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When buying a tent, the amount of options that are available can be pretty overwhelming. You will not be able to find one perfect tent since the tent which is best for you personally depends greatly on what you are looking for.

However, one of the easiest ways you can cut down all the options is to consider just how many people you want your tent to be able to sleep.

A good amount of people for your tent to be able to sleep is 3 people. This makes a very comfortable solo camping experience, or something that can easily fit more people if needed.

Best 3 Person Tent_1

These tents also tend to be more lightweight than those which are for more people, making them a great choice for trekking or hiking while carrying your tent.

This guide will show you all the best options to consider when it comes to choosing a 3 person tent and will show you a variety of options for every type of camper.

When buying a tent, these can be quite an investment, so using a guide like this will ensure that you are considering all the possibilities.

The buyer’s guide after the list of products will also help you consider all the factors which go into choosing a tent, so if you are still unsure consult that portion of the guide.

So, if you need help finding the best 3 person tent for you, keep reading!

The Best 3 Person Tents

This section of the article will list some of the best 3 person tents available and will cover a wide variety of different options, all of which are suitable for 3 people.

With tents, there are more factors to consider that you may not have thought of, which is why there is not always going to be one perfect tent. Sow when looking through this list, consider which tent fits your needs best!

MSR Mutha Hubba NX 3

MSR Mutha Hubba NX 3-Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent with Xtreme Waterproof Coating

3 Person Tent Description

When it comes to an overall best choice for 3 person tents, this MSR offering it perhaps one of the best. This is one of the best tents of this size to travel with since when it is packed it is only 4 pounds and 13 ounces.

It also uses a stuff sack making packing it as simple as possible. If you want a good lightweight tent which you can take wherever you need to and will fit 3 people, this is one of the best choices.

Pros Of The 3 Person Tent

  • This tent has a very durable build, so you can trust it will last
  • Aesthetically pleasing and practical design
  • Ultra lightweight making it great for backpacking

Cons Of The 3 Person Tent

  • One of the most expensive tents on the list
  • Does not come with the useful MSR NX footprint

MSR Mutha Hubba NX 3-Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent with Xtreme Waterproof Coating
  • 3-season, 3-person backpacking tent that offers the most livable accommodations in a lightweight freestanding design
  • Pole geometry maximizes space with 39 sq. feet of floor area, interior peak height of 44 inches, plus 14 sq. feet of vestibule area
  • Complete setup weighs 4.8 lbs. and packs down to 21x7 inches; minimalist setup option uses footprint, poles, and rainfly and weighs 4.4 lbs.
  • Xtreme Shield Waterproof Coating lasts up to 3 times longer than standard waterproof coatings; Easton Syclone Poles resist breaking in fierce winds
  • Includes tent, one unified hub-and-pole system, rainfly, stakes, and guy lines; footprint sold separately; manufacturer’s 3-year limited warranty

Marmot Limelight 3P

Marmot Limelight Tent, Solar/Red Sun, 3 Person

3 Person Tent Description

For an alternate 3 person tent choice, look no further than the Marmot Limelight 3P. This tent is impressive with its 2 doors as well as vestibules which feature plenty of space to work with making storage a breeze.

This is also a lot more affordable than some more luxurious lightweight 3 person tents while still having a lot of the same features to boot.

Pros Of The 3 Person Tent

  • One of the more affordable choices which still has plenty of features
  • Includes the footprint needed
  • Vestibules have plenty of space

Cons Of The 3 Person Tent

  • Heavier than some other options but not too bad

Marmot Limelight Tent, Solar/Red Sun, 3 Person
  • Material: [fly] 68D polyester taffeta, [canopy] 40D No-see-um mesh, polyester mesh, [floor] 68D polyester taffeta
  • Capacity: 3-person
  • Season: 3-season
  • Wall Type: double
  • Freestanding: yes

The North Face Stormbreak

The North Face Stormbreak 3, Golden Oak/Pavement, OS

3 Person Tent Description

For a tent under the price of $200, the North Face Stormbreak is massively impressive. This tent has a very impressive amount of vestibule space and the storage options are pretty good as well.

The main drawback is the lack of footprint, but for what you are paying for this tent it is incredibly impressive how high quality this tent is.

