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Pocket knives are incredibly handy tools that can be useful for a variety of situations while you’re traveling, whether you’re going camping or just going for a day trip, a small portable pocket knife will always have its uses.

Just the same as other regular knives however, pocket knives after prolonged use will start becoming blunt and can decrease in effectiveness quite rapidly if not maintained and sharpened regularly.

This can lead to you needing to either send the knife back for repair or worse, having to buy a new one entirely.

Pocket knife sharpeners are therefore just as important to bring with you as the pocket knife itself, however the quality, weight, material and multiple other factors can drastically change the performance of a sharpener.

Therefore to ensure you know exactly what to look for, below we have compiled some of the best pocket knife sharpeners on the market today that you should definitely consider picking up to keep your pocket knife in top shape.

DMD Mini Double Side Whetstone

DMD Mini Double Side Whetstone-Diamond Ceramic Pocket Knife Sharpener | Outdoor Knife Sharpener | Portable Diamond Abrasive Tools | Good Partner for Various Outdoor Activities

A sharpener that is effective but also extremely portable being just 4×2 inches, the DMD Double Side Whetstone is very compact and can easily be taken when traveling without any need to worry about weight or the object being too cumbersome because of how tightly designed it is.

This is not to say it’s not good at sharpening however, the whetstone comes with two sides, the one for sharpening is made of high quality 200 grit electroplating diamond which can sharpen a blade in just a few minutes, and the other side is a flat and hard ceramic plate which adds a little shine to the blade after you’re done sharpening.

You can use this sharpener dry or with water or sharpening oil and it can be easily maintained and cleaned to ensure you get a lot of use out of it down the line.

In terms of portability, this sharpener is the best on the market right now that can still effectively sharpen a pocket knife thanks to its materials.


  • Very small and portable
  • 200 grit diamond plating 
  • Double sided to sharpen and shine blade 
  • Very cheap 


  • Diamond coating can peel off gradually after prolonged use
DMD Mini Double Side Whetstone-Diamond Ceramic Pocket Knife Sharpener | Outdoor Knife Sharpener | Portable Diamond Abrasive Tools | Good Partner for Various Outdoor Activities
  • HIGH-QUALITY ELECTROPLATING DIAMOND: The coarse diamond plate is coated with high quality 400# diamond for quickly touch up the blade.
  • SUPER HARD & FLAT CERAMIC PLATE: Our extra fine ceramic plate provides a fine stage for polishing the blades.
  • PORTABLE: Size 3*1*1/4". Easy to store in any place within reach. Can be an EDC sharpener carries everyday everywhere.
  • EASY TO USE AND MAINTAIN: Simply use it dry or with water or sharpening oil. Either way is fine for sharpening. Please clean and dry the whetstone after sharpening to prevent getting rust.
  • GOOD CHIOCE:We offer 60-DAYS hassle-free 100% REFUND GUARANTEE and Lifetime diamond wear out WARRANTY.

ZELRAY Knife Sharpening Stone Set

ZELRAY Knife Sharpening Stone Set - Dual Grit 400/1000 & 3000/8000 - Whetstone Knife Sharpener with Flattening Stone, Angle Guide & Anti Cut Gloves

For another whetstone option that is a little more pricey but comes with a few extra additions that can be a great, portable option for beginners, the ZELRAY Sharpening Stone Sets are an all in one package that includes everything you need to use a whetstone sharpener right away, along with guidance on how to use it.

The kit comes with two sharpening stones, one with a grit level of 400/1000 which is perfect for just grinding and fixing big gaps or removing burrs from a pocket knife, and the other with 3000/8000 which is more heavy duty that can sharpen a dull knife back to it’s normal sharp state and refine a knife edge.

This not only makes the stones very versatile being able to be used on essentially any knives depending on how blunt they are, it also makes the product extremely long lasting especially since the high grade aluminum material coating is also incredibly durable and is sure not to peel off quickly. 

The extra additions really finish this sharpener off and makes it a perfect option if you are just starting out and would like a little assistance on sharpening a blade.

Along with the whetstones the kit includes a non slip bamboo base to keep cutting steady, a pair of anti cut gloves to minimize any accidents, an angle guide to teach you the best methods of cutting and even a flattening stone.


