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Van living is a thrilling and exciting activity. Aside from the fact that it allows you to travel anywhere at any time of the year, the adventure also allows you to see new places, food, restaurants, parks, and lots more. But your fantastic experience on the road is incomplete without a portable TV. This device offers you the opportunity to watch your favorite movies on wheels. While not having to rely on 120-volt power to bring power to your TV, a portable TV for a van allows you to catch every glimpse of “Game of Thrones” or “Money Heist.” 

While you are away on the road, 12v portable TV doesn’t allow for cutting yourself from the rest of the world. It brings the latest happenings, news and shows right to you on wheels. Since we know how difficult it is to pick the products that best satisfy your taste, especially with hundreds of thousands of units on the market today, we have made available a guide listing of the things to consider as well as the features to look for when buying a portable TV for your van. Also, we will review the nine amazing portable TVs for your road adventure.

How to choose the best TV for van 

Like other essential items for van living, purchasing the right portable TV is like blowing one’s own trumpet. With a slew of brands manufacturing this unit, it might be a bit hard to make up what is perfect for your adventure. Nevertheless, you need to check for some features as well as consider a few factors to select the right model. 

Compact Design

One of the essential things to consider before buying a portable TV is the weight and size of the unit. Van life travelers need to check for the model with lightweight. Lightweight TVs are easy to move from one place to another. Whenever you want to clean the model, you can always clean the TV without any difficulties. This easy to use product is ideal for car travel or outdoor events. 

Aside from the compact design, you should also make sure that the product you are buying has a space-saving design. The portability feature allows you to mount the TV without taking too much space. Likewise, you can always install the model in any part of the campervan without any difficulties. Portable TV for van living also makes your recreational vehicle look organized. 


Van life travelers need to look for a portable TV that brings a superior-quality picture to life. Your device should show the property regarding supporting HD videos. Likewise, it should have JPEG/DIVX/AVI, MP3/MP4 as well as MPG/VOG formats. Getting a model that supports USB TF cards gives you access to all your favorite movies. With the USB TF card, you can quickly transfer the film on your smartphone to the large screen device. Make sure the device also completely supports HDMI/AV formats to get the latest information on what is happening in the world. On the market today, most of the portable TV comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can power for about 3 hours if you play the movies on the 100% volume. 

Make sure you also get a portable TV that offers high resolution. For instance, a resolution of 1024 x 600 and ration of 16:9 can be a great model. Since you are buying the model for your campervan, it is not necessary to go for models with large LCD widescreen. But having products with built-in analog TV tuners as well as built-in digital TV tuners will go a long way in providing you with amazing moments on the road. 


Another essential factor to consider when purchasing a portable TV is the installation procedures. Van life travelers need to check for units with an easy mounting process. So, you don’t have to spend all day putting the unit in place. If possible, you can opt-in for units with a step-by-step installation guide and the necessary tools to mount the device.  

9 Picture perfect Portable TV’s for Van and RV Life

1 SuperSonic 1080p LED Widescreen HDTV with HDMI

Our top choice for the best portable TV for your van is this unique model from SuperSonic. This unit is one of the best value TV on the market today. Even though it has unique features and excellent design, it is affordable and easy to buy. Van life travelers don’t need to break up their banks to purchase this unit. One of the most outstanding features about this product is that it offers van life travelers exceptional, bright, sharp, as well as high picture quality while on the road. Unlike other models on the shelves, SuperSonic 1080p LED Widescreen HDTV with HDMI is designed with a built-in DVD player so you can always watch your favorite shows no matter how far you are to civilization.

Aside from the built-in DVD player, this portable device comes with an HDMI port as well as a USB port so effortlessly transfers movies from your mobile devices or computers to large-screen electronics. You can play as many games as you want with this versatile mini TV. SuperSonic 1080p LED Widescreen HDTV with HDMI features AV hookup components, RCA jacks, VGA, and a built-in card reader. Not only is this TV simple to mount but also lightweight. Van lifers will have no challenges mounting it on the wall of their van. If you are doing this for the very first time, this unit comes with clear instructions to make the installation a breeze.

