You might be wondering, why do I need insulated windows for summer? Surely the warm weather will keep my van warm?

Well, although the sun does warm us up, it’s not always going to keep your van at the temperature you would like. Let’s look at a few of the reasons why you should insulate your windows for summer.

Privacy – having covers on your windows will ensure that the temperature stays perfect, and you won’t find anyone looking in. Especially for those that find themselves in busy campsites, having some privacy will allow you to relax and enjoy your trip.

Protection – the covers will prevent people from seeing in, stopping them from knowing what you have in your van! This will allow you to keep any valuables safe and stop thieves from breaking into your van.

Keeps your van warm – insulating your windows will stop heat from escaping from them and provide a fully insulated van. Windows are a common area that heat seeps through, often the last thing you want! While in the summer it is warmer, you might find yourself in colder climates or notice a drop in temperature during the nights. A well-insulated van will avoid this!

Best way to insulate windows for summer

Let’s get straight into it; here is the best way to insulate your van’s windows for the summer! The best, and affordable method, is one using Reflectix.

Have you never heard of it? That’s okay!

Reflectix is essentially bubble wrap placed between sheets of reflective silver film. These can be cut easily to the desired shape and are relatively thin, roughly ¼ of an inch. Reflectix has a range of uses and provides fantastic insulation, acting as a barrier to solar radiation.

To use Reflectix to insulate your windows, you will need a wide enough roll to cover your windows; usually, 48-inches wide will suffice. You will also need scissors, a marker, and a tape measure to complete the task at hand.

Once you have these materials, we can begin insulating your windows! First, measure the window you will be insulating. Measure from top to bottom and side to side, adding half each to each measurement. It’s best to note these down, so you have them to hand.

Be sure that you are measuring inside the window frame and not the outside, and include all sides if your window is a funky shape or features different sizes in the corners.

Next, using your marker and tape measure, mark out your dimensions on your Reflectix sheet. Remember to include an additional ½ inch to each measurement.

Mark out all dimensions onto the sheet so that you have an outline that matches your window. Once done, cut around the outline. As we have added ½ inch to each side, you have a larger margin of error while you cut. That being said, try and be as precise as possible when cutting here.

Once cut, you can place the Reflectix into the window, pressing firmly along the edges as you do, securing it into place. In most cases, the Reflectix will stay in place slightly larger than the window itself.

You will need to make sure that the Reflectix sits firmly against the window with little to no air between the glass and the sheet, ensuring that the insulation will be successful. Once it is secured, you can step back and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done!

You can add velcro to ensure that the Reflectix stays firmly in place if you wish; however, this is not entirely necessary.

If you do opt for adding velcro, make sure that it is an industrial grade, as the sun can melt the glue used in cheaper velcro, rendering it useless. Usually, velcro is not needed, but it is worth considering for those seeking an unbreakable connection.

And there you have it, the best way to insulate your windows in summer! It’s cheap, easy, and leaves you with insulation that you can remove with ease should you change your mind at a later date.

Reflectix is perhaps the most popular way to insulate your windows. Some users added a layer of colored material to the inside of their window covers, but that is an entirely personal choice! You won’t be sorry opting for Reflectix to insulate your van windows today!

Other methods:

Reflectix doesn’t seem like the method for you? Have no fear; it is not the only window insulation method you can opt to have an easy installation!

Window covers:

Window covers are a fantastic way to insulate your van in the summer without a hefty price tag. You can purchase your window covers from a variety of excellent brands on the market. These can usually be picked up at a reasonable price and work to keep your van insulated while also offering privacy.

DIY window covers are also an option to consider if you don’t wish to buy professional ones. Often Reflectix is the preferred material to use when creating your window covers, usually because of its low price tag and how easy it is to do!

Final Word

And just like that, we have reached the end of our window insulating journey! As you can see, Reflectix is a fantastic method that is sure to insulate your windows wonderfully in the summer. The affordable option is a firm favorite, and we bet you can see why now!

There are also plenty of other fantastic options that allow you to insulate your windows for the summer, whatever your budget or level of expertise might be!

However you choose to insulate your windows, we are sure that you will find the chosen method easy to follow and leave you with well-insulated windows for your long summer drives in your van.

Discover How To Use The Power of Authority Marketing To Make You Money While You Adventure!

No Experience, Existing Product Or Technical Skills Are Required


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