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One of the basic factors that would make a Vanlifer enjoy his road trips is good health. Food is one of the basic elements of life that sustain humans, not just any food but good food. It is one of the universal necessities for Vanlife. There is no doubt that you will need to store food to eat while on the road. Most times, Vanlifers do not get to cook always so what they do is cook enough and store them in Airtight Storage Containers.

Now, the kind of containers used will determine how long the food or liquid can last. Since there is a need to eat healthy food, it is crucial to find a system that works very well for you. Vanlife food systems have to be paid much attention if you're thinking of spending more time on the road, living in a vehicle or using it as a base for your adventures. Have you ever had your chips go stale or favorite cookies go soft because they were left open in the bag or even had bugs in the bags of rice you planned on cooking or probably your coffee beans or precious spices that lost their flavor and taste due to the exposure of air? All of the above could have occurred as a result of not purchasing an airtight storage container. Well, it can be prevented by getting one, not just one, but one of the best.

An airtight container is a container that prevents air from getting in the food products once the lids have been shut tightly. They are very useful because they help prevent your food safe from the contact of air, humidity, dust or bugs, thus ensuring a healthy lifestyle. After all, consuming good food is essential for maintaining good health. That is why it is considered one of the items listed in a van's kit. Having realized that airtight containers are indispensable items to have on your counter, listed below are buying guides to ensure you choose your choice and of course get the best.

Buying Guide of an Airtight Storage

A few containers might have caught your attention and are already near purchasing but before that, it is pertinent to know some key factors that will ensure you choose the one that best suits your needs.


Airtight containers are made of different types of materials. There are glass and plastic materials. It is pertinent to know the material in which the air-tight storage is constructed as it determines the durability, affordability, appearance and food safety of your containers. The most common to find on the market is the plastic containers but it's very crucial to check if they are free of toxic elements such as BPA to avoid the chemicals mixed up with the content. While the other types which are glass food containers appear classier and aesthetically pleasing, each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Moreso, acrylic is another material that is becoming popular on the market. While it looks similar to glass, it is much more robust and lighter. When in search of this, since it is a kind of plastic, ensure it is PVC and BPA free. Thus, the type of material to be chosen must be considered carefully.


Another factor to consider is the design of the product you are opting for. The main aspect of the design of an airtight container lies in the lid because it's the lid that will ensure the seal is tight enough to stop the air from passing in and out of the container. There are different types, some have a push-button on top while some have a ring that makes the silicone gasket around the lid to expand when flipped down to avoid air-through. Also, there are different shapes, could be rectangular or cylindrical depending on your choice.


Vanlifers who are lovers of food would desire containers with large size while those who are not would consider otherwise. In other words, the types of food you want to store will determine the size to go for. The size is important because food storage containers are used to preserve various kinds of food products such as long and short ones. Such as spaghetti, cereals, a small amount of packed lunch or even liquid products such as juice and milk. However, some come with a set of different sizes and others with a uniform size.


Another guide to follow-up on is the lid. This is the most important. You should search for an airtight storage container and likewise, simple to open and close.


Make sure to consider this, because, if it isn't considered, it would affect the taste of the content. Glass containers can resist odor, and to get the same for plastic containers, make sure they are BPA free.

1.Vtopmart Airtight Food Storage

So are you one of those who like to enjoy the best of your Van life trip with lots of food and snacks stored in different containers in the pantry to have easy access to them during the trip? This innovative Vtopmart airtight container is all that's needed. This is one of the best airtight food storages to keep you juiced in your van. Your pantry can very quickly become a disaster area if you're not careful. One of the quickest and simplest ways to organize your pantry and make it look neat and tidy is to transfer food items into clear containers to enable it to be beautiful and fantastic when displayed.