  • All in one package 
  • Two sharpening whetstones included 
  • Great grit levels makes it multipurpose and long-lasting 
  • Helpful additions including bamboo base and angle guide
  • Perfect for beginners learning how to sharpen


  • Slightly more expensive 
ZELRAY Knife Sharpening Stone Set - Dual Grit 400/1000 & 3000/8000 - Whetstone Knife Sharpener with Flattening Stone, Angle Guide & Anti Cut Gloves
  • PREMIUM BUNDLE - Your professional knife sharpening kit comes with 2 high-grade whetstones, a flattening stone, non-slip bamboo base, angle guide & more - all beautifully packaged in a gift box.
  • DUAL SIDED - Our sharpening stones have been hand-made from extremely robust white fused alumina. Use the rough grit to return edges to their original shape & the fine grid for finishing & polishing.
  • RAZOR SHARP RESULTS - Say goodbye to dull knives! Sharpen your blades with Zelray's best sharpening stones for knives & you will cut meat, fish, vegetables, cheese, bread & whatever effortlessly.
  • NO ACCIDENTS & NO SLIPS - To ensure your safety while sharpening your blade, we have included an angle guide for stability, a non-slip bamboo base & a pair of anti-cut gloves to minimize risks.
  • MULTIPURPOSE USE - Our chef's blade sharpener is highly durable & long-lasting. You can use this top-notch whet stone kit to sharpen any type of blade out there - get razor sharp-results with Zelray!

Lansky PS-MEDO1

Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic

A classic looking option that is not a whetstone but still easy to take with you and very durable when it comes to sharpening pocket knives, the beauty of the Lansky sharpener is both how portable it is and just how many tools you can use it for, making it the perfect addition to always take with you when venturing through the wild.

This product is a 4 in 1 knife sharpener meaning it has 4 components all with different uses.

The sturdy tungsten carbide area is the main compartment used for restoring a blade and can be done in as little as 3 to 4 strokes depending on the state of the blade.

The slot right next to it is for ceramic finishing, polishing a finished edge to give it a nice glossy aftereffect.

It also comes with a serrated knife sharpener that can easily fit into even the smallest of serrations that have gone blunt in a knife, and finally a diamond tapered rod which can be taken out and layered over a knife to recondition the gut hook in no time.

Being able to sharpen most standard pocket knives in just a few moments with its durable materials along with it being extremely lightweight and having multiple departments attached to one sharpener, this product is essential for when you need something quick and easy to use and don’t mind too much about having the biggest and best materials out there.


  • 4 compartments in 1 sharpener 
  • Tungsten carbide is very durable material 
  • Serrated knife sharpener addition 
  • Very lightweight


  • More suited for light service rather than heavy duty 
Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic
  • Tungsten Carbide Tungsten Carbide- Just three or four strokes will restore your blade.
  • Ceramic Sharpening Rods- Tungsten Carbide Polish to a finished edge in three or four strokes.
  • Serrated Knife Sharpener- Designed to get inside even the smallest serrations.
  • Diamond Tapered Rod- For fast reconditioning and maintenance.
  • Sharpening angles are pre-set at 22. 5º to achieve a 45º inclusive angle

RAZORSHARP Knife Sharpener

RAZORSHARP Knife Sharpener. Convenient Angle Adjustment Knob For All Knives. Sharpen And Polish, Diamond, Ceramic, Extra Sturdy Grip With Rubber Base.

One of the best quality sharpeners on the market today with a stylish and sheen design, the RAZORSHARP Knife Sharpener has three slots; sharpen, polish and scissors.

The diamond and ceramic sharpening tips in the sharpen and polish compartments are incredibly durable and have a handy angle guide written just under to let you know what angle to sharpen each knife at including the best position to use to fully sharpen a pocket knife. 

This angle guide is especially handy because rather than having to remember the angles of several knives that could end in accidents if not done correctly, you can now take multiple knives such as hunting, filet and kitchen knives along with you and know exactly how to refine their edges. 

To make angling even easier, the sharpener comes with a fully adjustable sharpening toggle which can be adjusted to your liking to make sure you can keep a steady hand.

The toggle itself even has the measurements along it to make one of the trickiest parts of sharpening a pocket knife that much easier.

