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Montana is a fantastic place for a camping trip. It has lots of forest areas, lakes, rivers, and open spaces. There are so many camping sites that are rich in history, brimming with wildlife and offer a range of amazing activities.

If you are planning a camping trip in Montana, you will need to make sure that you choose the best site that suits your needs.

We have put together this list of the best camping grounds in Montana to help you plan your perfect camping trip. Keep reading to find out more.

Apgar Campground In Glacier National Park

The Glacier National Park in Northwest Montana is one of the most beautiful spots in the whole state. There are lots of amazing camping sites situated across the park, but we have chosen Apgar campground on the west side of the park.

There is lots of room for RVs and tents, but the spots fill up quite quickly. Some of the spots can be booked in advance and others are on a first come first serve basis.

The campsite is close to Lake Mcdonald where visitors can take part in various water sports like canoeing, water skiing, fishing and boating.

The water is cold but crisp and refreshing, and ideal if you love getting out on the water. Keen anglers will be glad to know that there is a good range of fish to be caught in the lake, including rainbow trout, kokanee salmon, and whitefish.

The Apgar campsite is located in a forested area at 3,500 feet, which feels secluded and immersed in nature. However, it is close to Apgar village with a visitor center, a restaurant and a general store.

On the campground itself you will find useful facilities like restrooms, running drinking water, fire rings, and picnic tables.

Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area

This park has over 120,000 acres of space with a rich history, diverse wildlife, and plenty of places to explore. There are lots of different campsites to choose from located across the park.

Some of them are open all year with limited facilities out of season, and others close out of season. The campsites vary in terms of the facilities they offer and whether they can be booked in advance or not.

There are so many activities you can get involved in when you camp at Bighorn Canyon – boating, camping, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, and wildlife watching.

This is the perfect place to come if you love spending time outdoors. The lake is a beautiful place to go boating, with towering cliffs. There are 27 miles of hiking trails which take you through the most stunning parts of the park.

If you love history then you will definitely want to check out the historic ranches that have been kept in their original state.

They are open to visitors and make a great day trip. There are also lots of spots to go picnicking if you want to take in the views.

Flathead Lake State Park

The Flathead Lake Park is actually made up of 6 smaller national parks- Wayfarers, Yellow Bay, Finley Point, West Shore, Big Arm, and Wild Horse Island.

Flathead Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Western US (excluding Alaska), and it is also one of the cleanest lakes of its size in a populated area.

There are a whole host of camp sites across the various parks that offer different levels of facilities. You need to decide which area you would most like to visit.

Photographers and nature enthusiasts will love the mixture of coastline and forest on offer at Wayfarers, but Big Arm Bay is perfect for swimming and sunbathing.

Makoshika State Park

Makoshika is the largest state park in the state of Montana. It is a great spot for paleontology fans as it is home to fossil remains of various forms of prehistoric life, including a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Triceratops.

There is a museum within the park that is great to visit. The geological features of Makoshika park are also a big draw, as the rock features are very impressive.

Best Camping In Montana

Makshika is a great place to go hiking, and there is a handy map on the website which shows you the different hiking trails that you can use to explore the park. You can also take part in bird watching, disc golf, hunting, mountain biking, and wildlife spotting.

There are 28 campsites dotted around the park, with space for RV campers and tents.

Pets are allowed at some of the campsites, and they vary in the facilities they offer such as restrooms, trash cans, drinking water, fire pits and picnic shelters. There are also some gift shops on site with firewood on sale.

Lewis And Clark Caverns State Park

Lewis and Clark Caverns is considered to be one of the best limestone caves in North America. You can book a tour to explore the caves and learn all about the interesting formations inside. As well as the caves, There are 3015 acres of land with beautiful mountains and open spaces.

The park is ideal for bird watching, deer hunting, hiking, and fishing and canoeing on the river. It’s also a great spot for photography enthusiasts, wildlife spotters, and anyone who loves spending time in the great outdoors.

There are 40 different camp sites located across the park with space for tents and RVs, along with electrical hook ups. There are also a few cabins and a tipi which you can reserve online if you want to stay in the alternative accommodation.

There is also a dump station on site with a $5 charge to use. The campsite has firepits, picnic shelters, a playground, showers, drinking water, restrooms and even a gift shop.

Some of the campsites are pet friendly. Not all of the facilities are available out of season so make sure you check online before your trip.

Lolo National Forest

The Lolo National Forest is a two million acre area in central Montana with areas of dense trees as well as more open areas.

The park boasts 700 miles of hiking trails, so you would need multiple trips if you wanted to explore it all. Within the park there are 5 rivers and over 100 lakes.

As you can imagine, a park of this size has many different campsites available. We recommend Big Larch campground on Lake Seeney, especially if you are tent camping.

It has easy access to the lake for swimming, sunbathing or water sports. It is close to some fantastic nature trails and is also not too far from a town with amenities and convenience stores.

Lolo National Forest is home to a vast range of wildlife which you might be able to spot on your hikes – 60 different species of mammal, 300 species of birds and 20 species of fish.

There are also 1500 species of plant. Before your trip, make sure you read the guidelines for staying safe from the larger mammals – bears, cougars, wolves, and moose. If you’re lucky, you might spot a bald eagle or a golden eagle.

Flathead National Forest

The Flathead National Forest is one of 10 national forests in Montana.

It is similar in size to Lolo National Forest. 1 million acres of the forest is designated wilderness, preserved for the wildlife, but there are plenty of other spaces that you can explore.

The forest is in the Rocky Mountains, so the 2800 miles of hiking trails vary in difficulty and elevation.

There are 31 different campsites in Flathead National Forest, and camping is allowed in many other areas of the park.

All of the campsites are quite basic, with a small number of spots and few with running water. This is a great place to go if you want to get back to nature.

Out of all of the campsites, we recommend checking out Holland Lake campground. It has easy access to the lake and plenty of space in between spots, so you feel totally secluded and at one with the area.

There is no running water and no electricity, so you will need to take that into account when you pack for your trip, but it is a beautiful part of the forest.

Bitterroot National Forest

The final campground on our list is Indian Trees Campground in Bitterroot National Forest. It is nice and quiet, with only 15 spaces that are nicely spread out.

It is a great place to go fishing, with beautiful rivers nearby. There are also some lovely hiking trails with stunning scenery to appreciate as you walk.

The forest itself spreads across Idaho, Missoula and Montana. It is a haven for wildlife, with various species making a home within the trees.

You might be able to spot moose, elk, mountain goats and bighorn sheep. There are also a few bear populations within the park, so make sure you dispose of your trash correctly!


These campsites make the most of the outstanding natural beauty in Montana, and the fun things that you can take part in on your visit.

Discover How To Use The Power of Authority Marketing To Make You Money While You Adventure!

No Experience, Existing Product Or Technical Skills Are Required


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