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You would think that choosing the best mattress for camping in a van would be easy, but there are more things to consider than you might have thought.

There are lots of different types of mattresses available, and they might not always be suitable for you.

It can be very time consuming to look through the wide variety of products available to find some of the best ones, and this can prove to be problematic, especially if you need to make a quick decision for an upcoming trip.

Thankfully, we have done lots of research surrounding the best camping mattresses for vans, so you don’t have to. We will leave our list of the top five camping mattresses for vans below for you to read.

Best Camping Mattress for Van

1. QOMOTOP Ultra Thick Self-Inflating Camping Mattress

One of the best things about this product is that you don’t need to use a pump to inflate it, as it can be inflated using the packaging bag. The surface has a frosted touch and it features a silent design to make sure that the noise due to movement will not get in the way of your sleep.

The R-value is 9.5, and this mattress features excellent temperature isolation that will be able to keep your body at a comfortable temperature while you sleep during hot and cold weather. Additionally, this camping pad is made from a TPU material that is non-toxic and without any smell.

It is ideal for any vehicle camping trip, and the mattress can be inflated up to 4-inches in thickness. It is both soft and comfortable, and the softness can even be adjusted. You can be sure that you will get a good night’s sleep with this mattress, and you can store it away with ease after use.

The mattress itself weighs 7.5 pounds and has been made using PU foam inside to ensure maximum comfort levels. It is much more space-saving and lightweight than a traditional mattress.


  • Adjustable softness – You can increase or decrease the amount of inflation to meet your ideal sleep requirements
  • Storage options – This mattress comes with a storage bag so you can roll up the mattress, put it in the bag, and store it away to save space when it is not in use
  • Unique design – Due to the unique inflatable design of this mattress, it can be compressed and folded into a more suitable size for both storage and carrying


  • It can be difficult to deflate the mattress enough to get it back in the bag

2. QOMOTOP Ultra Thick Self-Inflating Camping Mattress

This is yet another camping mattress that does not require the use of a pump to inflate it, which makes it much more convenient for use on a camping trip in a van. It is more than ideal for any vehicle camping trip, and it is made using completely non-toxic materials.

The surface has a frosted touch, and the mattress has excellent temperature isolation abilities. This means that it will help to keep your body at a comfortable temperature, no matter if it is hot or cold.

In addition to this, the mattress has a silent design and does not harbor any unwanted smells. It can be inflated up to 4-inches when it has been inflated, and it is both soft and comfortable to sleep on.

You can also change the softness of the mattress by increasing or decreasing the amount of inflation to meet your ideal need for sleep. You will also find a soft layer of PU foam inside this mattress that will provide you with the best possible level of comfort, and it can be further compressed to allow for easier storage.


  • Non-toxic – The materials are completely non-toxic, ensuring that they are kind to the skin and safe to use
  • Silent design – You won’t be woken up by movement in your sleep as this mattress is designed to be completely silent
  • Spacious – The size of this mattress is 80″×52″, which will provide more than enough space for two people to sleep comfortably


  • This product is known to be difficult to deflate

3. FBSPORT Memory Foam Floor Mattress with Pillow

FBSPORT Memory Foam Floor Mattress with Pillow Camping Mattress/Car Travel Mat/Roll-Up Guest Bed/Portable Sleeping Pad Adult with Removable Waterproof Cotton Terry Cover and Bag

This mattress will offer you a lot of comfort and support while you sleep, and it consists of 2-inches of support foam and 1-inch of memory foam.

The high-density foam has a strong elasticity that will provide you with continuous support throughout the night. The memory foam helps to add extra comfort to help you relax and avoid things like back pain.

This mattress comes with straps that you can use to secure it once it has been rolled up for storage, and it comes with a free travel bag that makes it much easier to carry.

It comes with a pillow that you can remove when needed, and it will work to keep the head and lumbar vertebrae in balance. This will ensure that the cervical vertebrae will not be pressed and that the curvature of the neck will not be compromised when you sleep.

This mattress is really easy to clean, and it features a waterproof zipper and non-slip bottom. As well as this, the top sheet can be removed for washing.


  • Ergonomic pillow – The pillow has been ergonomically designed to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep, and it can also be removed when necessary
  • Waterproof – This mattress is waterproof which makes it really easy to clean when you need to
  • Double foam – There are two types of foam that have been used in the construction of this mattress to ensure that it is as comfortable and supportive as possible


  • The straps that you can use to keep the mattress rolled up are difficult to handle and some users have noted that they are not long enough or on upside down

4. PAVONI Inflatable Air Camping Mattress Pad

PAVONI Car Inflatable Air Camping Mattress Pad – with Electric Mattress Pump, Towel, Repair Patches & Storage Bag – Bed Mattress for SUVs, RVs & Minivans – Quick Inflation/Deflation – Durable & Comfy

You will be able to sleep comfortably while on the road with this mattress, while in the comfort of your own van. This mattress is designed to bring you home comfort while you are out camping, and it can even double as an adventure trail, hiking, camping, or snowboarding mattress.