This product is very beneficial not only because of its various sizes but because it is good for saving space and keeping things organized. It comprises six containers, which comes in two different sizes, 2 large containers weigh 3.6 liters which are equivalent to the ideal size of a 5 lb bag of flour and sugar. And the other 4 medium containers weigh 1.6 liters that can be used to store a small box of cereal. Asides all of these can also be used to store other varieties of your choice. This model is perfect for Van life travelers who plan on spending a long time on the trip especially when out with family or friends.

Vtopmart pantry storage containers are made of premium food grade and durable plastic, BPA free, with silicone materials that give it more edge than others made of lesser quality and guarantees longevity. Also, the material used in manufacturing the containers ensures that they are completely safe from coming in contact with your food supplies. The containers are also made transparent so that you can conveniently see what they contain and can easily access what you want. Moreover, the model comes in a contemporary design that adds to the aesthetics of your interiors. With the stackable design, these plastic storage containers will make more efficient use of every inch whether you have a large or small pantry in the van or not, these nice looking containers will help you organize your kitchen and pantry better.

Another highlight of this set is the lid that has been used to maintain the airtight environment. The innovative airtight mechanism of this container employs a silicone ring around the lid which seals itself tightly once you lock the lid which can be done easily by flipping down a ring on top of the lid. This prevents all the hassles by fitting the lid tightly or having to screw down the lid on conventional containers. The top is wide enough to take out food easily while using your measuring cup or spoon to measure.

These airtight containers keep food fresh so you do not have to worry about spoilage of food, it will always keep your food dry and fresh. However, except for the 6 dry food storage containers, inclusive is a 24 pieces label, which will help you as a Vanlifer not to mix up food and ingredients together, such as confusing flour with powdered sugar or baking powder with baking soda. The containers are easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

2. Dwellza Airtight Food Storage

Some Vanlifers prefer to do most of their things in a very uniform manner, thus, for those who desire a portable and durable set of containers with the same size, without much ado, Dwellza airtight food storage is the one to opt for. Vanlifers who want to create a uniform look in their kitchen understandably want containers that look the same. With their smart and consistent look, the Dwellza model fits the bill.

This set boasts six large containers, with each one featuring a one-liter capacity. One great advantage of these canisters is that they are made of 100% BPA-free plastic that will not alter the taste of the food inside which makes it healthy to use and ideal for storing sauces, milk, and other liquids that need to stay fresh at all times. You can also hand wash it with water and soap giving you hassle-free maintenance.

This plastic is also very durable and will not warp or crack and at the same time, transparent so that users can see exactly what is inside. One reason to love this set is that the lid is very easy to open and close. It is airtight and leak-proof. The lid has a reliable airtight mechanism that is very easy to control, just with a single push on the ring on top of the lid, you would be impressed to know that the airtight seal of this container is so strong that the container can even hold liquid food without spilling or leaking any content outside especially for Vanlifers who love to store ingredients like sauce, beverages, etc. It further ensures that your kitchen is well organized and can store whatsoever you want.

In addition to that, with the beautiful black lids and a clear body, the bulk rectangular plastic airtight container canister set spruces up your pantry or counter while allowing you to easily monitor the contents. It is also stackable to take full advantage of vertical space for your cabinet and drawer plus it has a very good grip so it will be easy to hold even when the container is full of food. This model has been made quite affordable as you need not break a bank before you can own one in your camper van. Also, you need not worry about replacing it very soon as it is going to last for a very long time.

3. Shazo Airtight Container

When residing in a campervan either temporarily or permanently, one very important thing to consider in the food cabinet is/are airtight food storages. Ensuring that we eat is one of the basic elements of life. Without food, the body cannot be sustained and to sustain or ensure you live a healthy life as a Vanlifer, it requires owning an important kitchen accessory model which is Shazo airtight container. This is also one of the best products of airtight containers recommended for you. It is especially stylish, airtight and versatile. There are 7 different containers in the set with it coming in different sizes and shapes. No matter what varieties of food you wish to store, be sure to find the perfect option in this authentic set.

