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If you love camping and want to know an area which is full of amazing natural scenery and beautiful spots to camp, look no further than Northern California.

There are plenty of different spots all with their own unique scenery which will be like nowhere you have ever been before. There are also spots with amazing famous views which make them perfect places to base yourself for a vacation.

A lot of the most popular camping spots in Northern California are in either national or state parks, which are known for their natural beauty, so if you want somewhere amazing to stay, look no further than these spots.

This list has a wide variety of different options for you to consider, so make sure to read through our descriptions so you can be confident that you will find the best spot for your camping trip!

Best Spots For Camping In Northern California

There are a wide variety of options to consider, so as well as our descriptions, ensure that you also consider what is nearby so you can plan a whole trip to take advantage of the area you are visiting.

Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park Campground, Redwoods National And State Parks

If you are unaware Jedediah Smith is one of the three state parks which are operated under the Redwoods National Park, this makes it one of the most amazing spots to visit in all of Northern California, and should not be missed!

These three parks make up the Redwood Country which surrounds Highway 101 and this is the most northern one of the three, and if you want to visit it, Crescent City is only 10 miles from it.

There is a massive choice of 89 campsites which are running within Jedediah State Park alone all of which have their own amenities and options.

The amazing tall trees which fill up this park are part of what makes these sites so popular, especially since a lot of them are near Howland Hill Road which is incredibly historic.

There are also some rivers which make for amazing fishing spots as well as showers available too.

There are plenty of campsites available in this park, so make sure to research and find the one which best suits your needs, and you can afford to be picky since there is so much choice!

D.L. Bliss State Park Campground, South Lake Tahoe

This is a lakeside campground which is located south of Lake Tahoe, because of this it is quite a popular spot for hikers, fishers, as well as swimmers.

There are even some scuba diving activities which take place close to the underwater preserve. This is also a great spot for more casual trips with some beautiful sights to see in accessible spots.

DL Bliss is our favorite campsite near Tahoe City being only 20 miles away, and the site is close to the Meeks Bay Resort and the Emerald Bay State Park, making it a great spot to base yourself for a trip.

Manzanita Lake Campground, Lassen Volcanic National Park

The Lassen Volcanic National Park covers more than 100,000 acres which are located on the southern end of Cascade Range being around 130 miles north from Sacramento.

The atmosphere of the park is striking that features mud pits, fumaroles, and even some active volcanoes.

There are seven campgrounds which are located in this national park, and there are varying levels of availability between May and October. There are a few options for camping year round but not many.

If you want a campsite in a beautiful national park with a unique atmosphere, camping at Lassen Volcanic National Park is something which should not be missed.

Best Camping In Northern California (1)

Burlington Campground, Humboldt Redwoods State Park

The Humboldt State Park is another one of the spaces which is encompassed by the Redwood country and it is located about 30 miles south from Eureka.

The scale of this space is practically unimaginable with some of the trees getting more than 350 feet tall in height.

This park itself also includes an insane 100 miles of hiking trails alone, as well as 250 sites over 3 different grounds giving you plenty of options! If you are a fan of hiking, this choice should be at the top of your list!

The Burlington Campground specifically stands out for benign active year round and within it there are 57 sites to choose from. The showers and toilets are also all available year round too!

You can get to this site by going through the 32 mile long Avenue of the Giants which is a beautiful low speed road which will also lead you to some beautiful areas in the park worth checking out!

Russian Gulch State Park Campground, Mendocino C

This camping spot is located just about 2 miles north of Mendocino which is a beautiful small town which is a hidden gem well worth your time to visit.

The Russian River which is located at the State Park is well-known for its scenery and makes a beautiful spot to go camping. There is also the Devil’s Punchbowl which is close by too being an amazing tidal feature to see.

This state park is coastal and has 26 active sites which are all near the Russian River and worth your time to explore.

You will find these spots located by the side of Highway 1 which is by the ocean making it an amazing spot to go to. It is worth noting that there are no hookups present for RVs, however they are allowed to stay.

The campground located by Russian Gulch is attached to a 6 mile round hike which is well worth doing!


Hopefully this list has given you a good impression of all of the amazing campsites which are available in Northern California.

While these are some of the best options, there are even more which there was no space to cover, so if none of these seem like your type of thing, there are even more out there for you to consider!

Discover How To Use The Power of Authority Marketing To Make You Money While You Adventure!

No Experience, Existing Product Or Technical Skills Are Required


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