It is made using only premium and high-quality materials to ensure that it is comfortable and durable, and it is even resistant to the cold. The materials used are soft and cozy, providing you with the ideal sleeping conditions. The mattress is gentle to the skin and features an ultra-durable design.

As well as all of this, the mattress is quick and easy to inflate and deflate and it comes with an electronic car air mattress pump that will have your mattress ready in a matter of minutes.

Your purchase also comes with a car mattress topper towel and a few handy repair patches in case you ever need them. You will also be provided with a storage bag that will efficiently store the air mattress to save space in your van when you are not using it.


  • Multi-purpose – This is the perfect mattress for camping in your van, but it can also be used for a variety of other purposes, making it much more versatile and allowing you to save money on future purchases
  • Ultra durable – This feature makes the mattress resistant to tear, wear, and severe weather conditions
  • Generous size – There is more than enough room for two people to use this mattress when needed


  • This air mattress is quite expensive and might not be suitable for all budget types
PAVONI Car Inflatable Air Camping Mattress Pad – with Electric Mattress Pump, Towel, Repair Patches & Storage Bag – Bed Mattress for SUVs, RVs & Minivans – Quick Inflation/Deflation – Durable & Comfy
  • SLEEP COMFORTABLY ONROAD — Roll out your legs, unwind and sleep comfortably (take a short nap or sleep through the night) in the comfort of your car, while you are out, road tripping – PAVONI car air mattress brings home-like comfort to your SUV such that you can easily recover from fatigue & tiredness (anywhere, anytime) before having to drive again — a NIFTY CAR MATTRESS that doubles even as an adventure trail, hiking, camping, or snowboarding mattress.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY DESIGN — Made with the highest quality materials, our inflatable car sleeping mattress is COLD-RESISTANT, extra-soft, offers desirable coziness while you sleep, and feels gentle against your skin, while its ultra-durable design makes it resistant to tear, wear and severe weather conditions — a perfect MATTRESS FOR CAR that’s equally suitable for adults and kids.
  • EASY & QUICK INFLATION/DEFLATION — Smart car mattress pad comes with a car air mattress PUMP (ELECTRIC) that inflates/deflates the mattress (car) in a matter of minutes, a car mattress topper TOWEL for the ultimate relaxation, a few handy REPAIR PATCHES (if ever needed), and a STORAGE BAG that efficiently stores the air mattress for car in a compact form when not in use – a complete set for unparalleled comfort and convenience.
  • VERSATILE & COMPATIBLE — Large size of our car inflatable mattress is GENEROUS ENOUGH for 2 adults, while its water-proof 4-independent compartment design also lets you use it as a pool floater for play or relaxation — multi-purpose car bed mattress can also be used for family trips, for guests at home, or even when you are moving to a new home & can’t manage to have a proper mattress right away — with foldable wings & pillow, our camping mattress fits in most SUVs, RVs & Minivans!
  • QUALITY PROMISE — We provide you with a worry-free quality assurance. If you’re dissatisfied with our car camping mattress for any reason, we will either replace the mattress for cars or provide you with a full refund, no questions asked! However, we are quite sure that our car mattress will not fail to please you! When inflated, the mattress measures 74" W x 57" H x 8.7" T.

5. Portable Mattress for Vehicle Cushion

QDH SUV Air Mattress-Thickened Car Bed Back Seat Mattress-Portable Car Mattress for Vehicle Cushion Air Bed Inflatable Mattress with Air-Pump-Camping Blow Up Mattress for car (Blue and Black)

This mattress is made from thick flocking and high-quality PVC, which makes it kind to the skin and extremely comfortable to sleep on.

It will be able to provide you with more than enough comfort for you to get a good night’s sleep and it has an anti-collision design that will protect your head.

This is a highly durable product that has an excellent design that makes sure that the bed is stable and durable. It can bear an impressive weight capacity of 260kg, and there is room for 2-3 adults to use it. The size of the air mattress is 72.8 x 51.2x 4.7 Inches, which should fit perfectly inside your van.

The mattress itself has thick PVC at the bottom of the mattress that is moisture-proof and warm, and the mattress is easy to use and carry. It comes with a pump that can be powered by a car cigarette lighter and the mattress should be fully inflated in just three minutes.


  • Resistant to wear and tear – This ensures that this product is going to be both durable and long-lasting, which are two important things you would want from a camping mattress
  • Spacious – There is enough room for 2 to 3 people, which is great for families or couples
  • Easy to use – This product comes with a car air pump that you can power through your van to inflate the mattress with ease