The artistically inspired product is made from high-quality white plastic which is also BPA free. It is visual like glass but not as heavy as glass as you can see what is inside just at a glance. Unlike the glass containers, the acrylic types are more durable, thanks to their non-breaking engineering. It has been tested to be durable and long-lasting while at the same time portable and lightweight. Stores kitchen staples and baking supplies such as rice, flour, sugar, etc in these sturdy keepers. They are not only suitable for dry foods but also for holding liquids such as water, juice, soup and more.

However, this efficient container has 7 different full ranges of sizes, shapes, and volumes for edibles that you do not have to worry about sticking into containers. It includes 1 tall container with a capacity of 1.9 liters, 2 medium containers weighing 1.3 liters, 2 small containers weighing 0.8 liters and 2 mini containers with a capacity of 0.5 liters. Moreso, the size and shape have been specially selected so that they can be stacked together. This reduces space remarkably well while also making food easy to see due to the transparent bodies.

They are comfortable, affordable and safer to handle not mentioning the cost-free maintenance. The manner at which this model is designed allows for easy pouring. With Shazo containers, a Vanlifer does not have to worry about spills as they are designed to seal all liquids with airtight technology.

Don't worry about spills as the Shazo containers are designed to seal all liquids with airtight technology. As a perfect travel companion, it is break-resistant and shatterproof. With a stackable and modular design, these containers will save you a ton of space in your cabinets for better organization. Like other products mentioned earlier, it also comes with 18 different labels so that it can be marked for easy identification. Included as a bonus is the liquid chalk that comes with it, even if the labels become wet, it will still be possible to write on them using this creative and innovative material.

One of the features that make it incredible is its seal. Once the ring on the lid is pushed down, the silicone seal inside the lid will expand to seal the jar, creating complete airtightness. When you pop the ring back, it serves as a handle to lift the lid and this describes versatility. It provides freshness and prolonged food storage since most Vanlifers do not tend to cook while on the journey so before the journey begins, food must have been made readily available and stored in the containers. As a finishing touch, the container boasts slightly rounded edges. This particular feature comes as a real bonus when pouring soups, sauces and other liquids. It helps to reduce mess and drips.

4. Bellemain Airtight Acrylic Set

The beauty of traveling in a campervan is that you are almost always going around. And to enjoy all those exciting days, invest in a good and quality airtight food storage. Bellemain container is a high-end model and as such offers a qualitative service that will suit your taste. Embedded in the material is high-grade acrylic, which gives them the appearance of glass containers so it can be transparent and tough. Nevertheless, it makes them resistant to breaking, which means that even if they are accidentally dropped, they will not shatter. In other words, they are lighter than glass containers.

The material also does not contain any harmful chemicals such as BPA, phthalates, parabens and other restricted chemicals which makes the containers completely safe for storing food products. No harmful chemicals to leach into foods. If you are looking for a set of acrylic containers with larger sizes, then it is a great set to have. The containers come in a range of sizes which makes them a versatile set to have.

Not too many prefer airtight containers with lots of sets, thus, this comes only with four storages. This set includes containers with the following capacities: 65, 56, 26, and 22 ounces, which are all airtight due to the lid equipped with a silicone band and a clamp that is easy to open and to close. Packing food items in these kitchen jars gives you peace of mind. Their style and materials of construction ensure that weight is significantly cut. Your sugar, flour, and oatmeal will stay fresh and safe from ants and other bugs. This product will surely protect your essentials from waste, and moisture and other factors that accelerate spoilage. On the other hand, safety is amazing with these acrylic jars as they are shatterproof for improved safety. This isn't your typical glass or ceramic—Bellemain containers are completely shatter-proof and resist breaking even when dropped from the top shelf. However, due to the plastic construction, they boast high bouncing.