Pros Of The 3 Person Tent

  • Perhaps one of the cheapest options on this list while still very functional
  • Larger vestibules make this a pleasant camping experience

Cons Of The 3 Person Tent

  • Not very lightweight
  • The stakes included are quite low quality

The North Face Stormbreak 3, Golden Oak/Pavement, OS
  • QUICK PITCH. Our easy-to-pitch, three-person camping tent is a classic, featuring large doors for easy access and a great view of the great outdoors.
  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN. Easy to get in and out, this tent features two doors and two twin-zip, multi-configuration vestibules. Keep comfortable with high-low ventilation for optimal airflow while you're relaxing and sleeping.
  • EASY ACCESS. Doors stuff into the adjacent mesh pockets so you don't have to roll them up and they stay out of the way while your tent is set up.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION. A Fully seam-taped canopy and floor help enhance durability and waterproofing. Canopy: 75D Polyester Taffeta. Mesh: 40D Polyester Mesh. Fly: 75D polyester. Floor: 68D polyester.
  • TECHNICAL SPECS. Stuffsack Size: 8" X 22" (20.3 cm X 55.9 cm). Total Weight: 6 lbs 10 oz. Trail Weight: 5 lbs 15 oz. Fastpack Weight: 4 lbs 5 oz. Floor Area: 39.72 square ft. Footprint sold separately.

Eureka! K-2 XT

One Size One Color 3-Person 4-Season Eureka XT K-2 Tent

3 Person Tent Description

If you want a good 4 season option, this tent by Eureka is a great choice and definitely worth the investment it is. The best quality of this tent is its durability with it easily able to withstand the elements.

This tent is easily able to work in all weather conditions so if you are planning to camp in winter, this is a great choice. It is cheaper than a lot of other all-season tents, but the main compromise for this is that it weighs more than these tents tend to.

Pros Of The 3 Person Tent

  • Much less expensive than other 4-season tents
  • Long-lasting build quality
  • Great amount of vestibule space

Cons Of The 3 Person Tent

  • Much more expensive than non-4-season tents
  • More heavy than 4-season tents tend to be

One Size One Color 3-Person 4-Season Eureka XT K-2 Tent
  • Tent Canopies
  • Wait out the storm with your climbing partner, or play some poker with two buddies while you all acclimatize to the altitude.
  • This self-supporting tent is among the roomiest and most popular in Eureka's four-season category.
  • Material:[fly] 75D StormShield polyester ripstop
  • Item Width:9.00 IN

Marmot Tungsten UL

Marmot Unisex's Tungsten UL 1P Ultralight Person, Small 1/2/3/4 Man Trekking, Camping Tent, Absolutely Waterproof, Wasabi, 1

3 Person Tent Description

If you want the best ultralight 3 person tent, this offering by Marmot is incredibly impressive. For the amount of space, it is insane how light this tent is when it is packed up.

The main drawback for ultralight tents is that they are not amazing at withstanding the elements, but this tent is amazing in its weather resistance for such a light tent, so you do not have to worry about this!

This tent is also very easy to set up, it may take a while to get used to the technique needed, but once you know how to, setting the tent up is easy. The sizable vestibules are also much appreciated.

Pros Of The 3 Person Tent

  • Very weather resistant for such a light tent
  • Very lightweight for a 3 person tent
  • Good size for taller people

Cons Of The 3 Person Tent

  • Does not include its footprint in the base price
  • D shaped doors are not everyone’s favorite.

Marmot Unisex's Tungsten UL 1P Ultralight Person, Small 1/2/3/4 Man Trekking, Camping Tent, Absolutely Waterproof, Wasabi, 1
  • Ultra-light one-person igloo tent, large D-shaped entrance with two apses for equipment; self-supporting inner tent with no-see-um mesh in the upper part to protect from vermin and for ventilation
  • Well thought-out, spacious hiking tent thanks to a specially pre-bent pole in the lower third, providing for nearly vertical walls for more space and a lot of headroom, ultra-light tent
  • Highly water-repellent outdoor tent (1,500 water column) with completely band-welded seams and raised floor tray; UV-resistant; extremely wind-resistant with the right tension
  • Very light and rugged 3/DAC Press-Fit 9 mm pole with colour-coding for simply pitching of this trekking tent; various inside pockets, roof pocket for headlamp
  • Backpacking tent, measurements 214 x 74 x 97 cm; pack size: 46 x 16 cm; weight: 1.33 kg; includes carrying bag, guy wires and enough tent pegs

Winterial 3 Person Tent

Winterial Three Person Tent - Lightweight 3 Season Tent with Rainfly, 4.4lbs, Stakes, Poles and Guylines Included, Camping, Hiking and Backpacking Tent, Orange

3 Person Tent Description

For the cheapest choice on this list, the Winterial is usually only a little over $100 and is perfect if you are not looking to break the bank.

The main issue of course is that with this tent being less of an investment, it generally does not last as long as the other choices on this list.