2 Sceptre E246BD-SMQK 24.0” 720p TV Combination

For van lifers who are in search of a large screen portable TV to enjoy a better view experience, look no further than this model. Sceptre E246BD-SMQK 24.0” 720p TV Combination is one of the most incredible mini TVs on the market today. This TV-DVD combo ensures that you can always watch the next series of the “Games of Throne” and “Money Heist” while you live in a van. Unlike other units on the market today, this portable device is designed with an excellent TV reception so you can watch as many channels as possible while you live outdoors. 

Meanwhile, Sceptre E246BD-SMQK 24.0” 720p TV Combination provides you with accurate and high picture quality. This unit comes with everything you need to mount it. Make sure you study the manufacturer’s manual for the step-by-step instructions on how to install the TV. It comes with an accessible function for TV function and information guide so you would have no difficulties operating the TV. However, there are few comments about the TV having poor sound quality. Nevertheless, you can always fix this problem by attaching speakers. 

3 Jensen LED TV, 19”, 12VDC

This mini TV from Jensen is built to be amused in vans, camper and motorhomes, boats, RVs, and other recreational vehicles. It is easy to mount as well as operate. All you need to do is to find a free space on the wall or cupboard to mount the TV. Of the hundreds of thousands of portable TVs on the market today, this mode is one of the most sturdy and durable. It is built to last for a lifetime. Unlike other portable devices, Jensen LED TV, 19”, 12VDC uses a pretty low amount of energy. Likewise, it comes with a durable Lithium-ion battery that works for about 3 hours for non-stop movie viewing. 

If you have your walks occupied with frames and paintings, you can always use this mini TV on a tabletop stand. However, the product does not come with a stand, so you need to purchase it separately. With the remote control, you can navigate the portable TV without the need to go near it. The TV sticks to its place with the support of the Velcro behind it.  More importantly, Jensen LED TV, 19”, 12VDC has an impressive picture quality for a better view experience. 

4 Proscan PLEDV2488A -E LED TV-DVD Combo

When it comes to producing mini TVs with sharp and superb picture quality, Proscan is one of the most reliable brands on the market today. Over the years, the company has manufactured hundreds of thousands of electronics that have won the hearts of a slew of users. This model is one of the most outstanding products of the brand. Unlike other portable TVs on the shelves, Proscan PLEDV2488A -E LED TV-DVD Combo has an excellent LED backlight display, which offers increased brightness, better color, and decreased power consumption. 

Also, it is one of the few portable TVs with a more prominent screen display. This device offers van life travelers a better viewing experience with its 24 inches screen display size. Aside from that, it includes a remote control to easily operate commands such as power on, volume up, and channel down. While you can watch your favorite show with the unit, it can also be used as a computer monitor owing to the VGA port that comes with the TV. Proscan PLEDV2488A -E LED TV-DVD Combo allows you to enjoy the functions of a media player, so you don’t have to buy a DVD separately. 

5 AXESS TVD1805-24 24-Inch LED HDTV

For van life travelers who are in search of a 12 volt TV for their campervan, look no further than this unit. This unit has easy installation procedures. You can easily mount the TV in less than 30 minutes. All you need to do is to investigate the manufacturer’s manual on how to install the LED HDTV. Unlike other portable TVs for camping, AXESS TVD1805-24 24-Inch LED HDTV with a digital antenna that provides you with visible and clear pictures while you live on wheels. 

This digital antenna also offers you with a stable and robust signal even if you explore places far away from the world. With the clock adjustments, input sources, as well as with channel scan, you can make as many adjustments as you want to the sound and the picture quality of the mini TV. The high-quality reception also helps you locate as many channels as you want on the road. AXESS TVD1805-24 24-Inch LED HDTV also offers you better sound quality when compared to other units on the shelves. Meanwhile, the TV-DVD combo is not only impressive but also flawless.