Moreso, Bellemain airtight food storage model stands out from the competition on the account of ultra weight design, superior construction, use of only premium manufacturing and components and it's longevity. As a Vanlifer if on a limited budget, this is one model to look into as it comes in a very favorable price range. One reason to purchase Bellemain is that it promises a peerless performance. When it is especially during a warm, humid climate, you know what challenge it is to keep the ants and the insects out of your pantry. Bellemain clear acrylic canisters are airtight enough to fill in the gap. The bodies of the container each are clear enough for easy identification when labeled.

For ultimate convenience, Vanlifers should opt for this product. The design which is elegant and modular allows for a beautiful pantry. While there are friends and families to go out with, it fits in well as it accommodates different types of food. This makes these containers a practical option for modern kitchens. Also, care should be taken when cleaning the kids because if close attention is not paid, water can become trapped in the grooves inside the lids.

5. Evak Prepara Best Premium Airtight Storage Container

Having edibles to carry along with you is one thing while purchasing the right airtight container to fit in the edibles is another thing. Quite a several Vanlifers are bothered about which product to opt-in for. And while some prefer models with large capacity, others prefer the ones with small capacity. If in search of a very portable and durable airtight container to use for Van life trips, Evak Prepara Best Premium Airtight Storage Container might be the perfect solution.

This set boasts three unique containers, each of the same size and style. Each with a capacity of 6 ounces. They are made from glass and are fully dishwasher safe. Evak is built to the highest standards, only heavy-duty, borosilicate glass and stainless touch your food, coffee or tea. Therefore, Vanlifers who are lovers of glass materials would fall in love with you because not everyone fancies plastic materials. And also to lovers of coffee and tea, they would enjoy this container as it would keep it fresh for at least two weeks or even more.

Moreso, the material is designed to resist odors and stains which will keep them in good condition for a long time. The overall design of this model is so stylish that it would easily attract you to get it. While they are a little small, they are an excellent solution for storing food and leftovers in the fridge. One of its other features is that it is truly airtight as it implies and simply intuitive. Evak is a patented and fully functional innovation. Each container comes with a unique pull out handle that is large and hard-wearing which makes it very easy to carry unlike some that are quite heavy. Once the lid is pushed down, all the air inside will be evacuated instantly. And this helps to keep food fresh for much longer. Lids act as a plunger, hear the satisfying whoosh as the air is displaced.

The efficient and great looking product which is crystal clear and solidly built, stores conveniently and at the same time looks great on any counter or pantry in the van. It comes with a compact and durable carry handles for easy storage, no clips, pumps, levers or buttons needed and also very easy to clean, while the lid is hand wash. Likewise, reusable, and you can switch contents whenever it's needed. All you need do is wash and wipe clean with a damp cloth to change food items and also change the label for easy identification.

Having seen that it is made of glass material, you need not panic because it is still quite affordable. This artistically inspired airtight container is risk-free, handy, safe to use, of high quality and beautiful in its simplicity. Purchasing this means it will be a hot addition to your kitchen wares.

6. Zeppoli Air-Tight Food Storage Container Set

Even as a Vanlifer, living smart entails having a well-arranged counter, and properly stored dry foodstuffs. Whereas, without having kitchen containers, some commodities are hard to store and organize. This is another high-quality product which is one of the best and popular among several other airtight storage containers.

Constructed of strong plastic and also BPA free so you can enjoy your foods in healthy condition without contamination or having that weird plastic taste, they have been tested to be durable and long-lasting. It is likewise built with the budget of the users in mind as it is quite affordable. Also created with excellent value for money. With the transparent design construction that comes with it, you would not struggle to identify what each canister contains.

While displaying versatility, Vanlifers can store their favorite food into these efficient containers. With 4 different sizes for edibles of all shapes, sizes, and volumes, you won't have to worry about jamming your edibles into containers. The five-piece set comes with a tall container that weighs 2.3 liters, a medium container with a capacity of 1.7 liters, 2 small containers weighing 1.0 liters and a mini container that weighs 0.38 liters.

