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Van lifers and Campers usually want to spruce their camper vans with some nice lighting during the night and what is highly recommended is a couple of 12Volts lighting. These lights not only illuminate the van and the area but also give a more relaxing vibe for your camper. Lighting sets the mood and makes a big impact on the interior and exterior of a van. Their many uses range from the practical to the decorative but left to you to decide which suits your camper van. In this article, what will be discussed are the best practical 12V lightings suitable for RVs or camper vans. When you do have a long vacation or time to spend out on the road for days, you would have to worry about how the nights will be spent. It is pitch black outside and you probably want to stay out long, considering that, you switch on the lights, both interior and exterior, any of your choice. With this, you can have and enjoy the time of your life without having to worry about anything, then you can even take a beach chair and crack open a beer.

Buying Guide

Some campers are new in purchasing the right 12V lighting for their RVs or camper vans. Selecting the right lighting is always difficult. Thus, they must know the key things to look out for before proceeding to buy any. Due to the lack of the right buying guide, many have fallen victims of fake products in the market. Though there are many options available, it is recommended to go through the following checklist that helps you in finalizing the perfect one, as per your needs and requirements. Our technology of bringing together a list depends on important factors such as

Product Value

The brand is as important as anything. Therefore, if you’re in search of a modern and sleek 12V ultra lighting, insist on getting a good brand that is guaranteed and risk-free because there are several fake items out there looking like the original that will do nothing but complicate things. The type and quality you opt-in to determine how best you enjoy the night. There are different 12V lighting products and the best would be listed in this article. Therefore, carefully select that which suits your taste. It is more advisable to buy more reputable brands.


As you’ve taken note of the producer or brandyou’ll also want to take note of the price. Regardless of how much you love and desire an item, if there is no money, then it’s futile. This is one of the factors to consider before purchasing any item. You need to look into your wallet first, then set a budget based on which you can find the best. Getting a quality 12V light with the right features might be more costly. So, to get an idea, you need to check the internet and browse some of the products. Having known the average price, you are good to go. If it is above your budget and very much interested in it, you could save up to ensure you purchase it. Products with high quality do not come at a cheap price but still affordable. While you do want to save money on cheaper LED lights, it is suggested that you purchase the endorsed and genuine brands, otherwise your light might burn out faster than you’d expect. The ones that will be mentioned are all reasonably priced and are from reputable brands. 

Bulb voltage

The most important of all is the voltage of the light. If it’s not a 12V light, then it’s a No. There are times when some sellers will try to sell you lights that are not of such voltage, all you need to do is to be careful. The indication to see if it is suitable is to check the voltage. There are diverse lights that look alike but with different volts, so ensure the bulb weighs 12 volts.

Lasting power

One other thing to put into consideration before purchasing a 12V light is its longevity. This will determine how long it will last when it is on. Usually, it will be indicated on the manual how many hours it will last for before it runs out. However, if you want to be sure, then one surefire way to do that would be to check if there is an aluminum heat sink. If there happens to be an aluminum heat sink that comes along with the light, then it most likely can last for a pretty long time. You could also check customer reviews and ratings of the desired product. The original and verified products last for a long time and provide massive energy savings.

Some Van lifers are lovers of color. Especially colors that will give the van a very cool and relaxing vibe. 12V lights are available in the following color ranges, Warm white, Cool white and Natural white. Cool white seems brighter than the normal white and sometimes looks bluish. Warm white is designed to have a similar glow as incandescent bulbs. Natural white lies somewhere in between cool and warm. 

More so, before heading out to the store, count the number of bulbs you need to change. The installation requires no special tools. Simply remove the dome housing of the fixture. Unscrew the incandescent bulb, put in the new LED bulb and you are done.  

1.Risestar Porch Lights-4.5inch LED Ceiling Lights Fixture 12V

Risestarb Porch Light is one of the best 12V lighting products to discuss in this article. You might have been bothered about purchasing the right light that you can use in the van. Well, you need not worry anymore because this is the right choice to make. This unique product has been strategically designed and ordered to provide a graduated feel with the right ratio of light that is needed. It has a very strong lighting power and doesn’t use up that much electricity. It consumes lower power of your vehicle battery while providing efficient lighting, while it also adds great functionality to any area for lighting. Its dimmable design is without a flicker to meet your different demands.