This sharpener is also very versatile, being able to sharpen essentially any knives regardless of size along with having a compartment entirely dedicated to sharpening scissors which can make the tool that much handier to keep around the house.


  • Great angle guidance 
  • Efficient diamond and ceramic material 
  • 3 clearly set out compartments 
  • Easy to see reference guides 
  • Comes with carrying pouch 


  • Quite expensive 
RAZORSHARP Knife Sharpener. Convenient Angle Adjustment Knob For All Knives. Sharpen And Polish, Diamond, Ceramic, Extra Sturdy Grip With Rubber Base.
  • ✓ ADJUSTABLE SHARPENING ANGLE -- Sharpen all of your knives with a single sharpener. Western style and Asian style knives are both OK. Adjust between 14-24 degrees of sharpening.
  • ✓ HIGH DENSITY ABS PLASTIC -- Durable and shaped for maximum control and safety while sharpening.
  • ✓ DIAMOND & CERAMIC SHARPENING TIPS -- Sharpen using long life materials that won’t dull your knife over time.
  • ✓ STURDY HANDLE & UNDERSIDE GRIPS -- Non-slip rubber grips improve stability during sharpening. The handle is contoured to allow for a comfortable yet sturdy grip.
  • ✓ DESIGNED IN THE USA -- Built with high quality, durable, safe, and long lasting materials.

Smith’s CCKS 2-Step Knife Sharpener

Smith's CCKS 2-Step Knife Sharpener , Yellow

The most affordable option on this list that is still extremely effective and will be sure to keep a pocket knife topped up at all times, this sharpener is fitted with crossed ceramic rods which you slide the knife through to create a razor sharp edge in just a few minutes.

This ceramic side is 1500 grit making it very durable and able to sharpen some of the heavier pocket knives, with the carbide side adding a bit of extra gloss to a knife. 

The sharpener is very lightweight, compact and portable but it does come with some additions to make sharpening easier such as a non-slip rubber footing for some added safety and even preset sharpening angles which can be used as a great reference.

For just how cheap this sharpener is, it comes with so many additions and such great sharpening materials that it is a must buy if you need something affordable that you can ensure will still keep your pocket knives sharp and ready to be used.


  • Great price point 
  • Durable 1500 grit ceramic rods 
  • Lightweight and portable 
  • Non-slip rubber base 
  • Preset sharpening angles 


  • Not ideal for heavy duty pocket knives
  • Not very multipurpose 
Smith's CCKS 2-Step Knife Sharpener , Yellow
  • Crossed Carbide Blades Provide Quick Edge Setting
  • Crossed Ceramic Rods Provide a Razor Sharp Edge
  • Non-Slip Rubber Feet for Added Safety.
  • Excellent for use on all types of knives, especially filet knives

Work Sharp Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener

Work Sharp Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener

If you need a sharpener that grants you full accuracy and efficiency and that you would like to use on multiple knives alongside pocket knives, this product is definitely larger than the others but it makes up for it with how modern and state of the art the features are.

This product is a 3 sided abrasive jig and clamp style sharpener that makes manual sharpening incredibly fast and more accurate than ever by using tri-brasive technology. 

The material used within the clamp is a mixture of fine diamond and fine ceramic stone, allowing a knife to not only be sharpened up but also come out with a nice glossy sheen after it’s been finished.

The clamp itself used for holding the knife in place and sharpening can be removed and adjusted to however you would like, ensuring that the knife will not get crushed or that the clamp is ever too loose. 

It also comes with one of the best angling systems a sharpener can have with a sharpening angle that can be easily adjusted from 15 to 30 degrees allowing you to sharpen how you would like with full accuracy and precision.

This sharpener works excellently on pocket knives refining smaller models in as little as 30 seconds and being able to still accurately and efficiently sharpen bigger more heavy duty models too.

Because of how durable the material is, you can also sharpen a whole range of other knives including filet, hunting and kitchen knives and while the sharpener may not be the most portable, it’s a perfect choice if you want the most accurate and refined knives possible to prepare before you venture outside.