Many of the containers available on the market are best suited for solid products. However, once you purchase this, they are specifically designed to fit all your storage needs, the edges of the opening are contoured to allow easy pour, accommodating not only solid but liquid commodities like soup and juice. Moreover, with the stackable and modular design, this product will save you a ton of space on your counter for better organization.

With no doubt for an airtight closure, the lids have silicone rings and a locking mechanism. The silicone seal which when out in place correctly provides an airtight sealing hence maintaining maximum freshness and quality of the food for an extended period. With the lid, there is a push plug that requires a simple press to create the vacuum as well as serving as a handle to lift the lift when opened.

Moreover, with the leak-proof design, there is no need to worry about spillage of the liquid content as it allows for easy pouring. You enjoy high Vanliving style by choosing this airtight food storage model. The keepers are easy to clean, simply remove the silicone attached along with the lids of each container and wash with soap and rinse with water. Wrap the silicone around the lid again and seal back up to use again. with soapy water. With this super ultra model, everything is just a walkover.

7. OXO Good Grips 10 pcs Airtight Food Storage

Certainly one of the best suitable for Vanlifers is OXO products. OXO has several models of airtight storage container but this is specifically chosen to suit your taste. A model with unique features. The 10-pieces value set is what you need to store in your several food and snacks and to especially come on board with today's fluctuating economy. The containers are ideal for use for Vanlifers who love to store a lot of food, liquid, and snacks without having to refill almost every time.

When it comes to kitchen accessories, OXO is a well-identified and trusted name with a lot of users familiar with it. Hence, it is a high-quality airtight container with a creative one-push sealing mechanism that isn't only easy to use but also durable. It boasts of large capacity and the container holds 1.5 quarts which aren't only big enough to store food products but also stationeries, small toys or accessories. It is light and yet durable, which makes it a great companion when hitting the road.

This 10 piece model from OXO is made of a smooth dispensing and sturdy BPA free plastic. The set includes a 4.0 qt container, a 2.5 qt container, a 2.1 qt container, two 0.9 qt containers, two 0.5 qt containers, and also two 0.3 qt containers. The OXO Good Grips POP Containers are airtight, stackable and space-efficient which makes it easy to keep your dry foods fresh and the counter or pantry organized. It has a unique push-button mechanism that creates an airtight seal with just one touch.

Accessing the food inside the container is easy thanks to the large button that allows a good grip when opening the lid. When the top button is pressed to release the lid, it functions as a handle for easy pull-out and when pressed down, the switch paves the way to secure airtight sealing. This act helps to improve the anti bleak of the container, keeping out all moisture and other compound migration in and out.

The plastic is crystal clear so that you can see the content. These stackable, modular canisters can be completely customized to fit any space. The new shapes and sizes provided by OXO give room for new possibilities for storing everyday must-haves food. Thanks to the efficiency of this model, they have visible calibrations that specify what you will feed inside. In addition to the spice, they also feature rounded edges that make pouring fuss-free for Vanlifers, likewise, the lid unsnaps for thorough cleaning.

However, regardless of its quality and quantity, it is quite affordable as it is built with the budget of the users in mind. Vanlifers need not worry because you do not have to break a bank before purchasing it.

8. Rubbermaid 8pieces Airtight Container

Inclusive of other top amazing airtight containers to be recommended for Vanlifers is the Rubbermaid 1994253 product. It provides an exceptional balance of convenience and functionality. While some would just want to get airtight food storage and others try to replace the old with a new one. Either which way, this canister is worthy of consideration. Vanlifers who want to store different types of foods are likely to need a large number of containers. The set features four different airtight containers to store in any food of your choice. It is not only smart in look but also unique and versatile.

This intelligently crafted and beautifully designed product is made of sturdy plastic containers which are BPA free, that is, having no chemical touch and also built with crystal clear bases and lids. Rubbermaid Brilliance airtight food storage containers are built with secure latches on each piece, so you can transport your favorite foods mess-free, even soups, stews, and sauces. This set of 4 pantry airtight food storage containers a 16 cup container, a 12 cup container, a 6.6 cup container and a 3.2 cup container which is the smallest of all plus lids with a total of 8 pieces.