This dome light high quality LED chip has a life expectancy of more than 60,000 hours. The LEDs are placed on an aluminum base. One remarkable feature of this light is that its lens is made of fire-resistant PC materials. This ceiling light is built in 6 pcs super bright 5730SMD LED chips. It only has 4 Watts and provides more than 350 lumens of brightness. It provides smooth and even light distribution without casting the shadow.

It is dimmable if wired to a proper dimmer. However, it is also easy to install as it includes 2 Lead Wires for Power and comes with nuts and screws to hold it in place directly, no electrical tapes required. Suitable for ceiling or wall surface mounting. The low profile was key for our setup and the plastic covers twist into place fairly easily. Very voltage-dependent. Touch-button is nice but must be kept touching to turn on if connected to a main power source switch. You and your friends or family can enjoy a nice night or relaxing dinner because of the lights. It gives the right feel that you desire.

  1. Facon LED Pancake Dome Light Puck

The summer season is an excellent time to hit the road for a super fun and incredible road trip. And if it’s a Van Lifer who usually is on the road most of the days, any which way, getting a 12V light to set the mood of the van is one of the most important things to get. Spending the night with no light in the van makes the night boring and scary so, that is why it is ideal to purchase a quality light. If you want something unique, then opt for Facon LED Pancake Dome Light. Though the design isn’t their only appeal as it has the features you’d look for in a light. Facon 12V lighting product is efficient because it’s got a powerful beam that allows it to shine brightly in the Van or RV during the night. Aside from power, the materials used to make it are top-notch. The materials are all environment-friendly.

The material allows the light to significantly bright your vehicle. Each light fixture emits 280 lumens and 3400K warm white soft light to protect your eye. It also provides 4W power to save your vehicle battery power. Moreover, unlike some, it comes with convenience On and Off Switch. It includes 2-Wire Design, lead wire for power (Black wire) and also a ground wire (White wire). The size of the 12V Facon LED Pancake Dome Light is, the length 5 7/8” and Width 3 3/4” and Height 1”. The perfect looking nice Classic Style Oval Pancake LED Dome Light glows with a warm white frosted lens and a diffuse uniform light output. One basic feature of this brand is that it has passed the US Standard Certification which makes it tested, verified and endorsed. As a perfect travel companion that provides you an exceptional balance of convenience, comfort and functionality with unique features, it is quite affordable as it doesn’t require you to break a bank before purchasing it. In other words, it is a product built with the budget of its users in mind.

  1. Kohree G4 LED Bulb 12V AC/DC Bi-Pin Base Ceiling Recessed Puck Light Bulb 

To fully enjoy the mind-blowing view of the amazing night sky with the breathtaking fresh air that comes with it, set the mood with this amazing 12V lighting model while watching the TV or listening to the stereo, or lying on the mattress. The beauty of traveling in a campervan is that you are almost going around. To enjoy all of the exciting days and most especially nights, invest in a peerless and high-quality light to put in the van. Kohree G4 LED Bulb is a pack of 4 direct replacement bulbs. It offers a functional quality design with excellent performance while having sensational features in abundance. Compatible with 12V AC/DC applications. It has 3000 Kelvin emitting cozy warm white light which is 220lm, much lighter than the halogen ones. It also has up to 25,000 hours of life span, reduces the frequency of replacing light bulbs and saves your maintenance cost as halogens or incandescent bulbs keep burning out which is costly and time-consuming. There is no need to worry about the light consuming too much battery from your vehicles as its energy draw is only 2 Watts. This model produces less heat and it is cool to the touch when on. The energy-efficient LED temperature stays lower inside your campers. No more hotness like incandescent bulbs. More so, there’s no worry about the light as the fixtures don’t melt due to leaving the lights on for a very long time. With this model, there is no flickering and no electromagnetic interference. It is versatile as it is also used for cabinet lighting, mini recessed lighting, closet lighting fixture, cabin puck light fixtures, reading lamp, downlights and many others. The amazing thing about this product is its lifetime customer service. Full responsibility is taken for the product and customer dissatisfaction. So even when you are not comfortable with the product, you can easily contact them for help. Meanwhile, purchasing Kohree G4 LED Bulb helps to save your money as it is quite affordable.