  • Incredibly accurate tri-brasive technology
  • Durable and effective fine diamond and ceramic material 
  • Suitable for all pocket knife sizes and weights 
  • Very easy to use
  • Adjustable angle system 


  • Slightly heavier and not very portable 
Work Sharp Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener
  • The Work Sharp Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener is an angle guided, 3-sided abrasive jig-and-clamp style sharpener that makes manual sharpening faster, easier and more precise than ever.
  • ADJUSTABLE, REPEATABLE - Sharpening angle can be easily adjusted from 15°- 30°, in 1° increments.
  • TRI-BRASIVE ROD - Quickly index between coarse and fine diamond and fine ceramic stone.
  • V BLOCK CLAMP - Removable clamp secures knife safely and consistently.
  • 3-YEAR WARRANTY - protects every Work Sharp tool against defects due to workmanship or design

Buyer’s Guide

While knife sharpeners can be very easy to use once you get the hang of them, before jumping straight in it is always worth researching some key considerations about a sharpening kit that can make it very effective and durable in the long term. 

This is extremely important for pocket knives as they require regular maintenance to stay at their best, and rather than buying multiple sharpeners one after another which can end up costing a large amount of money, it can be more worth your time just quickly checking some of these factors listed below.

Material & Grit Level 

The material of a sharpening stone or device is incredibly important because it can dictate how fast and how well a knife’s blade will be sharpened.

Ceramic is one of the most common surfaces and is made up of combined ceramic particles combined and turned into one stone.

Ceramic stone is one of the most efficient ways to sharpen blades and can come in a variety of grit levels to choose from.

Diamond coated stones and layers are often a little better than ceramic simply because it does not wear out being the hardest natural material on Earth.

Diamond coated sharpeners are known for removing material extremely quickly so you won’t need to sharpen long, the only downside is that when you first get a diamond sharpener it can sometimes remove material too quickly, however this is mitigated over time.

Grit level found on most sharpeners is also incredibly important with each level providing for particular kinds of knives:

  • 400 – 1000 grit: Perfect for fixing big gaps and restoring sharpness to damaged or chipped edges 
  • 1000 – 3000 grit: Quickly sharpen small edges of knives and can sharpen knives and tools that are only slightly dull 
  • 3000 – 8000 grit: Ultra fine finishing, makes the edge of most knives extremely sharp no matter how dull and refines the blade with a polished finish 

For pocket knives, up to 3000 grit will often be enough to efficiently sharpen a blade even if it is just a little dull, however don’t be afraid to test higher grit levels for more efficiency and durability in the long term.


Because pocket knives are made for portability the size of a sharpener should match this.

Knife sharpeners that are easy to use, compact but still made of good and sturdy materials are the best options to use for pocket knives since they have been known to dull fairly easily when using them outdoors, so a handy sharpener that you can bring out at any time is ideal.

Bigger sharpeners can still be used and are often more accurate and will leave a blade sharper for longer, they are however much heavier and harder to take into the field so it can be a better idea to use them at home to sharpen up any pocket or other knives ready for an occasion.


The angling required to sharpen a knife is one of the trickier parts of honing a blade and is where the most accidents happen, this is particularly the case with pocket knives which are often smaller and require that extra bit of precision. 

Always look for an angling guide or reference on a sharpening kit as these can save you having to memorize the exact positioning needed to sharpen certain knives.

Better yet, some sharpeners have adjustable angling toggles that can create the angle for you, largely mitigating any mistakes from happening.

It is often agreed that for most knives a 15 to 20 degree angle is perfect for providing the best results.

For a blade cutting through softer materials you can use an angle under 10 degrees while cutlery is often between 15 to 17.

Pocket knives which often experience more abuse are usually refined at a 17 degree angle and can reach up to 30 depending on the sturdiness and weight of the blade.

Any angles over 30 degrees are often reserved for larger edged blades that rely on staying sharp for their particular purpose, these include machetes, cleavers and axes.


Pocket knives are the best type of knife for the outdoors, they are sharp, portable and extremely handy when you may find yourself in a tricky situation.

This however means that the blades will become damaged rather quickly from the intensive cutting and chopping you could be doing, so a sharpening kit for pocket knives is especially important to make sure it doesn’t fail on you unexpectedly.

While smaller and more compact models are often the go to when it comes to pocket knife sharpeners, bigger and more accurate sharpeners are still very effective so feel free to browse the available options and consider some of these listed products that can all help keep your pocket knife sharp and reliable. 

Discover How To Use The Power of Authority Marketing To Make You Money While You Adventure!

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