The material used in building the containers makes it easy to view the content of the containers. It also has built-in vents that allow steam to escape so you can conveniently microwave the food without removing the lid plus they are dishwasher and freezer-safe too. To save space on the counter or pantry in the van, the containers can easily be stacked on top of each other.

For Vanlifers trying to doubt because of past experiences with various airtight food storages, unlike others, this model is guaranteed not to leak especially with an airtight leak-proof seal and secure latches, they provide a mess-free, spill-free food storage solution. Consequently, there is no air inside nor outside which also helps to keep moisture away hence maintaining content as dry as possible.

This modular design helps save space on your counter or pantry in the Campervan. More so, it is stain and odor resistant which makes it look new almost all the time and maintain a spotless look. However, they may look like glass, but each container is made of crystal-clear Tritan for a premium look. This is perfect for storing pasta, cereal, sugar, dried fruit and more.

9. Vremi Silicone Food Storage Containers

This product has the heart of thousands of Vaanlifers because of its sleek design. The list can go on without listing it as one of the best out there. In a world of overly stuffed cabinets, a team has come together to save the day. It is one of the most attractive and stylish airtight food containers on the market today. Vremi Silicone Food Storage Containers are designed with 4 sizes and available in 4 different vibrant color options (red, blue, green, yellow) that will give an extra pop to any pantry or kitchen design in just a set which makes the counter look more beautiful and elegant.

The perfect food saver containers for meal prepping, equipped with airtight vacuum seal grips, leak-proof lids, that feature an air vent for easy heating, and the power to collapse to their full size. The airtight lids make these containers freezer-safe and the air vent makes them compatible with your microwave for super easy and convenient reheating. Likewise, the container is affordable, so if searching for one with a low and friendly budget, here is a viable choice. This model consists of a 4 piece container set and what makes it especially unique is the fact that it is collapsible because this type is rare, unlike others that are not.

With its durability, FDA approved and BPA free quality, it ensures that no form of chemicals come in contact with the edibles in the containers. FDA approved and BPA free silicone that is non-toxic, tasteless, odorless, non-stick and easy to clean. It also means that with this model, it is a perfect silicone Tupperware set that safely stores a variety of hot, cold, dry or wet foods.

Even at that, the rectangular food containers can collapse to ⅓ of their size to keep you organized and clutter-free meaning that it's very easy to do so, and it saves quite a bit of room. Therefore, it means more space for your backpack, gym bag, tote bag, or even briefcase while on any outing.

These containers are great for storing leftovers but also holding cereals, veggies, anything. If it's edible, it'll find a good home and stay fresh with this set. This set is non-stick, so Vanlifers need not worry about sauce latching to the container. The colorful set is designed for your "grab and go" lifestyle while also convenient and portable to use. It is made for carefully planned meals, cereal to munch down or your favorite sandwich on the road in style.

Vremi Silicone Food Container promises a peerless performance along with great affordability, thereby creating a great value for its money. This model is not limited to be used only in the campervan but also, at work, camping and many more. More so, you can decide to pack your lunch inside these containers even when going to the Mountainside, skating, hanging out with friends and lots more. Moreover, they are also dishwasher-safe, so once you're done with the meal, take them for a spin in the dishwasher.


While setting up a campervan or in need of replacing an old with a new airtight storage container, or having issues as regards the preservation and storage of all your food supplies, you need not worry because the above listed are the best to choose from. These brands have been carefully selected and highly recommended to ensure a healthy lifestyle while exploring the cities. Now, you have an understanding of what to look for when buying a great airtight container and also a sound knowledge of what types of containers are available on the market. You are to select the best and set your worries aside. Do enjoy your trip anytime, any day with these peerless airtight storage containers.

As always thanks for reading and we hope this piece has made your decision a bit easier if you see something missing from the list let us know and we'll be sure to update our list with your items!


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