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For those looking to get themselves back amongst nature, visiting Wisconsin’s Lake Geneva is a great way to experience the outdoors again.

Nestled amongst this beauty are plenty of great campsites for you to stay at and explore, allowing you to disconnect from the bustle of everyday life, and soak in some of the tranquil atmosphere around the lake.

Whether you’re a seasoned camping enthusiast or are just looking for somewhere to spend your first night under the stars, this guide will provide you with a list of some of the best campsites you can find surrounding Lake Geneva that will help to make your experience an enjoyable one.

Each of these camps is set to provide you with modern amenities and natural beauty, which will prove to be the perfect base from which you can get out and explore the surrounding area.

So, pack your gear and join us as we immerse ourselves in Wisconsin’s natural beauty with these incredible campsites!

Big Foot Beach State Park Campgrounds

Not far from the shores of Lake Geneva itself is Big Foot Beach, State Park.

This park is the perfect choice of retreat for anyone who is looking to make the most of their time in Wisconsin, and who is looking for the perfect place to stay as they explore the surrounding area.

Alongside the crystal-clear waters found on the swimming beach, and the 5 miles of hiking trails available for you to explore, you’ll be able to choose from the 100 wooded campsites found in the park, each with picnic areas, pit toilets, and showers.

In addition to this, there are also gravel pads and fire rings too.

34 of these sites have electrical hookups should you need them, and there are also sewage dump stations on site too, which will help to ensure that you leave the site exactly as you found it.

Reservations can be made on their website, which will ensure that there’s a spot ready and waiting for you when you arrive!

  • Location – 1550 S. Lake Shore Drive, Lake Geneva, WI 53147

Coachman’s Terrace Park Campgrounds

If you’re looking for somewhere which is going to provide you with plenty of amenities, and more importantly, somewhere you can take your RV, then why not give Coachman’s Terrace Park Campgrounds a try?

You’ll still be away from busy life, but without cutting yourself off completely from the outside world.

This park has everything you could possibly want on-site for a relaxing stay, including water and electricity access, wifi, a storage area for your boats and jet skis, a sewage dump station, a dog walking area, a laundry room, and more.

In terms of entertainment and activities, there are all of the usual lake activities such as water sports, fishing, and boating, while if you prefer to swim in chlorinated water, there’s a swimming pool on-site.

Nearby you’ll also be able to make use of the trails for hiking and biking, and there are even three different professional golf courses within a 5-mile radius too.

For a great time exploring Lake Geneva in an RV, then Coachman’s Terrace Park Campgrounds simply can’t be ignored!

  • Location – W3540 State Rd. 50, Lake Geneva, WI 53147

Elkhorn Campgrounds

When it comes to finding the right campgrounds for you, it’s all about deciding what level of amenities and frills you want.

For those who are looking for simple, no-fuss campgrounds that are going to provide you with the basic amenities but nothing more, then Elkhorn Campgrounds is the perfect place to stay.

Located just 10 minutes away from Lake Geneva, this site is situated on the Walworth County Fairgrounds, and no matter whether you’re pitching a tent or staying in your camper, you’ll get access to electricity and water during your stay.

In addition to this, there are clean bathroom and shower facilities, community fire pits, rentable shelters and activity centers, and picnic tables for you to use too. Of course, there are also sewage dump sites you can use as well.

Overall, Elkhorn Campgrounds is an excellent place to camp if you’re looking for somewhere that is simple and effective, but provides you with the necessities you need for a successful camping trip!

  • Location – 411 E. Court St. Elkhorn, WI 53121

Camp Kettlewood

Whether you’re a lover of the outdoors or prefer to stay at home with your comforts, Camp Kettlewood has accommodation options for both types of campers.

This boutique campsite offers guests a private slice of the forest for them to enjoy. Situated just a 30-minute drive from Lake Geneva, it makes for an unforgettable place to stay if you want to try something new.

With a range of accommodation options available, including vintage camping trailers from the 50s to the 70s, you’ll be able to camp in style and comfort without ever having to lay on the ground.

There are also platform tents, which come with canvas overlays and mosquito netting, allowing you to get a true camping experience.

Meanwhile, those who want to avoid camping can stay in the antique scout cabins, with some of the cabins dating back to the 1940s! With authentic vintage décor, you’ll be transported back in time.

There are two flushable toilets available for use, as well as two open-air showers too, which will help you to take care of yourself during your time staying at Camp Kettlewood.

So, if you want to explore the beauty of Lake Geneva and the surrounding area, then why not consider going to a boutique and staying at Camp Kettlewood?

  • Location – W3524 State Rd 20, East Troy, WI 53120

Camp Wandawega

For a trip back in time, Camp Wandawega can simply not be missed.

While it lacks any of the modern conveniences we’ve become so accustomed to, it makes up for it with its vintage charm, where you’ll be transported back to much simpler times to enjoy some old-fashioned nature exploration.

While pitching your tent or camper here isn’t allowed, there are a variety of different accommodation options available here, including canvas tent-like cabins, 3 platform scout tents, tipis, and more, all of which will provide you with the camping experience, without having to do any of the work.

For food and drink, the camp has its dining hall, where you can enjoy some freshly prepared and delicious food, while there are also some retreats you can partake in too, including art, music, theatre, food, and more.

This resort might not quite be what you’re used to, but it certainly makes for an experience and a trip that you will never forget!

  • Location – W5453 Lake View, Elkhorn, WI 53121

Snug Lake Harbor

The final campground on our list, Snug Lake Harbor is a campground that aims to cater to all of the camping lovers you can find out there today.

This includes those who are looking to pitch up a tent and enjoy a night under the stars, those who prefer to spend their night in an RV, or the option of staying in the standard park model trailer, which will ensure you sleep comfortably.

On-site, you’ll be able to find all of the modern conveniences you need to be able to make your stay a comfortable one, including full electricity hookup, showers and bathrooms, a laundromat, and access to ice and firewood too.

Tent sites have the option of camping with or without access to electricity, so if you’re looking to experience some outdoor sleeping without any of the excess frills, then you can choose not to!

At Snug Lake Harbor, you’ll be just a 20-minute drive away from Lake Geneva, which gives you the perfect opportunity to explore the lake’s beautiful scenery, as well as much of the surrounding area too.

So, if you need a campground that is going to welcome you no matter your choice of camping accommodation, then Snug Lake Harbor is the place for you.

  • Location – W7772 Wisconsin Pkwy, Delavan, WI 53115

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is There To Do At Lake Geneva?

No matter what age you are, there are plenty of activities to get up to at Lake Geneva, whether it’s boating, paddle boarding, lake cruises, hiking and biking on the trails, or visiting the market of Lake Geneva, you’ll be sure to find something you’ll enjoy.

When Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Lake Geneva?

If you want to get out there and explore Lake Geneva to its full potential, then summer is the best time to visit, as the warm weather will ensure that you’re able to enjoy all of the activities.

This is also unsurprisingly peak season, which means it will be busy!

Final Thoughts

We hope that this guide to the best campsites near Lake Geneva has helped you to find the best campsite for your needs, which will ensure that your visit to Lake Geneva is a good one. Enjoy!

Discover How To Use The Power of Authority Marketing To Make You Money While You Adventure!

No Experience, Existing Product Or Technical Skills Are Required


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