  • This will inflate via the vehicle, so it is not multi-purpose and can only be inflated inside the vehicle
QDH SUV Air Mattress-Thickened Car Bed Back Seat Mattress-Portable Car Mattress for Vehicle Cushion Air Bed Inflatable Mattress with Air-Pump-Camping Blow Up Mattress for car (Blue and Black)
  • SKIN-FRIENDLY and ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION - This QDH Car Air Mattress is made of thick Flocking and high-quality PVC making it skin-friendly and improved comfort. Provide you with comfortable sleep and reduce stress on the go
  • INTIMATE PROTECTION - If you’re bringing your dogs and kids along on a long road trip, an air mattress is a great idea to give them ample comfort to sleep. Ordinarily, this Air Mattress has a head’s anti-collision design that will protect your head. Other than that, it has an anti-drop design preventing your kid from falling while you are driving
  • RESISTANT TEAR AND WEAR - The fashionable wavy design provides a better-fixed effect, ensures the inflatable bed more stable and durable. Super bearing capacity up to 260kg weight, allows 2-3 adults to use. so don’t worry that your weight will get it deflated, just enjoy a happy time with your family.
  • MEET MULTIPLE NEEDS - The size of QDH SUV Air Mattress is 72.8 x 51.2x 4.7 Inches, fit most car such as MPV, SUV, Saloon car and more.The mattress has three independent inflatable compartments. When used in the back seat, only need to fill two of these ; when used in the trunk, just fill the mattress completely. The thick PVC at the bottom of the mattress is moisture-proof and warm, It can be used in tents and grass when camping outdoors. (Please avoid sharp objects such as stones around.)
  • EASY to USE AND CARRY - A car air pump is provided, which can be connected to the cigarette lighter to inflate quickly when outdoors, and it can be fully charged within 3 minutes. When no longer in use, it can be quickly deflated through the three widened vents. After being folded, it will be put into the gift storage bag, which is convenient to carry and does not take up space.

Best Camping Mattress for Van Buyer’s Guide

While buying a mattress for your van might seem straightforward, there are lots of things that you will need to consider before you go ahead and purchase one.

You will need to think about the space you have available to you, the comfort level, how it inflates, and more. We are going to explain everything that you might need to know below.

Type of Mattress

There is no one type of mattress that is the best, as it will depend on what type of comfort you are looking for. To help you decide which type of mattress is for you, we will explain a few different options below.

Memory Foam

A memory foam mattress is really easy to cut at home if you need to shape it to fit in your van, which is why many people opt for this choice.

They are quite breathable and they make the perfect foundation for your bed. There are two types of memory foam that you can choose from and these are gel-infused and standard.

A standard memory foam mattress will be much less stiff, and it works to cradle your body while you sleep. A gel-infused mattress will be much more firm, but it will provide you with better air circulation. You might want to try them both out before deciding which one is for you.


Gel mattresses are perfect for dispersing your body heat throughout the surface to ensure that you don’t get too hot throughout the night.

Instead, you can stay nice and cool, and this is another material that will mold to the shape of your body while you sleep. So, this mattress will provide you with excellent levels of support and comfort.


A mattress option that is a bit less common is the innerspring mattress, which has probably been around for the longest.

However, even though they aren’t common, they could make the perfect addition to your van for camping trips. This mattress will have multiple springs inside of it which will compress when you move around on them to provide you with support.

One downside to this type of mattress is that the springs can become uncomfortable to sleep on when this product has been used for years.


A latex mattress is made using natural materials, which is why they are becoming increasingly popular. You will be able to choose from a variety of different firmness levels and comfort options, depending on the specific brand that you choose to buy from.

As well as this, these mattresses are much denser than other types, which prevents a build up of excess heat while you sleep.

Air Mattress

The final type of mattress that we are going to talk about is the air mattress, which is a common choice for camping adventures.

These are great as you can inflate and deflate them as and when you need to, which allows you to save space when they are not in use. They come in lots of different varieties, and you will be sure to find one that suits you.

Size and Depth

One of the most important things that you are going to need to think about is the size of the mattress as you need to ensure that it is going to fit comfortably inside of your van.

If you choose a mattress that is too small, then you probably aren’t going to get a good night’s sleep, and if you get a mattress that is too big, it might not fit inside your van. So, you will need to find a mattress that is somewhere in between.

Unless you have a really big van, then a king-sized or queen-sized mattress might not be the best of options. Though, there are lots of other sizes to consider. You also need to think about how much space you have left once the mattress is inside, as you don’t want it to become too cramped.

Another thing to think about is the number of people that are staying with you. If you are on your own, a smaller bed may suffice, but if you are with a partner or family, you will need to think about your options. You should always measure the available space inside your van to ensure that the mattress you are buying will be suitable.

Another thing to think about is the height of the mattress, as this will make a big difference when it comes to comfort. It is recommended to choose something between 4 and 6 inches in height, but this is not essential.

Every extra inch will work to provide you with more comfort and support. Though, if you do get a thinner mattress, you can always get a mattress topper to add an extra layer.

Cleaning Your Sleeping Area

Make sure that you are washing your bedding and blankets around once a week to make sure that you are keeping everything clean. There are also some mattresses that are specifically designed to be flipped over to keep them feeling new.

If this is the case for your mattress, you should flip it over to the other side once a month. This will also ensure that the bed doesn’t remain indented from you sleeping in the same spot.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Mattress Topper Used For?

A mattress topper is typically used to provide an extra layer of comfort on top of your normal mattress. It can help to improve breathability and comfort, and it can really help to improve your overall comfort when it comes to sleeping.

Another benefit of mattress toppers is that you can use them as a backup mattress if you are ever camping with guests. Essentially, a mattress topper will be able to transform a mediocre sleeping space into a bed that is much more comfortable.

You can get them in many different materials, depending on your personal preferences.

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