  1. Kohree 12 Volt RV Led Light Bulbs 

Another on the list of the best 12V lighting products is Kohree 12 Volt RV Led Light Bulbs. Like the previous one, it is also one of the models produced by Kohree to meet up with customer’s demand in the market. This is highly suited for Van travelers. The numerous features embedded are enough to attract a Van lifer into purchasing it. Asides being used in the Van, it is perfect for use in the boat, house, etc. this model from Kohree will bring a whole lot of illumination in the van. It is a perfect pack of three pieces BA15S LED replacement bulbs which have 5 LEDs. With this LED, it creates a 300-degree viewing angle for better lights but less hot spots are perfect for RV bathroom, bedroom, ceiling dome light and many more. Meanwhile, it is not only limited for indoor use but can also be used for outdoor activities. This unique and ultra-light has 3W 300 lumens light bulb, which is equivalent to a 20W halogen bulb. It decreases power consumption while offering a long span of about 30,000 hours, which is 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs. This feature is enough to get attracted to it. However, it is also a budget-friendly model. You don’t have to go through any stress to purchase it. It is one of the best valuable lighting models on the shelves today. Asides from its longevity, it has a 400K color temperature, thus providing a stable natural white light with no flickering and humming. For Van lifers, if it has some interference to electro devices when light and devices are too close, kindly adjust the position to reduce the interference. Like other aforementioned brands, it is also easy to install. For easy plug and play installation, remove the old bulb, replace the new one, just twist to lock in place and it’s done. Moreover, with the appropriate size, these classic round bulbs made of high-quality materials perfectly match with your RV bathroom. 

  1. ALOVECO LED RV Ceiling Interior Lights

The last best 12V Lighting product to be mentioned in the article is ALOVECO LED RV Ceiling Interior Light. The list is incomplete without mentioning this model. Just like the previous one, it is designed specifically to be used on the ceiling. A high-end model and as such offers versatile and exceptional functions. The material used in making this model makes this incredibly secure and durable. Made with full aluminum. The aluminum shell is good at heat dissipation and anti-corrosion which as a result, extends the lifespan of these RV interior lighting to 50000 hours. It is more durable and delicate than other traditional plastic RV double dome ceiling light fixtures. Inclusive is the 18 inch SMD LEDs, the 4 by 240 lumens that brighten the interior of your RV than 4 by180 lumen RV lights.

With ALOVECO, there is no dazzling as you can make it dimmable to meet your different demands. It also produces 3W for each light. It saves energy as it lowers down 2.5 times consumption than others making it more efficient and guaranteed. Furthermore, it is a 0.52″ super slim RV interior lights, has a recessed design to save space, and importantly a 12-volt working voltage suit for your RV. ALOVECO stands out from the competition on the account of its modern and sleek design and superior construction amongst others. It has created excellent value for money and also won the heart of several van lifers.

As reliable as it is, it’s also easy to install. No screws needed, just put the RV lights into the hole after connecting the power supply. For easy installation with newbies, it comes with an installation guide. A top-notch product packaging. Other features include a lighting angle of 120 degrees, color temperature, warm white, 300K, light dimensions; outer diameter of 2.75’’, an inner diameter of 2.16’’ and with a height of 0.6’’.


LED lights do not only illuminate your way through your van but also add elegance to the look of your RV. Lightings are as essential as any other van life items. Here is the list of the best bulbs for RV and vans. We know you have chosen the ideal model for your campervan. Make sure you consider the factors as well as features in the buying guide before purchasing any lighting options.


Discover How To Use The Power of Authority Marketing To Make You Money While You Adventure!

No Experience, Existing Product Or Technical Skills Are Required


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