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6 Wildlife Repellents

 When we talk about Van life, it’s almost expected that most people will spend a lot of time in or around wooded areas. In your Van you a lot of times will store all kinds of different foods and objects that may attract certain wild animals to your campsite. No …

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7 High Quality Sleeping Bags

 When living your best Van life, it’s pretty probable that you’ll spend at least 1 or 2 nights outside of your Van. Being able to lay down under the stars is a beautiful experience. However, it’s an experience that can be ruined if you pick the wrong sleeping bag for …

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6 Navigation and Travel Tools

 Quite possibly one of the biggest issues you may encounter during your van life is poor roads and poor signals when trying to find your way to the next destination. In today’s age there are so many different tools that you can use to navigate the roads and pathways as …

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7 Outdoor Activities

Quite possibly the best part about van life is the ability to experience all the different ideal temperatures and climates for outdoor fun. Whether you’re stopping by a beach for a day in the sun or parking near a steep hiking trail, there’s always something to do and see while …

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7 Footwear for In & Out

What you wear inside and outside of your van is not only about your comfort; your safety should be one of the utmost important factors when choosing footwear for your van life. Depending on the kinds of terrain you’ll be on, certain footwear will always prove more safe than others.  …

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7 Waste Disposal Tools

No matter what kind of life you’re living or where you’re living it, you’re always going to have some kind of waste that needs to be removed from your home. Whether it’s old food products, dirt and debris, or even hazardous material that’s bad for the environment.  To that end, …

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6 Best Games for the Road

Whether you’re traveling with people or by yourself, one of the best ways to stay entertained is through games! You might not always have the best cell service depending on where you travel, but there are plenty of types of games you can play offline whether it’s through a portable …

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8 Great Storage Options

 One of the most challenging parts of van life is actually one of the most common challenges that many people face even in the household. How we store everything that we need and own in the small space that we live in is one of the most difficult questions to …

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