However, most users of this tent have very few complaints which is incredibly surprising for a tent of this price. It is easy to set up and the main issues are about the rainfly sometimes being finicky.

Pros Of The 3 Person Tent

  • Great for any budget you are working with
  • Very easy to set up

Cons Of The 3 Person Tent

  • Not the best choice for taller people
  • Not the most comfortable for 3 people

Winterial Three Person Tent - Lightweight 3 Season Tent with Rainfly, 4.4lbs, Stakes, Poles and Guylines Included, Camping, Hiking and Backpacking Tent, Orange
  • 3 SEASON TENT - The Winterial Three Person Tent is the perfect tent for Spring, Fall and Summer. The included rainfly provides full coverage, ventilation and insulation in rainy/colder weather. Simply remove the rainfly for excellent cross-breeze ventilation for warmer weather.
  • FAST & EASY SETUP - Simply stake down the corners of the tent and install the two aluminum poles and your Winterial 3 Man Tent is ready for the night. Have your tent set up within 5 minutes! Store everything in the included travel bag once you are ready to pack out.
  • FEATURES - The Winterial 3 Person Tent features a convenient internal pocket, waterproof rainfly and stitching, a durable waterproof floor, and all-metal poles and stakes. Not only is this tent lightweight and packs small, it is build to last and withstand the elements.
  • TENT DETAILS - 4.4lbs, 24" x 4.5" x 4" when packed for transport, 82" x 64" x 46" when set up, made with 190T Polyester, large double-layered doors for easy access, includes tent, rainfly, 2 x aluminum poles, 13 ground stakes and 4 guylines.
  • THREE PERSON TENT - The Winterial Three Person Tent is the perfect tent for anyone backpacking, hiking, camping, fishing or looking for an outdoor play tent for the kids.

Tentsile Stingray

Tentsile Stingray 3-Person Hammock Tree Tent - Portable, Waterproof Ideal for Hiking, Camping, Backpacking- Forest Green, 440 kg/880 lbs

3 Person Tent Description

For a more non-traditional option, lots of people are fans of tensile tents which are like large more high-tech hammocks. And for a 3 person option, this tent is very impressive with how much room you get.

It also has great ventilation thanks to a mesh roof and being raised off the ground. The main issue of course is finding somewhere to set it up, but once this is done you should not have too many issues.

Pros Of The 3 Person Tent

  • Great for if you have uneven ground
  • Very unique

Cons Of The 3 Person Tent

  • Not everyone can sleep comfortably in a tent like this
  • Specific conditions needed for set up.

Tentsile Stingray 3-Person Hammock Tree Tent - Portable, Waterproof Ideal for Hiking, Camping, Backpacking- Forest Green, 440 kg/880 lbs
  • 3-PERSON TREE TENT: The Stingray 3-Person Tree Tent is our flagship model and the most popular Tree Tent we offer. It was featured in the Museum of Modern Art in New York and won multiple awards for its design and practicality. The Stingray is for anyone looking for the most magical, comfortable and unique camping experience. Designed for families and small groups and has enough space for 3 adults, or 2 adults and 2 children to sleep in absolute comfort.
  • PORTABLE, DURABLE & COMFORTABLE: The Stingray uses a unique 3-point anchoring system to create tension, giving you a taut fabric base to sleep on. The tent floor has the perfect amount of "give" to cushion and cradle your body, giving you the most comfortable night's sleep you've ever had in a tent or hammock.
  • DOORS ON ALL SIDES: The 5,000HH rainfly can be fully removed for fantastic views and summer breeze but when attached, completely encloses the tent and keeps you dry in even the heaviest downpours. The rainfly extends outwards from the tent giving you a large, dry area underneath the tent to store gear or act as covered living space.
  • EASY SET UP: With only 3 ratchets and 2 poles, setting up the tent is straightforward and can be completed by a single person - though it's always good to have a friend on hand to make things a little easier. The large central hatch makes it easy to climb in and out of the tent.
  • PROTECTION: The Stingray comes with a built-in no-see-um insect mesh to protect you from insects and other creepy crawlies. The tent is built with 3 x internal storage nets, perfect for holding small personal items and 3 x underfloor storage nets ideal for backpacks and other items.

Buyer’s Guide

When buying tents, there is a wide variety of factors that need to be considered to ensure that you will be getting the tent which is perfect for your needs. Some of these factors will be very important to some people, and not as important to others.

So if you have gotten through the product list, and you are still not sure which product is right for you, look through these factors and variables and consider which are most important to you, and then go back through the product list and choose the one which fulfills these requirements the most sufficiently.