6 Transit 32” 12 Volt DC Powered LED Flat Panel HD TV

This mode is one of the largest as reliable wall-mounted portable TV on the market today. Its wall-mounted option makes it a perfect fit camping as well as van living adventure. However, this model is quite expensive. It is ideal for van life travelers who are ready to invest a lot in comfort and thrilling moments on the road. This luxury is one of the most amazing portable TVs for some reason. Firstly, it has one of the biggest screen display sizes on the market. With a display size of about 32” inches, you can watch your favorite shows even while standing outside your campervan. Although it does not come with a DVD slot, Transit 32” 12 Volt DC Powered LED Flat Panel HD TV has other unique features such as built-in Digital Tuner, HDMI, ISB, and lots more. 

When it comes to wall-mounting this product, van life travelers face little or no difficulties doing so. The portable TV is built for RVs and 12V applications. With a direct 12V DC wiring cord as well as a cigarette lighter plug, you can conveniently hard-wire the TV on the wall. This product is backed up with a one-year warranty alongside excellent customer service. 

7 VIZIO D-Series 24-Inch Class Smart TV

This awesome model from VIZIO is another bigger screen that displays portable TVs on the shelves. With the 24” inch display size, VIZIO D-Series 24-Inch Class Smart TV offers you a better viewing experience. One of the most amazing features of this device is that it has a good pixel resolution, which gives you an exceptional viewing experience like no other. The 1080p Full HD resolution is capable of providing you with sharp, excellent as well as clear pictures in vivid color. VIZIO D-Series 24-Inch Class Smart TV comes at a reasonable price rate. Van life travelers don’t need to break up their banks to purchase this unit. 

The mini TV has multiple connectivity options. You can choose to transfer files from your mobile devices or cuter via Ethernet, HDMI, or USB. Meanwhile, the product also has an additional Wi-Fi connection option to share your movies. It works perfectly with advanced digital technologies, so you can always enjoy TV shows while you are on the road. The portable TV can also connect to any streaming services without any challenges. Also, it has sharp, excellent, clear as well as high picture quality. However, the device comes with pot audio quality. 

8 Sceptre E246BV-FC HDTV

This product is another world-class portable TV from Sceptre. Unlike the previous unit, Sceptre E246BV-FC HDTV is built with an elegant brushed metal finish. It is ideal for van life travelers who are in search of a sleek design TV to complete the look of their van. It is also built to last for a lifetime. No matter the weather, this mini TV will not break down or rust. Even though it is made with superior quality materials, Sceptre E246BV-FC HDTV is affordable. You don’t have to break your bank to buy one. 

Also, it delivers excellent performance no matter where you are on the planet. Likewise, it has an excellent picture quality to watch your favorite episodes of “Money Heist. It is designed to provide van life travelers, campers, and other lovers of outdoor events with fun and entertainment while on the road. You can easily navigate the portable TV with the remote control that comes with the product. Also, the USB port allows you to move files quickly from your mobile device and computer to the TV.

9 Free Signal 28-inch LED Flat Screen 

Our list for the best portable TV on the market today is incomplete without this unique TV from Free Signal. This TV is built to work correctly with RVs, vans, campervans, motorhomes, and other recreational vehicles. Not only does it have a sleek design, but it is also portable and lightweight. You don’t need a lot of space to install the TV. Likewise, you would have no challenges moving the TV from one place to another. Another attractive feature of the TV is that it is easy to mount. All you need to do is to check the manufacturer’s manual for instructions. The TV can be mounted in any recreational vehicle or your home. 

For a clear viewing experience, Free Signal 28-inch LED Flat Screen offers you a 1366 x 768 mac resolution. It also comes with three HDMI ports, so you can always share files from your mobile devices to the TV anytime you want. With an output jack, you can easily connect the TV with an audio soundbar system or amplifier. It comes with a 1-year full replacement warranty as well as free support service. 


Having a portable TV in your campervan does not only ensure that you watch your favorite shows on the road but also allows you to get familiar with what is happening around you. Here are the nine amazing mini TVs for recreational vehicles on the market today. All the units are chosen considering their reception, picture, sound, and battery quality.  

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