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The state of Utah is packed with wonderful landscapes and views, whether it’s the lush mixtures of green trees, large lakes, or massive desert expanses. And that isn’t even mentioning the enormous red rock canyons and gorges that loom over you!

It’s a fascinating location, with so much to see and do. As a result, it’s a great place for RV parks, and there’s loads available.

But what are the best RV parks in Utah? With so many to choose from, it can be hard to narrow the options down and find the one that’s going to be best for you and your RV – as well as the one that’s going to offer you the best views and facilities. 

Well, we’ve done the work for you! In our useful guide below, we’ve got a complete list of the best RV parks in Utah. With each one, we’ve got information on the Utah views you can enjoy, as well as the facilities and amenities of the RV park. Read on!

Why Use RV Parks In Utah?

Just before we get onto our list of the best RV parks in Utah, it’s worth highlighting the benefits of using Utah’s RV parks in the first place. After all, you might just stay in a hotel, or rent an apartment. 

This would be a waste, though! As we touched on in the intro, Utah is home to a stunning natural landscape, full of all kinds of jaw-dropping views. You’ve got deserts, lakes, forests, and so much more to explore. 

Naturally, an RV park is one of the best ways to explore the great outdoors, because it situates you outside. With your RV parked up at a camp, you can sit outdoors and take in the views, or explore the surrounding area.

If you were staying in a hotel, you may just stay inside the hotel building itself, or simply explore the surrounding city or town. With an RV park, you’re right on nature’s doorstep!

Best RV Parks In Utah

1. Cadillac Ranch RV Park

Where Is It? In Bluff, Utah, just off Highway 191

We’re starting our list off with this peaceful RV park over in the town of Bluff, Utah. For a start, this site offers full hookup capabilities. For those who don’t know, “Full hookup” refers to your RV getting water, septic, and electrical connections when there.

This is incredibly handy and will help to make your stay as simple and enjoyable as possible! Wi-Fi is also free at the site. 

As for the site itself, you’ll enjoy the stunning view of some red rock cliffs. There’s also a walking trail to enjoy around the area, which includes a pond. Showers and dumping facilities are available at a fee, and you can also buy wood on-site for making your own campfire. 

2. J&J RV Park

Where Is It? Found in Kanab, Utah

This next entry on our list is surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery you’re likely to find, not just in Utah, but the United States as a whole! In fact, essential sightseeing locations like the Zion, the Grand Canyon, and Bryce Canyon are all within driving distance from J&J RV Park. 

As for the site itself, you’ll get a full hookup of water, sewer, and electric connections. There are also showers to use, and the camp has free Wi-Fi. Usefully, there are also new modern laundry machines for you to do your washing with added ease!

As for activities, the camp is right near to downtown shopping and restaurants. 

3. Mountain Valley RV Resort

Where Is It? Found in Heber City, Utah

This high-rated RV park is in the lovely Heber City, which is an incredibly beautiful and tranquil spot in Utah. It’s right in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, meaning that you’ll be able to see these enormous natural features.

On top of that, it’s close to the Provo River, which is a relaxing spot to lounge next to – or even fish at. 

Speaking of activities, there are three swimming pools to enjoy, as well as courts for pickleball, volleyball, basketball, and more. You can also rent electric bikes to ride about on, as well as Polaris RZR vehicles.

4. Aspen Grove RV Park

Where Is It? Found in Tremonton, Utah

Next on our list is the Aspen Grove RV Park, which is an extremely neat and picturesque park with plenty of sites. You can get a full hookup here, too, which is essential.

Though there are loads of sites for loads of RVs, the site is far from cramped, with plenty of space between each site for you to have some privacy and seclusion.

As for amenities, the site has shower, bathroom, and laundry facilities for you to use, making it a very comfortable and clean stay. On top of that, there are plenty of games and activities to enjoy, such as pickle-ball, ladder-ball, corn-hole, and more.

Want some quiet? There’s even a zen garden to rest in. Want some noise? There’s a lounge with a TV.

5. Fossil Valley RV Park

Where Is It? Found in Vernal, Utah

The city of Vernal in Utah is famous for its Dinosaur Land park, full of attractions and large dinosaur statues. The Fossil Valley (appropriately named!) RV Park is right near to Dinosaur Land, giving you a prime attraction to visit when you’re not relaxing on site.

And relax you will! The site is calm and quiet thanks to the shady trees that surround it.

There are 60 sites available here, meaning plenty of space, and there’s wireless internet included too. Better yet, your RV gets full hookup. There are showers and restrooms to use, as well as laundry facilities. When it comes to retsing, you can play on the 5 acres of grass or eat at the picnic tables. 

Best RV Parks In Utah

6. OK RV Park

Where Is It? Found on Spanish Valley Drive in Moab, Utah

Over in the town of Moab, Utah, you’ll find this great RV park. It may call itself “OK RV Park”, but this park is more than “OK!” It’s great! For a start, Moab is full of some of the best views in Utah, with great desert stretches and amazing red rock cliffs.

This makes for great surroundings to enjoy when you’re sitting outside your RV, and the park offers full hookup too.

In a cool addition, those who don’t have an RV can use the park’s Glamping Options, with their deluxe tents. 

7. Red Ledge RV Park 

Where Is It? Found near Kanarraville, Utah

This RV park and campground is in a great location, because it’s near to loads of attractions: the Dixie National Forest, Navajo Lake, Zion National Park, and so much more. As for the site itself, there’s room to play basketball, and plenty of space for biking. 

8. Wonderland RV Park

Where Is It? Found at the Capitol Reef National Park, which is near Torrey, Utah

Capitol Reef National Park near Torrey, Utah is a must-see location when in the seat, so there’s no better place to stay nearby than the Wonderland RV Park. You can enjoy full hookup for your RV, and there are showers and restrooms to use too. 

As for activities, you can enjoy lawn games and do a bit of fishing nearby at Fish Lake too. Meanwhile, the Grand Staircase is an astonishing  example of the natural world nearby, with its amazing rocks and curves.

9. Mountain Meadows RV Park

Where Is It? Found inside Flaming Gorge Resort, Dutch John, Utah

This RV park, found at Utah’s Flaming Gorge Resort, is located in a great forest setting. This makes it extra peaceful, with the tall trees and lush green surrounding you as you camp out with your RV.

There are 21 full hookup sites here, which is very useful, and each site has its own picnic table for you to enjoy your meals at privately.

As for activities, you can enjoy the best that the Flaming Gorge Resort has to offer! For example, the Flaming Gorge Car show is a great trip for you and your family, full of classic cars and delicious food. There’s even fireworks in the evening!

If you want something more mellow, though, you can find workshops to learn watercolor painting at too. 

10. Leeds RV Park & Motel

Where Is It? Found in Leeds, Utah

We’re finishing our list with this RV park in Leeds, which is a great location, because it’s near to all sorts of activities. If you’re someone who wants to immerse yourself in the town life, then you can shop in Leeds, while those who want to escape to the outdoors will enjoy the hiking and sightseeing opportunities nearby. 

The park offers full hookup, as well as clean showers and restrooms to use. There’s also laundry and kitchen facilities, as well as a picnic area and pavilion to enjoy your food at.

Final Thoughts

Utah’s gorgeous landscape is packed with RV parks – use our guide to find your new favorite!

Discover How To Use The Power of Authority Marketing To Make You Money While You Adventure!

No Experience, Existing Product Or Technical Skills Are Required


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