Perhaps one of the most important factors to consider with a tent is how weatherproofed it is. Of course, you can find this out in the product description, the higher the mm number is, the better the waterproofing should be.

However, even if the fabric is sufficiently waterproofed, there could still be flaws with the design of the tent which let water find its way in and this is something we obviously want to avoid.

This is where finding trustworthy and unbiased reviews of the tent is important as these will exemplify whether the tent is properly weatherproofed and waterproof.

Some people may not prioritize this factor too much due to the climate they live in not needing much weatherproofing. The best thing you can do is find a tent that is designed for the climate you plan to use it in.


Another factor that occasionally gets overlooked is the ventilation of the tent and how effective it is.

If you are camping in the summer like many people tend to, your tent can get stuffy incredibly easily, to the point where your tent can feel suffocating every morning when you wake up.

This is why you want to find a tent that has ventilation that has been reviewed well. This does not just include windows, but also the type of windows.

For example, having a mesh window or door is a great option as it lets fresh air in without allowing bugs to get in as well which is a great option to have.


This is perhaps one of the most important factors to consider as having a tent that is durable, means it will be able to withstand all the times you are using it and will save you having to replace it if it breaks prematurely.

There are plenty of ways to check if a tent is durable, but some of the best ways are to check the material and the stitch work as these are what are most likely to break and be difficult to repair.

If you are unable to do this, checking online reviews specifically from people who have owned the tent for an extended period of time can be very useful.

If you are unable to find much information showing the durability of the tent you want to buy, you should at least ensure that your tent has a good return or replacement policy for if it gets broken, because being stuck with a broken tent is incredibly frustrating, especially if it is new.


This means how easy it is to spend time in the tent. The best way to gauge this is how big the inside of the tent is, based on square footage, as well as the tent’s peak height.

If the tent has enough space to be able to enjoy your time and not be cramped and compressed, this is a good sign that the tent has good livability.

This is not a factor that everyone prioritizes; however, this could be because you prefer socializing outside, or that the tent is just intended for sleeping rather than spending relaxing time in.

Because of this, if you do not prioritize livability, you can end up saving a good amount of money if you look for smaller tents that are perfect purely for the purpose of sleeping and maybe some storage.


This is one of the most important factors if you are planning to take your tent with you when you are hiking or trekking.

Some tents are designed to be lightweight and easy to carry around when they are not up, whereas others are designed to not be carried and are much heavier than this.

These tents are designed for car camping and therefore will be quite hard to carry around with you all the time.

This is quite a simple factor to consider, you are either camping while carrying your tent with you, or you are car camping, so make sure to get a tent that is light enough for what you need it for.


To help tents stand out in the market, they will advertise special features which they have to make them unique and better than competitors.

These can be quite minor, but they can sometimes be a great tool to help decide between two similar products. On the other hand, these can be quite gimmicky, and can add very little actual value.

Being able to tell the difference between a useful unique feature and a gimmick will make choosing tents much easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Should A 3 Person Tent Cost?

Of course, the price of any product like a tent will vary massively depending on brand choice and quality. But when it comes to the tents we have covered in this list, most of them are between the price of $150 to $300.

For this price you should be able to get a good quality tent that will serve you well. If the price is under this, make sure to check reviews thoroughly, and if it is over, ensure that this is a quality product you are happy paying the price for.

How Big Should A 3 Person Tent Be?

This will vary based on the tent you are looking for, but you will want your tent to be around 7 foot by 7 foot to ensure there is enough room for 3 people to comfortably lie next to each other. This is for a tent which is just for sleeping though.

If you want a tent that is more appropriate for socializing in, you may want to get a larger tent with a good peak height, so you do not have to worry about feeling cramped.

Will A Queen Mattress Be Able To Fit In A 3 Person Tent?

Depending on the size of your tent, a queen mattress may be able to fit inside. You can easily check if any mattress is able to fit in your tent by comparing its floor dimensions to that of the mattress you want to be able to fit inside.

If you have done this you should be able to fit whichever mattress is not too big inside your tent.


Hopefully this guide has given you all the information you need to make an informed choice in buying a 3 person tent.

If you are unsure of which of the products on the list to choose, reading the buyer’s guide and then moving back to the list will help you make a more conclusive decision.

Get your bags packed, folks, as once you find the tent that seems to be tailored to your needs and wants on all fronts, it’s time to head out into the wild and reconnect with nature in comfort and style!


Discover How To Use The Power of Authority Marketing To Make You Money While You Adventure!

No Experience, Existing Product Or Technical Skills Are Required


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